My dachshund violently killed by neighbor's pitbull

by Laura
(Modesto, CA)



Like most of us, I am a true dog lover! My dogs are like my children. I adopted Sammy almost 7 years ago with the help of We were her third and forever home here on earth. She led a wonderful life with her people (me, husband, son) and her two adopted brother dachshunds. She ruled the roost and immediately took on the role of Alpha dog—a great protector and watch dog. She sat up and rolled over and did “circus tricks” with her paws like poodles do. We were never able to break the habit of her sitting up but somehow she managed to balance like a tripod with her tail and back legs without hurting her back!

We called her Sammy the Seal among her other nicknames: Samdog, Sam Sam, and Sammers were favorites. She loved to lay in the sun and go on walks with her brothers. She loved to lay on the warm deck during summer and watch her mama swim. Like most dachshunds, she was an eager eater and she really loved her mama’s home-cooked dog food. She claimed the Big Bed as her own and slept between her mom and dad’s pillows when she wasn’t snuggling against her mama’s leg. The first thing her mama saw each morning was her cute, happy face.

I am so grateful for being able to adopt Sammy. She was a true treasure and brought so much love to my family. My heart breaks from the pain of missing her. She was such a large, constant part of my life and the house isn’t the same without her. The bed is vacant now of my sweet, sweet girl. I cry every time I go in my room, esp in the morning or at night. I miss so much the feel and look of her beautiful soft fur, her doggy kisses, her smile, and her expressive eyes.

She was killed 3 weeks ago (at age 11) in my backyard by my neighbor's "non-violent" Pitbull mix. I am haunted by the horror of finding her. She was outside barking with my other dachshund. I went outside to tell my pups to stop barking and only my dog Eddie came to me. I spotted Sammy--her beautiful body lying on the deck and she appeared to be caught in the fence. As I approached her, I saw that she had been pulled partway through the fence and her head had been ripped off. I screamed and my 17 year old son came running out. Luckily he didn't see what I saw but he was hysterical for the next hour.

I cry every day for her. How can I get that image of her out of mind? I never thought I would ever see anything so gruesome. How can I stop the pain I feel? I've had repairs done on my fence but that dog is still there (the police say because it happened "between" the fence that nothing can be done) and my other neighbors have a Pitbull who growls and barks at me and my dogs thorugh the fence. I don't feel like I can protect my dogs....and there is nothing I can do about it. I want to heal from this grief, but I am angry that the dog that killed my Sammy is living happily on the other side of the fence and I am worried about the other pitbill as well. Both neighbors have claimed that their dogs are "non-violent" or "docile", which is not true. So I have anger, sadness, pain, some guilt, and a situation with violent dogs that I cannot control. How can I heal?

Sammy I love you. My heart breaks from missing you. You were my special Samdog. Mama's sweet girl. I am so sorry I could not protect you. I enjoyed every treasured moment I got to spend with you and thank God for his sharing you with me. I will forever miss my bed buddy, my portable heater, my clever big girl, my 1/2 of the Reds. May you be at peace Sammy, and may God grant me and my family peace soon. It hurts so very, very bad. I will love you forever my sweet pup. Thank you for being a part of my life and showing me such love.

I wouldn't feel this pain if I hadn't loved so deeply.
It's hard right now but it's worth the grief to have experienced the love.


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Apr 18, 2017
My Pomeranian killed by German Shepherd
by: Nancy

I do feel and share your pain. My female 5 yr old Pomeranian, Mocha was killed by a German Shepherd "service dog" Riley on Saturday, the day before Easter. My daughter and her boyfriend took in Riley who is a 6 yr old female because they were told she was "good with children and other dogs." The owner died. My daughter also has a small male Jack Russell mix, Memphis, around 2. Riley is very protective of Memphis and stands over him at the dog park. Memphis and Mocha know each other well and play fight whenever they get together when my daughter visits. They brought over the 2 dogs to visit for the day and things went fine. But on Saturday they brought them again. The back door was open, all the dogs ran out to chase the squirrel on the fence, then Memphis and my Mocha started play fighting. In a flash Riley ran over to my dog and bit down on her head. She was limp when I ran out to her, unmoving. I rushed her to the hospital but she was already dead. I just hope that she died immediately but am not sure. She wasn't moving and she never made a sound, but I thought I saw her eyes move towards me. That look haunts me day and night. I just hope she wasn't just paralyzed but that she died instantly. She has blood on both sides of her head, and alot of it. They are putting Riley down today. They feel guilty for getting her and bringing her over and I feel guilty for not standing over her and watching her the whole time. We were all misled by the woman who gave us wrong information. It's a tragedy all around. Now when I look out at my backyard I still see my dog lying there on the ground. I can't stand to be home because she was always right next to me or in my lap, even in my car. I will always miss her forever. I just don't feel I can ever get "back on track" again. I've grieved over my other 3 dogs I had in the past, but all 3 were put down due to old age and illness. This is different in that it was violent, traumatic and senseless and she was just 5 years old. Everyone's friend and always a big grin on her face. She died doing what she loved most - running in the backyard at the squirrel. One second she was just having fun and the next she was gone...

Apr 17, 2017
Pitbull killed our yorkie poo
by: Anonymous

Today, my fiancé was taking her 10 lbs yorkie poo to day care and he stopped to pee in our yard. The neighbors two pitbulls broke out of their fencing and attacked him, both clamping down on his body. He struggled and she tried to fight the dogs off, at which point she sustained a small dog bite. But it wasn't enough. She heard his internal organs burst and she was left with his twiching carcass in her arms. She was covered in blood. I can't describe the agony we're both in. He was 5 1/2 and our whole world. Pit bulls are bread to kill, and from the thread here, they kill not infrequently. It's sickening. And we good dog owners are the ones paying the price.

Apr 12, 2017
No one should have to go through this. Niko💗 I will be forever missing you💔
by: Carla

I found your post while in pain from dealing with the current loss of my 11 year old dog NIKO💗 who means the world to me. He was attacked by a pitbull who was being walked by a girl in my development. She was right in front of my house, not sure why as she does not live that close to me, and was not paying attention and did not have a grip on her dog. It attacked my dog in a split second..the moment it saw Niko it went in attack mode and bit my dog and threw him in the air and then bit him a second time. This was not a dog fight in dog didn't even see this pitbull coming. I picked up my dog looking at his wounds and the way he looked at me breaks my heart to even think about. He is a fighter and fought for days but the wounds and impact on his lungs was too much and he couldn't breathe. The dog is in the hands of animal control in Franklin Twp NJ and there will be a hearing next week. I was told by police officer it would be put down but animal control said it would not be unless it was deemed "vicious" and only if it bit a human. The hearing is then just to determine if the dog will be declared "dangerous" which I do not even feel is a question. It seems this would just require the dog to be on a muzzle when it it being walked. I am concerned this will happen again to someone else's pet or child if I am not able to put a stop to it. Looking for advice from those of you have unfortunate enough to have been through this. Thank you, Carla

Feb 28, 2017
by: Tarie

My heart breaks for you, your family and for what happened to your beautiful Sammy. It's horrifying. My daughters sweet little chihuahua was just killed yesterday by her neighbors 2 Cane Corso's. I''m hurt and angry beyond belief. Her response was a shrug of the shoulders because the dog inadvertently ran into her yard. For that I guess she felt he was fair game. We buried him today and my 4 year old granddaughter became hysterical, screaming "Please get him out of the ground!"
This has caused so much pain through our family. I want something positive to come from this, somehow. I never want these dogs to do this again. Any thoughts on ideas of what can be done would be appreciated so much. God bless all of you wonderful pet lovers and caretakers.

Feb 21, 2017
Poor dachshund
by: Donald

Poor dachshund poor human too!!
I hate ptbull dogs
Dangerous by nature
Create for fight

Feb 18, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hello. After reading this post it is heartbreaking to know that this happened to someone else. Same exact story happened to me but my Chihuahua was still alive. They tried to save the leg, but it didn't take. The amputation surgery was done a week later and she died right after surgery, they believe the bacteria from the dog bite spread throughout her body. Same story with the neighbors. I have the dog warden on standby his is willing to fine them the maximum but he said if I have to sue them it could hurt my case if he looses. I am meeting with a lawyer Tuesday. Only different is my neighbors dog chewed a section out of the fence and can fit its snout through this is where it occured. Neighbors are trying to say my dog put her leg through. I had her for 9yrs. I know she would never stick her leg through a hole and say here. She wouldn't even climb up on the fence. People are unbelievable. What was your "legal" outcome?

Feb 08, 2017
Pitt Bull Attack
by: Linda

So sorry for the loss of your sweet doggie, in such a violent way. My dachshund was also attacked by a Pitt bull, in front of my horrified eyes. He was running toward me as the Pitt bull was chasing him. Just as he got to me the Pitt grabbed him and wouldn't let go. The dogs owner, my husband, brother in law and myself, couldn't not free my dog, as he was SCREAMING! My husband spotted a bottle of bleach and dumped it on the Pitts eyes. He released, thank God. My dog suffered no broken bones nor any lacerations, miraculously. He now has night terrors. So sorry for your tragedy.

Feb 08, 2017
Pitt Bull Attack
by: Linda

So sorry for the loss of your sweet doggie, in such a violent way. My dachshund was also attacked by a Pitt bull, in front of my horrified eyes. He was running toward me as the Pitt bull was chasing him. Just as he got to me the Pitt grabbed him and wouldn't let go. The dogs owner, my husband, brother in law and myself, couldn't not free my dog, as he was SCREAMING! My husband spotted a bottle of bleach and dumped it on the Pitts eyes. He released, thank God. My dog suffered no broken bones nor any lacerations, miraculously. He now has night terrors. So sorry for your tragedy.

