My cry to God

by Jane

Oh God, please come soon to destroy death,
I don´t get my Mom out of my head.
God, could you please come today,
I get enough from this grieving way.
Please God, so many hearts are crying for you,
please God, you really have got something to do.
This suffer and pain God has to end,
please God, take it in your comfort hands,
this is too much for a human heart,
don´t let people who loves getting apart.
Do something God, I beg you on my knees,
don´t wait any longer, please God, please.

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Jul 10, 2014
My cry to God
by: Doreen UK

Jane you sound young. Perhaps having the young emotions of a young person like a yo yo. bouncing up and down with no stability. When I was young my thought life was so uncontrollable I was up and down. I didn't understand my feelings or what to feel. I suffered it until it became erratic and then went into counselling. It was the best thing I did for myself. I am a more older but stable person. I needed a lot of professional help. It worked. I understand how you feel and where you are at in your life of grief. Often we just put up with things in life in the hope it does get better. When it doesn't we feel disillusioned. Mixed up. Fed up. Wondering when life will change. I read enough self help books that only took me so far, then it was time to talk to someone who could help me. Especially with an erratic thought life I had no control over. If you ever feel like this please if you are able to. Talk to a counsellor who will help you sort out your complex emotions with good grief support. Many of the problems we face in life also helps us to mature and our life does change in time. Try and not FOCUS on how you feel and FOCUS on God and invite Him into your grief and what you are feeling and Let God carry you through it. If you like reading. Go on Amazon and get a book called Break Through or any book by JOEL OSTEEN. You can even watch him on You Tube. He will offer you so much encouragement you can't help but feel better. We all need a little lift from our grief and this man's books will help you greatly. I wish you Peace in your Pain and Comfort in your sorrows and grief.

Jul 09, 2014
Tank you Doreen
by: Jane

Thank you Doreen. With my griefing it goes up and down. When a big wave comes I got feelings and pain like on the beginning of grief and sometimes I have better times but still without happyness. I just let it happen. Sometimes I don´t know my self anymore, but my feeling said, "it´s okay Jane." All the feelings, all tears, all sorrows I have to go thru. Even my beleaving and trusting in God. It is all changing and chumbing up and down. I am amased of my self how often I am changing my opinion. I just accept it. When all in me get more quiet with my grief, I know, it will get better. And than I will be a stronger person. I can feel it sometimes a little bit. But the other side is still here too. Missing my Mom like a homesick Little child. Dear Doreen, thank you for all your help and I wish you peace too. May God bless you.

Jul 09, 2014
My cry to God
by: Doreen UK

Jane Oh! how much your words ring true for everyone who knows and believes in God. We are all weary with grief and sorrow and we Plead for God to return and destroy Death Forever as He said He would do. I believe it and Wait on God and Hope He comes back soon for us.
May God draw close to you at this time and Comfort you and pick you up out of your pit of despair and sorrow and give you renewed HOPE, and STRENGTH to cope with your RAW GRIEF. May you find PEACE in your GRIEF.

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