My cousin Ezekiel died of a heat attack

by Amanda Magnani

One night, Ezekiel was biking home when he fell of and died. There was an off duty paramedic that checked his pulse and there was none. The next day, my aunt, her boyfriend, my uncle and his second wife came and told us he was dead and my grandmother cried and so did aunt gave me a hot chocolate and a present, a stuffed bear from Starbucks. She said my cousin, Ezekiel died of a heart attack on December 10 2010. He was cremated. I miss him so much. When I walk by a picture of him, it traumatizes me and I still can't get over it at all. When someone close to you does, it hurts. My grandmother is now 95 years old.

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Aug 31, 2013
My cousin Ezekiel died of a heart attack
by: Doreen U.K.

Amanda I am sorry for your loss of your cousin Ezekiel. Death is so much a part of life once we lose someone. We become vulnerable to losing others. Grief is so painful and it hurts so much we feel at times we won't recover. If you have good family support you will find it easier to cope with life after death. None of us knows how or when we will die. But If I have a quick death it will make me happier. My biggest fear is to have a stroke and have to be cared for by others. You begin to lose your dignity and a great part of yourself.
Death will visit us all perhaps more than once. But the first loss is somehow more difficult to cope with. then it depends on the type of bonding relationship one has with the loved one who has passed away. I lost my husband to cancer over 15 months ago and I never thought I would feel devastated by losing him. Grief has a process and doesn't last forever. Healing is so slow. When we are going through the beginning of our loss it feels as if our world has exploded. But in time we will recover from grief. This site is so helpful in getting us past the rawness of grief just by sharing our thoughts and feelings, and our stories. You will of course find some stories worse than your own, but just by validating each post with respect and support we find healing.

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