Jan 23, 2017
My Papillion was also killed by a neighbours lab:
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry about your dachshund, I too lost my beloved Papillion in December 2016 to a neighbours lab; she herself was busy in her garage and told the dog warden so many un truths, the council nor the police want to know so what is the point of the dangerous dog act nothing gets to be inforced.

THe pain was unreal but the love I had for that wee dog will stay in my heart.

Dec 31, 2016
I'll be damned
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your loss, and everyone elses.

I've got a Jack Russell, he's like a son to me.

But again, my condolences.

Dec 29, 2016
Daughter's pit bull killed our beloved Smokey Beau
by: Mcgeckogirl

We purchased a motorhome to be able to travel 1150 miles to visit my daughter over Christmas with our little shih tzu babies; Smokey Beau a 3 year old black with a silver undercoat and our newest addition, Sissy Belle just 10 months old.

My daughter is 40 and expecting a baby in May, 2017. This story is too long to bore everyone with so I will try to be succinct.

My husband never trusted her dog but our oldest dog and hers had been together at a visit to our house the previous year. At first Smokey wasn't very happy he was there but after a while they played together. That was the only time they were exposed to each other.

This visit to THEIR new house had three dogs together. My daughter insisted we bring in the little ones instead of leaving them in the motorhome. Our male dog, a year older, was protective of his little sister. The pit bull was playful with Sissy in that he would poke her with his nose on her belly after she behaved submissively to him. Smokey, however was getting more irritated with him. The day after Christmas after spending most of the day together (my daughter and I had gone out shopping and were late getting back) Smokey jumped up on the back of a living room chair barking and growling at the pit bull. I was in another room when this happened, but I heard my daughter scream, yell for her husband who functions as alpha in the house all the while my daughter was screaming and crying no no no. My husband ran in to lend a hand and I quickly followed. All four of us kicking, hitting, stepping on his feet and pulling his tail finally got him to release. My daughter, a registered nurse, said I think he's gone mom. We were crying and sobbing. My daughter was breathing for him as we drove looking for an emergency vet. We were in a rural area in southern Michigan and the closest we vet was an hour away. We tried a local one to see if there was an after hours contact number.

While enroute my beloved Smokey Beau Blue died I my daughter's arms. My grandson was beside himself because he loved our Beau Beau as well as his pet the pit bull.

Needles are now traveling back home with our beloved Smokey in our freezer so we can bury him when we get home. We are planning to plant a tree next to him so he will live in our hearts; a living memorial.

My daughter was devastated at our loss but since the incident she is reluctant to remove the dog from her home and absolutely refused to put him down. I told her I can't be there with the dog that killed our baby and feel safe or comfortable. We have our other little girl to protect.

I'm afraid this may affect our relationship and ability to see the new grand baby due in May. I am very concerned that an even worse tragedy could occur if not removed from the home.

Nov 24, 2016
I am so sorry........
by: Debra

This is our first Turkey day without our babies....I want to tell you that it will get better....and it will.......but the heart wants what the heart wants......I think of them all the time.....and every time I get a notice from this breaks my heart because I know how bad you are feeling......xoxo

Nov 21, 2016
Pitbull killed our Princess
by: Anonymous

Yesterday while walking our two happy little dachshund mixes (both on leashes), a loose pitbull came out of it's owners' yard into the street and attacked our sweet 10+ year old Princess. My daughter had adopted her from the animal shelter and named her "Princess" :) about 7 years ago as a first grader. Both my kids are adopted, so it was meaningful for each of them to adopt a dog. Princess was such a funny and cute sweetie pie. She held on until we got to the emergency clinic, but her injuries were too severe. We loved her so much.

Nov 16, 2016
Broken hearted
by: Anonymous

Two days ago I let my 11 year old chihuahua Jack and my Swissy out in my backyard only to hear the most horrific screeching sound and my Swissy barking like I've never heard him bark before. I ran out and couldn't see my dog and I knew instantly that the devil of a dog that lives behind us must have pulled him through the fence. I jump over the fence to see the dog throwing my Jack around like a rag doll. I immediately jump in a get Jack out of the dogs mouth and the dog jumped away from me scared. Jack was bleeding so much I knew he wasn't going to make it. I held him while my neighbor drove us to the emergency vet and he died in my arms on the way there.

Although the dog behind us isn't a pitbull I thought I could still share my story because I am truly beside myself. I don't think I'll ever be able to get over seeing what I saw. Those images will forever be ingraved in my mind. I hate myself so much for not protecting my little baby. He was everything to me and I am so heartbroken. I love you and miss you so much Jack. Thank you for being my special baby. I hope you can forgive me.

Nov 13, 2016
My baby Pixel was taken by two Pitt bulls
by: Robin

This is the first time that I'm telling the story to the public as it's been really difficult to relive it in my mind. I woke up this morning like every morning to pixel and just being happy to see him and have him kiss me in the morning. It was my brother's turn to have him for the week as we have shared custody and we really enjoy spoiling him he's not a dog he's our baby. I dropped my dog off with my brother and I went to the gym I was on the treadmill for about 15 minutes before I got a call from my father asking me if I spoke to my brother. I told him I just saw him what happened and I just knew something was wrong from the tone in his voice. He said it's not good and that Kevin was walking pixel and he was attacked by two pit bulls pixels dead and my brother was in bad shape. I fell to the ground and I just cried I felt like I cried forever I've never felt pain like that. I'm still crying as I write this but everyone's stories are so similar to mine that they're giving me comfort knowing that this is it the only time this is happened and that I'm not alone. We called the police and animal control also arrived on the scene my brother had several bite wounds and he passed out multiple times I believe because he was in shock they took him away in an ambulance and they treated him at the hospital he was OK and he was released. Pixel however didn't make it I couldn't bring myself to look at him I didn't want to have that memory I hate that my brother has to live with this I hate that my brother probably feels guilt that I hate that my brother tried and lost. The woman who is responsible didn't even stay she got her dogs put them in her car and she drove away from the scene several witnesses said she tried to hide her dogs. We took my dog to our vet they will be handling his remains as I want his ashes it's part of my healing. On our way to the ER to check on my brother I called the lawyer and I am going to be seeking punitive damages as well as liable damages. After reading everyone's stories I will seek justice for all of us for all of our lost pets and for my dog pixel as well as for my brother Kevin. I plan to sue her and I also plan to have her dog put down I have no remorse for this decision it could've been a child as there are several children that play in that neighborhood who are scared every time they see these dogs. I plan to sue her and I also plan to have her dog put down I have no remorse for this decision it could've been a child as there are several children that play in that neighborhood who are scared every time they see these dogs I will pray for peace for all of you and for all of your pets and for myself every day for as long as it takes God bless you all.

Sep 22, 2016
Love you
by: Laurent

Peace for samy. leo the little serbian dachshund he save the little girl 10 years old brave little dog generous wonderful but against vicious bull mastiff none chance leo is the heros now there are a place memory for him.pitbull is banish in france and another country.pitbull is the killing machine the real dog is very nice its true
Pitbull no thanks!!we love the Dachshund rip for them.

Sep 06, 2016
My two long haired Chihuahua's were killed in my house by neighbors dogs!!
by: Missy

These stories are gut wrenching I'm so sorry for everybody s loss including my own! Came home from vacation to find my beautiful babies dead with blood all over my house :( heart broken doesn't even describe it!!these dogs were violent many times and let go! We need new laws because if u can't control ur dogs then you shouldn't have them!! I came here for support because I'm absolutely devastated

Sep 05, 2016
There is no need for pit bulls
by: KaD

I'm sorry, that is horrible. This is why pit bulls need to be banned. Ironically, now that dog fighting is outlawed (supposedly for humane reasons) the number of animals harmed by put bulls every year is at an all time high, which begs the question: what is the point of outlawing dog fighting while allowing these fighting dogs to proliferate?

So we now have this oversupply of "working dogs" whose "work" is now considered a crime, so long as it occurs in a formal setting. If 2 willing pit bulls are allowed to square off in the ring, it's a crime. But if a pit bull "goes to work" on an unwilling animal, tearing the victim apart, it's not a crime. How is that in any way humane?

In a 2012 study, Pit bulls ALONE inflicted 99% of the total FATAL attacks on other animals (43,000); 96% of the fatal attacks on other dogs (11,520); 95% of the fatal attacks on livestock (5,700) and on small mammals and poultry (16,150); and 94% of the fatal attacks on cats (11,280). There is no need for pit bulls.

Aug 27, 2016
Seeking help
by: Hailee

Hello, I am terribly sorry to hear this story. I too am suffering the loss of my two year old cat whom we've had since she was born. Early this morning a pitbull got her and didn't let her go until she was dead. We threw bricks and chairs and four grown humans couldn't save her. And I feel like it's our fault we couldn't save her. The pitbull had a death grip and thinking about the situation seems easy to get a dog off a cat but it was impossible. My poor baby was screaming and as bad as this story sounds it has played in my mind all day and I cry every hour just knowing my baby is gone in such a horrible way. I have searched the Internet on ways to break up fights in the future and it seems we had tried it all. We called animal control and they picked the dog up but that's it. This empty feeling in my heart has not left and I am so disturbed and hysterical. I see your post is from a couple months ago and I am searching for advice on how to heal... My condolences to your sweet Sammy, I hope him and my baby are together in a great place.

Aug 27, 2016
Prayers from Oklahoma City
by: Kim

Holy May mother of Jesus....
We're so sorry about Sam. I'm sobbing so hard i cannot type. This was an awful awful awful experience to have.
Poor Sam.
Bullies suck. Canine version. people version. BOTH.
Sending good thoughts your way.
Rip Sam. You'll see him again someday you know.
Our condolences- Kim. And them...

