My "COOL NEPHEW" Justin (UPDATED Sept. 2010)

My Cool Nephew, his name is Justin.

who made ME feel cool, as we adjusted…

The stories he would tell me, I knew he trusted…
The stories i told HIM, i knew would help him, as we discussed them.

One story he told me, said He found a new friend, what do you THINK? he said, just before that "friend" took HIM to HIS life on THIS earths end.

a short time he lived, from beginning to end, only 14 short months after meeting this “so called” new friend, named Heroin.

Not wanting to trust it, he knew it was inevitable...he said Aunt Jean, i can't help it, with this friend, i feel incredible! After training in the Army, he said “i THOUGHT i could control ANYTHING”, including this “new friend” he just met, who turned out to BE his worst enemy.

I can tell you from my heart, Aunt Jean, he would say, I would stop if i could, IMMEDIATELY this day, for my family, for my friends, and for YOU, You know i would!--Please tell them for me, -- I would, if I could!

I know they hurt so much, yet I know what I am feeling, this drug steals your soul, and is now my friend when I need healing.

I don't mean to do it, I didn't mean to end it, please know that's the truth, and if you get a chance, please help me to mend it!

Tell them, my family, my Dad, and my Mom, -- My Brother, I love and miss them – for my love for them is strong!

I know it hurts them terribly, it’s been over a year, our family unit was unbreakable, I hold them so near and dear.

Today, if you will tell them, “YOU KNOW” that I am here, I think it might be healing or at least bring a HAPPY tear.
The love I feel for them is so big and so strong, the love I feel FROM them carries me, here, in my life beyond.

I know that you can hear me, even tho i cannot say....Those crazy left leg
goose bumps, that's me chattin' with you each day, in my own special way.

Aunt Jean, rest assured, You’re not crazy, an' i'm still cool, I'm up here with God now, and even HE thinks we’re cool!

Tell ‘em, my family, ALL of 'em, I wish i could be there, when you visit Chicago, for the reunion, I remember, (You, Derek and I) picked it, the day they asked us where!

That day we spent in Venice Beach, we walked n’ talked together, with you, with me, an’ Derek, we three, spent time with just each other!--Remember the things we said to you? Remember the smiles we shared? Remember the laughs that made time pass, when you yelled at that lady about my hair care. -- The joy from that will last you now, from here and til forever!—I love you Aunt Jean, take care of him please, you know he’s my special brother!
For you and I (Aunt Jean) let’s continue to keep adjusting, even tho it’s hard sometimes, I know it is with You, I am entrusting.

It’s our family’s time now, let the party begin, I'm here with you, smiling an “ear ta ear” grin!

Like an angel, be encouraged that good cheer can keep us going, feel the love, for our family friendships are starting here, and will be forever growing!

The reflection, we’ll hold now during this time we spend together, sharing our stories, joy, & laughter, just might be HEALING to each other.

Starting here, and starting now, in my world forever after, please know that I am comforted most, when I can hear my families laughter!

No matter, if you’re here with us, or come from near or far, it’s our family ties that bind us, no matter where we are.

Aunt Jean, I have entrusted you to deliver this whole message, it’s fun to know I’m here with
You, & my family, where God will bless this!

Let’s not end it here, tho, please, let’s have a toast, to YOU, to ME, and “our “Family TREE” , I love you “ALL” the MOST! Now, in the name of the Father, son, AND the holy ghost, (with love from your “COOL NEPHEW, JUSTIN” ) LET”S have ourselves a Larmour/MUELLER?? “FAMILY” Reunion TOAST!! AMEN!  I Love you!
With Love, Written by:
My Cool Nephw Justin, and his Spiritually "Cool" AUNT JEAN! :) mwah! :)..& Thank you, God!

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