My Chloe the talker and complainer

by Traci
(Warsaw, IN USA)

me and my chloe

me and my chloe

My cat's name was Chloe and she was a dark stripped tabby cat. I had to have her put to sleep because she was really sick on Friday June 14th 2013. She was two months shy of being 14 years old. She was my my baby and my best friend. She was also the first pet that I had on my own. I was 20 years old when I got her as a kitten in August 1999. So i guess you could say we sort of grew up together.I am beyond devastated over the loss of her. My heart is broken and it feels like a part of me has died.She was very sick. I even took her to the vet because she was not eating, she lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, and she was breathing very abnormally. Every where that i look around my mom's house, i see the places that she used to sit and occupy. I am constantly crying. Wondering if it will ever stop. I know that she is in heaven, not in anymore pain but i still want her back. When i got Chloe, it was sort of an accident. My mom's cat had babies and she was the last one. I found out that a lady wanted her however she only likes cats when they are kittens then she dumps them when they are full grown. Well, i wasn't having that so i found out that a neighbor in my building had a cat so i took Chloe. She was quite the character. She came out into the world talking away. She was a talker and a complainer with a bit of an attitude her whole life. My mom said that i rubbed off on her. Hateful on minute and loving the next. Chloe loved to open cabinets with her paws and get into them. She loved to drink out of the toilet, jump on counters and get into things she wasn't suppose to, and she loved to drink out of the faucet instead of her bowl. One time she found a Gardner snake and it was hanging out of her mouth and she tried to bring it in the house. Once i adopted a German shepherd from the humane society that was about to be put to sleep. I remember when i brought him home. Chloe was so mad and jealous. She used to chase him around the house and make him cry and he would hide behind us. It was just funny, this huge German shepherd running from this little cat.When i picture Chloe up in heaven opening up all God's cabinets, talking away, picking on others, and literally driving God insane. I have to smile. Because that is my Chlo-bugs with her huge green eyes and the m on her forehead marking that we used to say stood for monster. I know she is in heaven happy and sassy with my sisters who will take care of her. I just miss her very much and i will always love her now and forever.

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Jun 17, 2013
Your cat
by: Mari

I am very sorry about the loss of your cat. I know you must be feeling bad at this time.
You are right when you say your cat is with God. After all he made cats too.
You need some time to get through this loss.Something tells me that being a cat person you will eventually get another cat. Cats need owners like you, caring people who take good care of them and love them.
I realize that cats are great company as I am a widow and it is just myself and Lilly, my cat here. She curls up beside me at night and looks for me when I come from from work. It is almost like she knows when I am about due home.I got Lilly from my granddaughter a year ago.I asked her if I could have her and she said,''Yes Grandma. You can have her.''
She is such good company for me.
Take care of yourself and be thankful you had your cat for the time you did.I am truly sorry but time is a great healer,Take care. Mari

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