Aug 24, 2016
by: Kandykitten68

Oh my god you poor thing my heart breaks for you and your sweet baby how did you ever get over the shock of seeing that. Me and my jack Russell Archie were both attacked last week by our neighbours so called loving dog (same pit bull cross) outside our house whilst walking past I held him high in the air when I saw him break through the flimsy gate but he pounced and pulled us both to the floor Archie came off worst with 7 wounds all needing staples and 2 deep laser actions needing 4 stitches in each Ihe is still severely bruised i m still traumatised by the insident and cannot walk past the gate without shaking I hope you can heal the heartache your feeling my heart goes out to you

Jul 30, 2016
For your baby
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry about your baby I can't help.But cry too. I was walking my 7 yr old rat terrier Rocky 2 pit bulls push there gate apart and went straight for it was awful 1bit me all leg but I couldn't save my baby boys my hubby and I can't stop crying I'm so sorry for yr loss my one neighbor shot those 2 but he still.has more in his yard.thanks for letting talk back too u. Nancy sheridan from Florida case u need to talk

Jun 08, 2016
Lost my Chihuahua/Yorkie mix to a Pit Bull
by: Anonymous

First of all I want to thank you for allowing this to stay up for this long. I've been reading it for a good portion of the day and it really has helped me kind of get some kind of consolation.

My baby of a little over 1 year was killed three days ago by a pit bull. I wasn't there to witness the actual attack but my younger brother was. He doesn't speak much of it since I believe it still haunts him deeply but apparently my baby was thrashed side to side like a rag doll. The woman that was handling the dog clearly could not handle it and if it weren't for the man that was with her, I fear my baby would have died then and there. We took him to the vet and were told that the surgery would cost around 5,000. We didn't have that kind of money and had to resort to putting him down. The only consolation that I have is that we were all there for him when he passed.

I fear that my brother will forever be scarred, and worse than that, he blames himself for the fact that he couldn't help my baby. I feel helpless for not being able to make him understand and hope that with time, he can understand that it wasn't his fault but rather the carelessness of the owner that was walking him.

I am now in a deep quarrel with myself because I am, and have always been, an animal lover. With this recent attack I have been forced to confront my idea that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. I don't want to hate the dog because we should all have the decency (to them) to accept our beloved pets as they are: animals (and not expect them to be anything they aren't). But, because, we should therefore be conscious that, being realistic with the type of breed they are, they could attack for whatever reason. And, as is shown by many comments here, this is the reality with any breed. Pit bulls have been bred to posses strong jaws and, given any animal's prey instinct, this could become a dangerous quality. Knowing that, you'd think those owners, for love of their dogs and respect for other people's pets, would be more conscious.
Had that lady put a muzzle on her pit bull, or had it at least been cautious of her surroundings, my baby would not be dead, my family would not be grieving and that pit bull would not be on its way to be euthanized.
As the human beings that posses the ability to be knowledgeable and be active about it, you'd think we actually would be.

May 23, 2016
by: Anonymous

My heart breaks for you...
And for the others involved as well...

May 21, 2016
by: John

Two days ago, I was walking my 9 year old Boston Terrier at 5AM. When all of a sudden, this pitbull is running full stride down this hill towards me and my dog. I started yelling No and stop as loud as I could. I thought this is it, my dog is going to die. The dog stopped about five feet away and was snorting. I hear someone call the dog and the pit starts walking around and looking at us and then the owner yells again and he walks back towards the hill. I pick-up my dog and walk backwards. I was so pissed that the owner didn't come down the hill and get his dog. I yelled that I was an off duty police officer and I was about to shoot his dog. I then get a yell...sorry dude...he don't bite. I walk away carrying my dog and cussing.

After reading all these horror stories, I feel so lucky and blessed to have my dog alive. I'm sorry for your losses and I hate pitbulls.

I'm actually a police officer but not in the town that I live so I have no jurisdiction. That morning, I was unarmed. I never carry my weapon to walk my dog. That all has changed and I won't hesitate to shoot the next time.

May 17, 2016
Scary, I cannot imagine!
by: Anonymous

I just stumbled across your story pit bull attacks. I am so so sorry, reading that was heart breaking! My sister has a little dachshund and I would have been mortified had I found her like that since she's basically like a family dog. Pit bull owners can be so blind with the 'Don't bully my pit' mentality... They simply aren't dog friendly and depending, even human friendly.

Today while at the park with my boyfriend and our Alaskan Malamute, someone had their pit bull off of a leash and it came running full stride and attacked our dog completely unprovoked. My boyfriend and I stood there mortified, the pit bull had our malamute pinned, trying to rip his ears and throat out until the owner ran over and pulled his dog off. Apparently the dog had never done that before. I don't believe it. I know pit bulls can be good dogs, but they can also be violent... the boyfriend once had a family friend mauled to death by one. I'd never met a hostile one until today. Thankfully our dog only walked away with a torn lip, tongue and tender ear... I think had he not been so big, he would have easily taken more damage and been lunch. Next time we will be bringing a pistol to the park... The whole thing was just so ridiculous.

May 17, 2016
by: Ange

I am so sorry!!! I found this from googling vicious pitbull, my six year old was bit two weeks ago by a neighbors and took a whole chunk of his scalp we could see inside his head, he had to have emergency surgery and if the owner didn't get him off in time I'm scared of what would have happened!!! I also don't want the dog living happily next door I want to kill it myself and I'm a huge dog lover!!! Sorry for your loss

May 15, 2016
channel that grief to change the local law
by: Anonymous

I feel so terrible for you.

We had a similar situation here where a neighbor's dog was killed by a pit bull. The pit bull was supposedly a "well breed" dog that has been "raised in a loving home". The neighbor of the small dog was told by the owner of the pit bull that it was her fault that her dog was acting like a squirrel. She had it on one of those extra long leashes.

There is no reason for these bully breeds to exist. They are man-made creations. Here, we are trying to change the law so that these breeds aren't allowed in our town. I would encourage you to share your story before city council to try and change the law in your town too. Perhaps it would help your grief process.

May 13, 2016
Same Here
by: Rob Brooks

I am going through the same. My best buddy Raleigh was mauled by a pit bull in our yard by one of those sweet, loving, and docile monsters 2 days ago. He survived so far with massive chest trauma. Had 4 hours of surgery yesterday afternoon and made it through last night. I can't imagine having to live between them.

May 09, 2016
I am so sorry.
by: Anonymous

I have literally been crying reading some of these post. It breaks my heart. I am so sorry for your loss.
I am the owner of a 1 year old 80lb German Shepherd. Even I am scared for my boy around pit bulls. In my town pit bulls are illegal. It definitely helps and our animal control is really on top of things. My cousin who lives in another city owns 3 pit bulls and has a 3 year old daughter. These pits are sweet loving dogs but in the back of my head I always think "when" when will they turn on someone or something. I WILL NOT bring my child around pit bulls even if he is a german shepherd. She has asked me why and the argument ended with my dog was bred to protect. Your dog was bred to kill. Having a dog that is trained to protect you is different from having a dog that protects you by killing anything it perceives as a threat.

Apr 19, 2016
Broken Hearted
by: Anonymous

My sister-in-law's dog, a 12 year old German short hair, was just mauled and killed by a neighbor's pit bull and rottweiler. He was such a sweet boy. Always wanted to play fetch. He had been in scraps with the rottweiler before. Both of the attacking dogs were male, unfixed, and untrained. They were basically wild animals. I do not breed blame, but owners have GOT to understand that they are animals. Domesticated perhaps, but they are still animals. I have two dogs, both of whom are well trained, but they are never out of my sight unless they are locked in my house. Train your animals. If you don't have time, don't have the animal. My Kasha is the most docile dog around... so sweet, super affectionate, loves babies and puppies and other animals. I still won't leave her alone with other dogs or people. I am always there. Luckily, our neighbors have little dogs that I could easily grab and pick up if there was a problem. I have a 100 pound hound mix. She is sweet and loving but she's big and doesn't know her own size. So I am with her. Or my husband is watching them. They are never left to their own devices around animals or people. They are our babies, but they will always be animals. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a fur baby. I don't blame the dogs. I blame the people. Humans are the most dangerous species on the planet.

Feb 24, 2016
Debra and others
by: Anonymous

Debra: People here feel your grief and pain. I am sorry you lost both of your babies in the same week. Your post made me cry. My baby and I were attacked by my neighbor's two pit bulls 18 months ago, and I still feel the pain of that attack. I am afraid to go outside or let my dog (my dog that was attacked died 5 months after the attack) out in the yard by himself. I don't leave my house without my stun gun. Ironically to the person who shot the pit bull, you did the right thing. My neighbors acted like they were the victims in court it was beyond maddening. The same theme of loss, grief and pain are through almost every thread in this forum. Pit bulls should be treated with the same care as any exotic pet such as a snake. It is my experience that many pit bull owners do not undertake the care to ensure that their pets do not cause harm to others. Otherwise, there would not be so many stories in this forum. Thank you all for writing as it helped me too get over my attack.

Feb 22, 2016
Two dogs dead
by: Anonymous

My Boxer lap mixed was killed by our neighbor's pit bull. The dog jumped the neighbors fence and viciously attacked Sadie. My other two dogs attempted to fight off the pit bull to protect sadie but he was just too big and strong. I was forced to place two bullets in the head of that pit bull. I was afraid it would move onto my other dogs or even me. I did what I had to do to protect my other babies and myself. My only regret is I didn't shoot that dog earlier to save my Sadie... Worse thing about it is my neighbor who luckily moved was angry and wanted to sue me for killing his poor defenseless dog

Feb 18, 2016
My grief continues 02/13/2016
by: Debra

Dear Everyone,
After my Poobear died on 02/04/2016 my house was filled with grief. I walked around crying and burning incense on Poo's grave just outside my window. My other cat Floyd was acting sad but he was normal really. He helped me get thru the week just by being with me. On Saturday 02/13/2016 around 5:30 pm he started having labored breathing...he couldn't catch a breath! He howled this howl I will never forget. We quickly looked up an emergency vet that was so far away...the closest one to us but still too far away......we jumped in the truck and sped off....I was begging him to hold on....Please Floyd...just hold on...but he my arms my baby died...How could this happen?? How could I lose two babies inside of a week?? Floyd was always an outside cat but since Jan 1st he was staying inside....and in light of what happened to Poo I was glad he was staying inside...I was going to keep him inside for the rest of his life...maybe go out with me on a harness or something...I know he would have hated it....but it would keep him alive....I don't know if I was so lost in my grief over Poo that somehow I missed Floyd being sick....his heart just gave out....almost like a heart attack....but short of having an autopsy I will never know...Another of my babies died a horrible and painful death....I have been depressed for so long before all this happened...I could barely take care of myself....I don't know what made me think I could take care of my babies...But having them kept me sane....gave me a purpose..My guilt is monumental...I loved Poo so very much and I scooped him off the street when he was about four years old....but Floyd? I had him since he was five months old....he was my baby...Poo dying was like getting hit in the head with a two by four....Floyd has brought me to my knees.....I can't stop crying....I had to go to my county mental health clinic and now I have signed up for help...My first group is today....I had lost my job in Feb 2015 and have not worked since....I have been off my meds (no insurance and I can't afford Obama Care)since Oct 2015 and was on a slippery slope to begin I am in a hole and can't get out on my own...My house is silent and I wonder around missing them both so much...still looking for them....Miss Laura, I pray for you and all the others...I get comments from people like "Well, you just have to play the hand your dealt..." "Things happen for a reason" Are you telling me this happened to our family for a reason????? People are so cruel...they think I am silly for crying over a couple cats....but I have no children and they were just likes sons to me...Bless you all...

Feb 14, 2016
My border collie was attacked
by: Anonymous

I had a beautiful border collie named Rowdy. He was only 2 years old and we only had him for barely 1 year. Our neighbors 3 dogs (pit bulls) came after him. They jumped our 6 foot fence which also had 3 strands of barbed wire and came after him. He was a 65 pound border collie, which is big, and he never stood a chance. I have been completely heartbroken and am so angry that he didn't even live a good, long life. He was not even 2 years old! These pit bulls have tried coming after my father several times and has actually charged him after coming over our fence before. They have tried coming after me and my aunt as well. The neighbors were warned before and they still left their dogs alone outside for them to kill our sweet, precious "pretty boy." It is just so mean and never should have happened. He was so sweet and innocent and never ever deserved such a violent end. He died only 2 days ago.

Feb 10, 2016
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. Pit bulls need to be treated with the same care as any other exotic pet like a reptile or a dangerous creature. As long as the law lets irresponsible Pit Bull owners get away with not being responsible this page will continue to be filled with grief stricken pet parents as I am one of them. Laura, please keep this page alive maybe some legislative body will read all these horrible stories about how dangerous pit bulls are. And I am a DOG LOVER!

Feb 06, 2016
My cat was killed 02/04/2016 by 2 pitbulls
by: Debra

I am so devastated....My heart has just been ripped out and it's in a million pieces.....My Poo-bear was an outside cat...I took him in 6+ years ago after he was abandoned by a neighbor who moved....It happened at 8:00 am on Thursday Feb neighbor saw the whole thing...he had jumped into his shoes and ran outside because he thought it was his cat...he saw my poo-bear try to run up a tree...the closest one to him...but he was old...and the tree was mostly rotted and when he climbed it just fell over and they got neighbor came down that night and told me the cat was in his backyard...there he was...cold and dead in a puddle of water....covered in mud....I carried him home and had to hose him down...that's when I saw his white paws and the black spot of fur on his chin and I knew it was him...he is never going to come home....I buried him in our front yard so he could see the house across the street...he loved it there and Nancy's 4 cats were all friends of Poo' was his second home....she fed him in the first few months he was abandoned before I scooped him up...Poo had lots of friends in the neighborhood...More than me!!! We had never seen these dogs before and have no idea where they came from...but at 8:00 am in the morning we are lucky they didn't catch kids walking to the bus stop!! I am so sad and I feel for anyone that this has happened to...I pray for us all and especially my Poo-bear..... xoxoxox always my loving hippy cat...Love Mommy and Daddy Vlad....

Feb 02, 2016
I know
by: John

So sorry to hear about Sammy! I lost my Ollie Sept. 5th. She was a Dachshund. A car killed her and left her lay. Didn't even stop.

She was a sweet dog with a gentle soul. My heart is still broken. I don't know if it will ever heal. It shouldn't have happen to such a gentle girl. 3 years wasn't near enough with her.

I pray for her every day and I will add Sammy to my prayers. I pray that God will let me know that she's alright and I'll see her again. No answers to my prayers yet.

Jan 28, 2016
I am so sorry
by: Anonymous

It's hard for you to deal with your grief because you see the murderer right there. First, make sure your fence is secure. Do not leave your dogs out unsupervised. Don't walk your dogs without protection against an attack. Become active in supporting victims of dog attacks and changing laws that help protect communities and keep people safe from dangerous dogs. My heart goes out to you.

Jan 27, 2016
I feel for you
by: Elma

as I type this, my Dutchie is in critical condition at the Vet. was attacked by a pitbull while walking him on a leach. owners did not close their gate soon enough and the dog was like a bullet onto my dog. tried to fight him off. luckily he is still alive and I pray for his full recovery. all his neck muscles had to be re-attached. also struggle to get that nightmare experience out of my head.
I feel your pain.

Jan 22, 2016
The other side
by: Anonymous

I no how it feels to loose a dog this way it happened to our family dog when I was younger and it's the last thing you could images happening to your fur baby... However I'm only commenting on this because I have now expirenced both sides of the fence.. So to speak... My two dogs a blue healer and a shepherd cross are the most friendly dogs I could ask for they love people, kids, I have 3 cats, 3 horses they have been to the river with other dogs around the park, I've had other dogs come to my house, ride on the back of a ute with multiple other dogs and yet today they mauled one of my neighbours dogs and this is there second incident like this. A few months back they did it aswell to the neighbours on my other side(I will add we live on 5 Acer lots). We have made fences higher, they get tied up at night, been more social with other dogs. We have made changes and yet they did it agian?!?!?!? And all I want to put across is look at it from the other dog owners point of view. Granted not all dog owners are responsible and not all dogs are harmless its a natural instinct in my case pack mentality... I'm a pretty open minded person and can see both sides to an argument as an outsider. But now it's happened to me on both sides I can't tell you how many thoughts and emotions I think and feel!! Mostly guilt, shock, disbelief, denial... Could my 2 lovely dogs do such a thing? How, what, why, why would they do such a thing why why why??? How? Again and again.... But the worst part is I can't even look at them at the moment I feel hurt, betrayed, did I miss something in there training?? Is it just pack mentality? But other dogs live life as mine do with probly less training and they don't kill?? I feel nothing when I do look at them but yet they are like my children my pride and joy.... They don't no what's wrong they no I'm not happy but dogs live in the moment they don't understand I am angry, and hurt at what they did this morning while I was at work... I feel so disconnected from them can't even bring myself to give a simple pat when they come up to me sitting at the back table... Why why why??? What again how did this happen??? I ask you to take a deep breath let go of your anger and broken heart for a moment and look at what the other dog owner might be going threw.. I/they are angry and heart broken aswell!! Speechless?? What do I say? What do I do? They way I feel a sorta numbness in my chest I don't no I can't tell you... just like you can't tell me how crushed your heart is about loosing a part of your family... Dogs will be dogs!! But I think humans can be a whole lot crueler... I'm sorry for the loss of your dog I truely am from the bottom of my heart but Please don't take mine from me aswell they are not dangerous nor aggressive and I am doing everything I can to rectify this behaviour. I'm not trying to justify it I just hope you took a minute to sit on the fence and look over both sides. Again we're sorry I'm sorry xo

Jan 21, 2016
Pit Bulls Are bad
by: Anonymous

They are worthless dogs and can never be trusted. You people that have them may some day be sorry when they tear a cheek or lip off one of your children! Or...they could kill one of your neighbors. Get rid of all of them. In Peoria Illinois you can't adopt one from the animal shelters legally. They kill all of them that come in after about 3 days. They are not sweet...they are untrustworthy and just as bad as leaving a loaded gun in your house for all the kids to play with.

Jan 15, 2016
i feel ypur pain
by: Anonymouskaren boatmer

Everything you wrote I feel also .
2 weeks ago this happened to my sweet Shakie girl. She was attacked and killed in front of me ,and I couldn't do anything to help her I feel guilt sadness empty lonely. I failed het I am her mommy and im suppose to keep her safe. She was my life and now she is gone .I cry every for her..I have asked god to keep her safe and happy.,at lest until I get there. I have faith god will reunite us when my time to go arrives.I know she is in heaven cuz she is my little Angel.and I will never forget her and always love her. Try a memorial and remember her life and let everyone tell a Sammy story it helps and you smile and laugh when you think of her it has helped me a lot.sincerely Karen shakies mommy

Jan 14, 2016
Same experience
by: Lizz

I had 3 yorkies,2 are my daughters and one mine, the neighbors dog jumped 6ft fence and killed my baby boy 10, he was so sweet. If your dogs are violent why would u have one in ur family, My lil ones wont go outside breaks my heart, our family is devastated.

Jan 08, 2016
Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

Such a terrible thing to happen to your beloved little dog. Pets are family. They love us and we love them.
Pit Bulls are vicious nasty dogs- period. My neighbor breeds these monsters- for fighting and guarding I think- certainly not as pets. There's 3-4 huge unneutered male Pitt Bulls in their yard and 2-3 females with litters of puppies. The dogs fight each other and I think have killed each other. There's a fence around their entire yard but the Pit Bulls have gotten out. I love dogs but am afraid to get one because of the neighbor's dogs. I could not go through what you have gone through.

Dec 21, 2015
So Sorry For Your Loss
by: Anonymous

The other day I had a Pit Bull owner pathetically try to convince me how sweet this breed is and how I should watch a t.v. show to support Pit Bulls and parolees and "educate" myself on the Pitty "breed" and I wanted to SCREAM at the top of my lungs back at this ignorant person and tell her how lucky she is that her 2 ill-trained, overweight, and very stupid dangerous dogs have not killed anyone ----yet. They've nipped people and dogs through the fence -- she is clueless of the prey instinct her cute dogs possess and blames the other side of her fence for her dogs' aggressive behavior.
All I can say after reading these comments from people who have been traumatized along with their most beloved dogs attacked and/or killed by this breed is that they are outlawed SOONER than later.

Dec 14, 2015
Rip Chiquito
by: Anonymous98

I had my dog for almost 6 years since 3rd grade I'm in high school freshman my dog passed away about November 13 a week away from his birthday he was there with me when my uncle passed away while I was bullied from 3rd grade and still the day he passed away was a Friday me and my friend were out and later my dad came looking for me I asked what's wrong he said that he dying we went back home a pit bull had bite his neck open his neck was severed but he walk all the way back to my house this was before we knew he was attack the story is a little out of order because I'm having trouble thinking about it well when I saw him with his neck I freaked out started crying my dad don't act innocent my brother and my parents went to vet I stayed home because I was freaking out and I get motion sickness I spent more time with him does six years then with my parents and that damn pit bull is still out there I wasn't there when he put him down at the vet because he lost to much blood his throat was severed neck bones shattered my family was saying that the doctor said he was very good he didn't bite any of the Doctors even though all the pain his Chiquito he was there when my brother left to army when I was bullied and when my uncle died i will miss a lot he was chihuahua who didn't bite,bark,and loved kids my brother's daughters would pull his tail hit him poke him but he never bite them because they were kids if you felt down he would come and like and just in general tried to make you feel better he was a loyal energetic lazy funny friend I will never stop loving him and missing him -Luis

Dec 10, 2015
Please read
by: Anonymous

Wow, I haven't read something more accurate before. This is exactly what happened to me about two weeks ago. Except this "vicious pit bull" was my own as well. Duke, my 9 yr old poodle spaniel mix, has always been the alpha of the house. So when my brother moved in King, the pit bull, little Duke wasn't going to have anyone dominate him. And that's how it was. King had lived with us on and off for about two years, leaving here and there with my brother, but main point to this story is Duke and my other small dog, Jaime, never could fully except King into their pack. I feel really guilty knowing that this could've happened at any time. The little dogs would snap at King every now and again, but King had always just pinned them and he's always been gentle, knowing his strength. In the back of my head, I always felt one day things would escalate, but not the way it did. It all happened so fast, King was shaking duke in his mouth and had him by his neck, I saw everything. Luckily not gruesome but I hate knowing that my little baby had to go in such an awful way and I did everything and anything that I could do but still feel like I could've done more! I picked up a lamp and tried hitting King, but he was locked. My brother was the only one able to get him off, but it was too late by then, he passed right when we got to the hospital. Sadly, King had to be put down as well, it's been really hard for my whole family to lose two big bright souls so tragically. I'm still really angry at King for taking him from me. But he was a funny, intelligent, beast of a pitbull and was the sweetest thing you'd ever meet. And Dukie was an outgoing, happy go lucky ball of sunshine. I have both of their ashes now and am setting up a memorial and embracing them rather than being sad everytime I hear their names. Pitbulls shouldn't be put in a box to be made out as some type of vicious dog, all dogs have the potential to be dangerous and mean. I don't put King in a box and never will. Rip my little angels, forever in my heart.

Nov 12, 2015
Pit Bull Victims are never the same afterwards
by: CQ

When we were attacked by my neighbor's 2 pit bulls without collars, it caused my Homer and myself severe distress. That was 18 months ago and I still cannot bend my finger from the the hand to hand combat that occurred trying to save my dog and myself. I found this website and wrote on it about our ordeal. I see one common theme by the pit bull victims is how vicious and evil pit bulls become when they attack. They are vicious up close and personal and I am still haunted by this ordeal. Animal control did not do squat. They are allowed another bite in my state. 2 weeks ago my husband was home and heard someone outside screaming. This same IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners had the dogs loose and they attacked the mail man. My husband came out and the mail man started to run up the block away from the pit bulls. We don't know if he was bit, but I called the Postmaster and begged he make a police report so that this time in my state, the dogs can be put down. I love dogs, but these are vicious animals. My greatest fear is that someone in my very nice neighborhood is going to be killed maybe some elderly victim or child. I dread and live in fear that this will happen. We need laws surrounding these animals because they are vicious and killers. They should be subject to the same laws and care that apply to owning exotic pets such as a tiger. I never felt this way before about any dog breed. My heart goes out to the victim, after victim, after victim that writes on this site. You are doing a great deed for victims. Thank you.

Nov 11, 2015
To Yoda's Person
by: Anonymous

In response to Yoda's attack, is the pit still alive? I truly wish you would press charges, our community needs everyone to step forward if these terrors are going to end.

Nov 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

And now my little Yoda joins the ever growing list of pit bull victims.
I was walking my dogs in my down-scale neighborhood. It is peppered with vicious pit bulls behind shabby barriers. One pushed under a chain link fence and ran up to my lab mutt, then saw my little chihuahua mix, Yoda, and just attacked her. I beat the pit bull with my leash-holder and tried to push him off of her. A man driving past pulled over and chased the dog away. Yoda was left in a puddle of her own blood, twitching, then dead.
That was 2 days ago. I'm still in shock, and so very sad. Life is so precarious for the vulnerable. As the person responsible for Yoda's safety, I feel guilty for failing her.
I only had her for a year and did not have the deep connection Sammy's owner had with her. Yoda's loss is painful - I can't imagine what it's been like for Sammy's family.
I was injured superficially and will not press charges against the owner because I don't believe he knew any better, nor the dog. They were bred to attack. There is a general ignorance and lack of collective will to resolve the dangers of pit bulls. I will make sure the dog is put down because he is a proven threat.

Oct 23, 2015
As Time Goes On
by: Ember

I hope you are feeling at least a little better now although it has been about 2 years and I'm still... well... shattered. Even so hopefully your heart has been given enough time to allow you to smile for real and not for show. I'm sorry about what happened to Sammy... and my darlings, Max, Charlie, Bosco, and now our rabbit Peter. Shall your shattered pieces be mended... unlike those of my soul...
R.I.P Max, Charlie, Bosco, and Peter

Oct 04, 2015
So sorry, this just happened to us too...
by: Anonymous

Last week my nieces precious little 5 lb. Maltese was attacked and killed by two Pit Bulls. It was violent. MAX was just 3yrs. old, happy and friendly and so gentle. They had him from both ends. My niece has been in a wheelchair for the past year since a terrible accident, she was helpless. He has been her comfort and joy, by her side through many surgeries. She is devastated, our whole family is. I am trying to get a muzzle law for Pit Bulls passed in the town where the Pit Bulls live, and where the attack occurred, as the police have said there is nothing they can do. If this also happened to you or someone you know, please sign the petition for MAX and in the memory of all those lost in this horrific manner. We thank you with all our hearts for caring. So sorry for everyone's loss.

Sep 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry what has happened to you, i know the feeling basically it happened to my dog two weeks ago. I'm trying to get JUSTICE for my dog? could ANYONE give me advice on what i can do? PLEASE come forward!!

Sep 08, 2015
Poor Sammy
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry this happened to your Samdog. That's a terrible way to go, the poor baby.

I'm just here to tell you that the pain does subside. You will never stop missing her, but it gets better, I promise. I still remember my poor Chubs screaming from our backyard when the neighbor's pit jumped our fence and mangled him to death. He died in my arms and I cried every day for a year because I was unable to save him and I should have been with him and so many regrets about that day. His little blood stained sweater wasn't enough to keep their stupid dog from ripping him apart. The police did nothing.

Just a few months ago the very same pit bull mauled their 6 year old's face. He was completely sweet to humans and showed no human aggression until that day. Now their child has to bear those scars for life. If a dog will tear apart another dog, it's not a huge leap to humans. I had the satisfaction of watching that bastard be loaded into a van and taken away to be destroyed.

You probably won't get the same sort of retribution, but just try and keep Sammy's memory in a positive place in your heart and the pain will go away.

Aug 29, 2015
2 pit bull killing machines
by: Terry

i had our new h sib. husky out get seen next to our fence a neighbors pit bull crashed thru a picket 6 ft high broke it his head came thru and grabbed my dog by the back of the neck and pulled thru the fence and 2 pits violently clamped onto her stomach while she was on her back screaming in pain i tried to stop one with a pick hit him in the head with the flat side nothing but made him meaner thrashing his head side to side while both thrashing sise to side then hit him with the pointed side hard as i could thru 3 or 2 broken pickets just made him clamp on harder while my wife was screaming for it to stop this went on for at least 15 min. i had to see to my wife it was so horrifying then finally got 911 on the line then still hearing all of this police came separated them time still going on was told by deputy to come get my dog she rushed him to animal hospital 3 blocks away where she died on the exam table in pain even pepper sprayed and i hit her with pointed side as it bounced off the back of one of the trained animal killers who already killed 2 of our cats and her own cat and her 3rd. nice pit that used to hang out front all the time never mean animal control said happened on there side it is too bad nothing they can do since they were licensed and had shots and were altered i am afraid to even have one of my grand kids out back to go swimming now i have to live in fear until i build a fence in front of the picket fence is over 50 feet just in the back yard alone . thank god it was on a day when my grand kids 6 of them from age 12 down were not here to see or hear any of this violence why cant i get at least child endangerment if i was doing drugs in the same house as them or yard or selling them i would get charged wit this but they can murder and cause such violence and i cannot do a thing about it but build another fence.

Aug 03, 2015
Lost my amazing little guy
by: Anonymous

We are still awake, unable to sleep. We buried our baby today, a beautiful 7.5 lb Maltese who has stolen our hearts for the last 8 years. He was our joy.... Bright eyed and full of life and so sweet ...everyone loved him.

Walking him this evening, in a our very dog friendly neighborhood, 2 pit bulls came running from what seemed out of nowhere. Our little guy was on a lease, these monsters broke free from their yard. It was so fast. No barking, no sign, just wham... One had our babies head in his mouth and was shaking him like a doll.

There was blood everywhere, and my husband was cradling our puppy screaming like I've never heard him scream. I was fighting off the dogs, who ran around me barking like it was a good time. They kept going for my husband who was in such agony, I was sure he was bit and didn't even know it.

We are empty, lost, hurt and destoyed. This was our child...our sweetie, our best buddy, our office companion and the highlight of coming home everyday. To lose him is unthinkable. To see him die so violently, complete insanity. I literally fear for my husbands mental wellbeing. I've never seen him so distraught.

These dogs were pit bull rescues. The owner claimed she has no idea how they escaped. She clearly recognized they were aggressive. They have been reported twice before, for attacking another dog and threatening a child.

I'm a total dog lover. I always thought that it's how you bring the dog up...not the breed... That mattered. But I have encountered many many kinds of dogs, some unruly and clearly not tame, and I have never ever seen anything so FAST AND SO VICIOUS.

I can't believe this happened. I thought the things I heard in the past were over blown, pit bull haters, or the other dogs provoked. My beautiful silly little Sobe, probably thought those monsters were coming to play. He was never afraid or fearful of any dog. Thought they all wanted to play. I'm holding on to that... and that he died so quickly.. For my own sanity.

I sit here tonight... So empty and flat. My head pounding from crying. And I have fear that my husband is taking this worse than even I. To lose your sunshine under any circumstance is hell. To watch it helplessly happen, so violently.... I have no idea how you get over this.....

Aug 02, 2015
I can empathize, I hate pitbull breeds now
by: Anonymous

July 31, 2015 was the worst day ever, I heard commotion at my neighbors to my right and their little chihuahuas were screaming like no other so I ran outside closes my house door and starting kicking the pitbulls that escaped the neighbors house across the street they were viciously attacking the momma, brother and sister then my husband hears my screaming and didn't know what was going on opens my house door and my baby Harry who is 9 years (my world) runs outside fast barking (he has no teeth) and gives attention to the 3 wild pitbulls so they run to him and one locks jaw on his neck, my poor baby is 3 pounds and was dangling from his neck the owner and my husband were punching the pitbull till he finally let go then my other shih tzu comes out and they try attacking her and I kicked the pitbull in the face, finally the owner gets their dogs by then it's too late my dog is dead dangling in my arms, this pain is the worst I even felt I rescued harry 5 years ago and he's been there for me through everything, he slept with me, I spoiled him with his fav foods, he kissed me everyday after work, now I cry everyday, this hurts and ACS says because my gate door was open that I was partially to blame, I don't get it, now my world is gone and he gets no justice..
I hope the pain gets better, I still Blame my husband for opening the door that day knowing my dog runs out fast ... this would have never happened.. I'm so hurt

Aug 02, 2015
You must not blame yourself!!
by: Joanne C. From NC

You sound like you were a wonderful mom to Sammy and Eddie. Sammy was loved and happy and you must not think this was your fault. Eddie must be very sad as well and it might be a good idea to rescue again and give him a friend! I I have 5 rescues minpins and I like you treat them like my kids. God has an angel in Sammy! 🐶😇

Jul 24, 2015
Honesty Regarding Pit Bulls
by: Be Real

Having read the majority of these comments, it floors me that the pit bull defenders can keep a straight face while posting their claims that these animals are remotely "normal ". Seeing the sheer number of horrific accounts regarding their habits, attack methods, and level of intensity during said maulings, it stuns me that anyone would still stand by this breed.

Personally speaking, my own dog, a very gentle retired racing greyhound, was attacked without provocation by a pit bull during a walk. The dog bolted from a neighbor's house and promptly flipped my dog over onto his back- by the neck. My peaceful dog was left with multiple puncture wounds to his head, neck, abdomen and legs, complete with a stapled elbow for good measure. The owners claimed that the pit had never shown aggressive traits. More of the same excuses, flourished with shock and disbelief... And, of course, ignorance and utter dismissive reception from Animal Control.

This business gets excruciatingly tiresome, especially when complete strangers continue to dictate to victims that we shouldn't blame the breed. We have seen too much, and suffered too deeply from the truth, to accept that lie and be silenced. Push the Pitty Propaganda all you like- we'll be here to fight it tooth and nail, with accuracy on our side.

Jul 24, 2015
Thats horrible and Im so sorry
by: Lisa O

I hate pitbulls. Yup I said it. They have no redeeming value and are responsible for 90 percent of all deaths of other dogs. Not to mention the people they kill.
Anyone who wants one better load up on insurance. Its not illegal to own one yet. But its going to be. In the meantime, how about you keep your dog away from all other peoples pets and other people.Why is it you think you are more important that others?
I am so sorry for you and your little dog. They like to kill little dogs, hence the Bully breed.
Don't listen to people who are mean. They are damaged goods who don't have empathy for others. Karma is a *itch and its coming for them.
Again so sorry for your loss

Jul 24, 2015
Make it Right
by: Anonymous

Buy a gun, let the fence go, an opening, keep your dog inside. Go outside and wait for it to enter your yard. Bam. Then it won't kill anything else. And hopefully you will begin to heal.

I'm very sorry this happened.

Jul 21, 2015
I Know Your Pain
by: Ember

It was the weekend before christmas of 2013, literally two or three days before. I was 12 at the time nearly thirteen and my first dog Maximus who was 5 at the time had just died that January.(He was perfectly healthy and we believe that our neighbor killed him, to this day they throw rotting fish and other objects that could most certainly harm our puppy, Dexter, over the fence). Well my mother had told me to go take a shower but of course i didn't listen and i watched as our 3 year old dog Charlie ran about the back yard. After a while I finally went to take a shower. I had heard screaming and figured my older sister and little brother were fighting. My mother opened the restroom door and told me to continue taking a long bath while rubbing my head which she would never do and at the same moment my crying brother went into his room. I thought what happened and then what if Charlie got out a d she got hit by a car. I was worried and hot out but as i headed to my room to get dressed my brother spoke these words," Charlie's dead." I imeadantly thought he was screwing with me but before i hurried downstairs i discovered something worse than a car accident Charlie had been mauled to death by our neighbors behind us two pit bulls and our very old dog Bosco ,who sadly died of old age in June 2014, was injured trying to protect her. I cried for a moment and sniffled the words, " I miss Max and Charlie..." after a moment i stopped and went downstairs to see are neighbors saying how sorry they were causing my brother to cry again but i stayed silent. My brother had told me of how the had a hole in her neck and was bloody, so bloody. I couldn't believe the very dog that would lie done next to Charlie as scampered about would kill her. I thought about how it could have been prevented if i had just taken a shower earlier. I could have brought her inside before the pits got in the yard or tried to stop them. I would have ran out there and die myself trying to protect because my dogs are more than just some pets that can be replaced, they are family and you do whatever you have to do to protect family. I blame myself for not being there for Charlie when she needed me the most. When Bosco died a few months later we weren't even told but i knew because i was awake looking out the window when Bosco was dying and whispered goodbye. My dogs' deaths pain me to this day but whenever i have the need to cry or am falling apart i just make sure to keep it but when i'm alone thats when i cry when its midnight and everyones asleep thats when i cry just like now. The part that hurts the most is that i never truly got to say goodbye.

Jul 19, 2015
my precious dog
by: nicki

My miniature dachshund was over 13 years old and suddenly died. A jerk that came over picked her up by back of neck and tossed her. Talk about mad. She was my baby. She died a few weeks later. Does anyone know if this could have caused it. I still cry myself to sleep every night. Even though I can't ever replace my sweet girl. I have started looking for another miniature dachshund puppy. Having trouble finding one that is in our price range.

Jun 13, 2015
Sorry for your loss.
by: Eslyn

I feel every bit of your pain. My 2 year old red dachshund named Goldie escaped under the fence and was attacked by the neighbor's pitbull on a chain. She had lacerations, 6 broken ribs, and a punctured lung. The vet said it would cost over $6000 for surgery and she would need additional surgeries. It was the hardest thing in the world holding her before she was put to sleep. I miss her being curled up by my head every night. I can't stop crying.

Jun 08, 2015
this is very tragic
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry. My sisters dog was just killed by a pitbull yesterday. I was looking for information on the internet because I am so filled with anger, sorrow and disgust for her loss. Some people are already telling me that I am being overly angry and feeling hatred, and I should feel bad for the owners of the pitbull, etc. I do not hate the owners, but this should not have happened to my sisters poor dog. Why do you need to have a dog that can do such damage, even if you are a nice person and you try to take good care of your dog and think it wont hurt anyone. You don't think it will happen, but it just did and apparently after reading all of your posts it happens often in our country. It is just tragic that this is so common.

Jun 08, 2015
My son was killed by pit bulls
by: Jeff Borchardt

Daxton’s Friends for Canine Education & Awareness was formed in honor of Daxton Borchardt, who passed away on March 6, 2013 due to severe injuries sustained in a dog attack. Daxton’s Friends would like to educate the public about the importance of understanding dog breeds and how, with proper education and pet care, the number of dog-related incidents can be reduced.

Learn more at

Jun 07, 2015
Im sorry, you arent the only one
by: Anonymous

I saw My dog get hit by a car and the car didnt even stop, I know he saw my dog and me. His brother ( I still have ) is sad and is not that active since that day. But i know my rocko is in a better place now and yours is to. The house is not the sane without him. We got a new dog, he is active and steals all the
Attention From my other dog (rockos brother) I am really sorry for him. I am the only one he gems Attention From. God bless you and your family, im sorry for your loss.

Jun 06, 2015
Our bunny was killed in front of my three small children
by: Anonymous

Yesterday while I was at work I got a call from my wife, incoherent, screaming and in tears, I thought the was a car accident or something. My wife calmed down long enough to tell me that our terrible neighbours, two massive Huskies repeatedly rammed our fence with their heads until two fence boards broke free. My three children 12, 10 and 8 were playing happily in the back yard with our lovely bunny "Poppy", who would have turn 1 year old tomorrow. this bunny was so loved by my children and my wife and I! The two huskies chased Poppy under our deck where she would have been safe but then the neighbours third dog a chihuahua ran under the deck and chased her our right into the two frenzied huskies. The huskies grabbed onto Poppy and in from of my children thrashed her until she was dead, ripping her head off.

Our neighbours have not apologized, instead have blamed us for having a shabby fence. These white trash people and their negligence to secure their animals after three calls to animal services (the dogs have repeatedly cement our yard and terrorized our children and trashed our yard) have robbed my small family of our security, a beloved pet and have cause our children and my wife a trauma that will haunt them for many years.

I now have the task of trying to comfort and make some sense of this so my children can move on.

May 31, 2015
My lab was murdered
by: Bblythe

I am so sorry for your loss 3 wks ago I was walking my little lab mix boots of 11yrs the sane field behind our house on mothers day we walked the same way the day before we were almost to our turn where we would get back in front of the houses this woman opened up her back door and ran two p i saw death in the ones eyes i kicked it hit I pulled its legs and the whole time my baby was crying the woman kept saying she could not control them I left to try and get help called the police by the time the police had got there she had called somebody and pulled the dogs off my baby I took him to vet but he was hurt to bad I had to put him to sleep the people never even said they were sorry they still have their vicious dogs and I will never get to sleep with my baby or rub his belly again my husband is disabled and he was his companion while I worked all Pitt bulls need to be put to sleep I will never forget my baby crying for me to help him bblythe from Huntsville all.

May 27, 2015
Pitt Bull Attack
by: Anonymous Sharon Tate

Lola, my poodle, 9 lbs. 6 yrs. Age, was violently attack by neighbors pitt, May 20, 2015, in my MY yard only 4 ft. Away from me. Pitt not on it's leash. Lola was bitten back, sides & stomach area before I could get the pitt-- owner just stood there 6 ft. Away doing nothing w/her dogs leash in her hands. She laughed & said it was my fault for not having MY DOG on leah. Lola rushed bleeding to A.Hospital, bad shape, stayed, suffered 3 days w/o eating, sleeping, no urination, etc. In PAIN. Animal Control did not take Pitt away..citation & told she would have to pay hospital, etc. Expenses. What can I do now? Lola, my is my love and I hurt for her.

May 24, 2015
happened to me
by: Anonymous

I don't know if the dogs that killed my beloved chi yesterday were pit bulls or not, but they shook and ripped him up and killed him within 30 seconds. we are overwhelmed with grief.

May 17, 2015
So sad for you
by: Anjie

I have a Dachschund a little boy called Max. He is a brindle long haired miniature Dacschund. I had him from 4 months he was very insecure but soon got better we showered him with love, we still do! He is coming up for 11 this year and I know I may not have him much longer and it breaks my heart to think of that. He has been through a lot he had a disc problem I slipped 3 repaired he was a sorry sight ! What upset me more was he had to be caged to keep him from being to mobile for his own good but I slept on the floor with him by his side so that he wasn't on his own! He is not keen on big dogs he was attacked by a German shepherd dog whilst we were on a walk he nearly died from his wounds. He also sleeps on our bed between us with his body right into me and his head on the pillow. They are almost human ! He has a set of steps to climb up on the sofa to be with us too. Hope your pain gets better soon with love x

May 11, 2015
My heart is breaking for you
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain so deeply. I lost a dog that I loved more than anything two years ago and I am still grieving for her today. What happened to you is my biggest nightmare. I have two little poodles and there are pit bulls that are allowed to run loose in my neighborhood and we are virtual prisoners in our own home on 3 acres. We no longer go for walks and I am always on the lookout whenever I leave my home to drive out in my car.
I carry Grizzly Bear Mace with me at all times and am thinking about also getting a tazer. I am so sorry that you had to see your dog like that. I wish I could take your pain away. No dog and no dog owner deserves to go through that.

May 11, 2015
Couldn't Hold Back My Tears
by: Teresa

I'm so sorry for your loss! Today two pit bulls came into my yard and my little Chihuahua started barking and ' AS ALWAYS' I was right here inside my porch and when I opened the door one of the pits got it's mouth around my dog but she ran inside when I swung open the storm door. I've have a fenced yard but dog & kids are always going Thur my yd. I can't let her enjoy the outdoors at all! I'll kill those dogs if they ever come in my yd again!!

May 01, 2015
I'm heartbroken by your loss.
by: Anonymous

I am so saddened by your experience. I found your page because I want to date a certain person, but he has a 100lb pit bull and I have two little dogs. My responsibility first and foremost is to my "kids" who depend on me. No matter how nice and good this man is to me, and he is, his pit bull is a deal breaker. I've witnessed five pit attacks in my life, two ending in death.I wish people would stop breeding and defending pits. I'm an animal lover and advocate, which is why I want the bully breeds to disappear. I will keep advocating for people like yourselves.

Apr 13, 2015
My Sophie murdered
by: Aleta

I just want to say that I'm so sorry for your loss. Last year in July, my beautiful long haired dachsund was also murdered from two pitbulls that the only difference is that they were also our pets of 7 years.

I struggle with the visions of my poor baby being mutilated and tore apart in such a way. I tried ferverishly to stop it and it did nothing but possibly make it worse.

I also struggle with what could have caused such a tragedy. I hope you are doing better, as for me I have another dachsund but I'm always on the defensive when he interacts with my daughter's fox terrier and it seems to aggressive.

Any thoughts on how to get past it?

Mar 30, 2015
by: Anonymous

On yesterday 3-30-15 I had so much going on I let my boxer pit-bull mix out. Thought my male chiqua was inside I so I let our Charlie out.. Well he attacked my nugget tried to pick him up well Charlie got him out my hands and finished him off. I Feel so bad and useless for not saving his life.

Feb 12, 2015
Friend's Min Pin disembowelled by Staffy
by: Anonymous

Our friends beautiful min pin was disembowled by a Staffy/pitbull cross while out for a walk in the neighbourhood. This min pin was also a long term special needs dog for our friends daughter who was also present. This horrific incident completely traumatized our friend and her daughter as well as their other min pin who on the walk as well. We understand the Staffy/pitbull was a rescued dog from a life of dog fighting. It was put down by Animal Control after an investigation.
Our hearts go out to our friends who continue to suffer post traumatic stress. May the great love they had for him carry forward and embrace another dog in need someday.

Jan 29, 2015
my friend's poodle was killed by a pitbull yesterday
by: Anonymous

My friend's poodle was killed yesterday.
My friend and her gentle poodle were just walking home from a walk when suddenly the neighbor's pitbull run towards them, ready to kill. The pitbull escaped its yard
I can't imagine how horrible it must have been. But I do believe the experience stays with you the rest of your life.

Jan 26, 2015
My sweet 11 yo old Dobie attacked twice......
by: Lisa

First and foremost, my heart goes out to each and every one of you that has such heartreating stories that you've shared. From the original poster Laurie who recounted the most heart wrenching story about Sam, to the Military Soldier who was able to be comforted by Diddy after his Iraq tours and then lost him tragically on a walk,to other many, many gut wrenching horrific stories of loss that made me cry. I'm so happy I found this board even though it wasn't what I was looking for (my dachshund is sick and Google brought me here! )and I NEVER post comments. I do have a relevant story though and as I read through each and every comment, I knew that I would have to share it.

I had the pleasure of adopting two beautiful longhaired miniature doxies 11 years ago. They have been they sweetest, most loving companions and they both have gotten me through some of the most difficult times in my life. They were with me all through my single years and have been our family fur babies from the begining. At 6 years old, the first sister B. passed away after a back injury left her paralyzed from the neck down after a simple jump off the couch. Her sister B.B. was already the shyer, more needy sister and after being extremely depressed for months, she finally started to return to normal and we started to entertain the idea of another fur baby. My husband has been in the Military for 24 years and we have 2 young boys, so we decided to get a little bit bigger dog that was compatible with our sweet girl. We spent a few years searching, checking with our vet, researching, taking classes and spending time with the breed we wanted to adopt. We actually knew the person who was having a litter of puppies and they were AKC registered, champion bloodlines, and the paternal line had been family pets for over 20 years. Very, very reputable, not a puppy mill, not at all bad genetics, very good friends and amazing conditions in which the puppies were kept in until they were brought home.

We got second pick of the puppies and we visited our sweet girl every chance we got. Our vet and a second vet (due to the price of our pup and potential issues we might have physically) said she was as close to perfect as we could expect and had an amazing temperment. At 8 weeks, we took her home ans she and B.B. took to each other like long lost twins. They loved each other so very much. They followed each other around, played together and curled up with one another. You would have never guessed there was 9 years separating them at that point! Even as the new pup got bigger and bigger, they were still best buds. We took the new pup to Puppy Kindergarten class and after graduating, then Obedience school. To this day, at nearly 2, she is fantastic with children and is the most loving pet we have ever owned. she cuddles in bed with us and there isn't a day that goes by that I am not so grateful that we got her. She is now full grown at 60 lbs. Our doxie is 10.

When our new pup was 5 months old, (And about 30 lbs) she and our Doxie decided to growl at each other over a toy. Neither would back down and tried to show dominance (being the Alpha leader) and when they started to fight, the puppy sunk her teeth into our older 9 year old Doxie's neck and started to shake her. Seeing it was the most horrific thing I have ever seen. My sweet girl let out the most horrific wail I have ever heard in my life, blood squirted out all over the bed, walls and carpet and she instantly relieved her bladder and bowels all over my bed. I could not get my puppy to release her jaws, no matter how many times I hit her head, kicked her, screamed, anything. I finally was able to stick my hands in and pry her jaws apart by the grace of god. I kicked her off the bed tried to evaluate my sweet girl and rushed her to a vet just 5 minutes away,and they saved her life. It cost me nearly $3000.00 because her teeth nicked a disc in her neck and one in her back, and her entire neck was completely ripped open. She had drainage tubes sewn in the front and the back for 10 days all the way back to her shoulder blades.

Miracuously, she lived. Sitting up with her day and night, I never thought she would, but even with the scars that make it tough for her to eat sometimes to this day, she is a trooper. From that day on, we keep them separated by using kennels and using separate rooms at all times. It can be quite difficult but it is a chance that I will not take. Do I THINK it will happen again? No, I don't. I think it was a once in a lifetime freak thing that happened but I will never take a chance like that with my sweet girl. We never let the now almost 2 year old pup outside unless she is in her completely fenced in (and then double fenced bottom half) and then in front, unless she is on a heavy duty harness and leash and my husband holds it. She is amazing with kids and big dogs and has been taught to instantly lay down when she sees kids OR animals. It's her go to position. When this incident happened, all three Vets we took her to, the Humane Society and even the trainers said they think it was a one time incident due to trying to show dominance over a favorite toy and puppies don't understand what they do. While I tend to agree, especially as she has never shown any sort of agression in any way shape or form again, I will always be cautious. I wanted to share my story, because it can and does happen to even the most responsible pet owners and even the best raised, well loved pet. You can try to protect and love your pet but you must put people and other's fur babies at the fore-front of your mind if you are going to try to own or rehabilitate, risky breeds. In my case, my Pup is not in the risky breed category, but I wanted to let others know our situation in hopes it can be avoided in another case with an older small/ younger big dog. I'm happy to report that both ARE happy, loved and as content as can be nearly 2 years since that awful day. My heart is with you all and I hope that each day brings you one step closer to healing the loss of your family members.

Jan 18, 2015
So sorry I'm just as outraged
by: Anonymous

My pug of 11 years was viciously killed by my neighbors pit bull. I want to campaign to get them out of my neighborhood. I don't feel safe in my yard and in my neighborhood anymore. It looks like I'm going to small claims court. I'm feeling hopeless too.

Jan 12, 2015
know that feeling
by: Anonymous

Similar thing happened to us. We had a 4 mth old chihuahua cross who was happily playing in our garden when our neighbours dog jumped over the fence and grabbed him. Died in mins. Our other dog tried chasing it off but couldn't get it. It's a grey hound and are used for illegal hunting but when police got involved said it was dog on dog attack. The law needs changing as we have little grand daughters it could of been one of those holding him. The neighbours didn't care just said it's only a puppy. I miss that little guy and not a day goes by that I don't think of him. It's heart breaking.

Dec 27, 2014
Very sad
by: Anonymous

Im so sorry for your loss. Yesterday my neighbors pitbull killed my kitten. My daughter, husband , my two dogs and myself are overcome with grief. I cant stop crying and I feel I will never get over it. I want to move out of my house. I hate pitbulls and the type of people that own them.

Dec 17, 2014
Missing dog
by: Anonymous

I will start by saying we have a neighbor that has a pitt bull pup I think maybe a year still intact. I have a schipperke named Tazzy and a chi/rat terrier named sissy who are both chickens of people and dogs they don't know. So this pit bull visits quite a bit between 1:30 am and 3:00 am and my dogs are pretty scared the Tazzy will run out and then come right in barking like crazy, but Sissy seemed to be getting a little less scared and would get close to sniff and play a little at a distance. On 11/9/14. I was working late in my basement and I heard my dogs go running down the hall barking and out there dog door, I assumed the pit was visiting especially when Tazzy came running down stairs barking her head off but my other one didn't so I figured she was playing with the pit. I didn't go to bed till about 4:am and my husband was asleep on the couch so I thought she was snuggled with him. In the morning he went to let them out to go potty and only Tazzy went out so he just assumed Sissy was with me! By the time we figured she was missing we went out looking and handing out posters. We have put 70 big neon posters everywhere checked with the shelters and are registered, I put it in all the papers craigslist offered a reward and still no Sissy. Now i am beginning to think that the Pitt possibly killed her maybe bring to rough the the owner says the Pitt wasn't out that night, not sure I believe him. She would never leave our 3 acres alone and especially not at night. Anyway we are still hoping to find her and continue to replace posters when needed and hand out flyers. I hope none of you have to go through this it has been devastating to our family. Thanks for reading.

Dec 06, 2014
Homer's Mom
by: CQ

My Homer and I were attacked in July and your website helped us immensely Laura thank you. Last week my little Homer pup got sick at home and I took him to the ER where he was diagnosed with hemagioma sarcoma which is a death sentence. All I did in July to save him from death with two pitt bulls seem for naught now. Maybe I should not have fought so hard to save him. My little boy was euthanized tonight and I am so, so, heartbroken. I did everything to save my boy in July and now he is gone forever and my heart is broken. My little boy is gone forever. I just wanted to provide an update. I am so distraught. We have no kids, this is my boy and now he is gone forever. Thank you for listening.

Nov 22, 2014
My condolences
by: Anonymous

I read this in hope that it will help me. This afternoon we found my brothers dog dead. He was bit in his neck and bleed to death. We found only his chain and started searching for him. There is a pit bull on the loose. We called the police but we were advise to call Humane Society. My heart goes out to....unnfortunately I understand your pain....

Nov 16, 2014
USA Facts
by: Anonymous

Facts that you can see:

Pit bulls account for 59% of dog attacks in the USA. This IS NOT a coincidence and if you are going to keep a dog like this, you have to take proper precautions and be a responsible owner. I am one of the statistics for 2014 sadly.

Nov 16, 2014
Thank you Laura
by: Anonymous

I want to move too, so I know how you feel. I purchased a 600K volt stun gun. I walk my dog in an area mall parking lot because I can no longer safely walk him so long as those pit bulls are around. I get how you felt being revictimized over and over. Thank you for your latest post. Don't let HATERS get to you. The vast majority of the comments are supportive. I never even realized that my own yard has the same potential as what happened with your beloved Sammy. So thank you for that and I am very watchful for this very thing. Your web site really helped me so much. Thank you and God Bless you! CQ

Nov 15, 2014
Update from Laura's origial post--thank you!
by: Laura

Thank you all for your comments and for sharing your own stories. I am so very sorry to those who have also suffered an attack or loss of their pet. To anyone who left a comment to blame me or my dog Sammy, shame on you. I did not ask for this to happen nor did my dog. The neighbor's dog was a pit bull mix. It once got in my yard and my son and I took it back into its own yard. The dog never showed violence to me. That is the thing with certain breeds--it is bred into them, it is instinct. Nice dogs kill. Nice dogs with responsible owners kill. Sadly, those are the facts. My husband showed my neighbors photos of Sammy...gorey ones of her body, her decapitated head, and all the blood. They were very upset and apologized. They paid for the fence repair. Their dog is actually a rescue dog and they are responsible owners but they did not euthanize their dog. So, it is not always the owner's fault....Nice Dogs with Good Owners Can Kill! That is how I feel about pit bulls. Sammy was killed 4 years ago and I have since moved from the house. I am so glad because I hated seeing that dog alive and enjoying the sun on their patio knowing it had killed my dog and my other dogs were at risk. I can now talk about the incident without crying and have worked through it...although I will never ever "get over it." Of course I suffered some PTSD...who wouldn't? I carry pepper spray and lift my dogs up when we go on walks and big dogs approach. I am tired of hearing, "Oh, it's ok. My dog's nice." I will be purchasing one of those air horns soon also, since loud noises will get a dog to release its grip by startling it. I live in an area where 4 pit bulls just killed a man and severely injured his elderly mom. The gunshots of the police finally got the dogs off the man--some were shot dead and the others ran back home. Appallingly, I live in an city/county were murder by dog is legal--a dog can kill a pet or even a human being and the owner is not liable. It sickens me. Again, thank you again for you comments. I am so very sorry for your loss. It breaks my heart knowing how you found this page and reading your stories. I've thought about deleting my original post (some of the rude comments are very upsetting) but decided the good it can do to keep it up is worth it. If my post can help someone else through their grief or help warn others, it's worth keeping. Thank you for sharing and please continue to share and spread the word on how to protect our "loved ones."

Nov 11, 2014
Rest in peace sweet Sammy
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry about Sammy.You have every right to be angry and hate the thing that took your precious Sammy from you. My 12.5 pound Service Dog, Marleigh, was attacked by a stray pit bull that tried to attack my 16 month old grandson. The pit bull got Marleigh twice. It was only God that saved her on August 30th, 2014. I know how I felt when I thought Marleigh was not going to make it. I know the nightmares you are suffering. The images seem as though they will never leave your head.The images I have are horrible but can't be compared to what you saw. My heart breaks for you and your family. Pit bulls run the streets here and we are told by animal control to catch them, tie them up and call them.People refuse to admit pit bulls are not predictable.

Nov 04, 2014
My Pit Bull killed our 13yr Rat Terrier Zorro
by: Anonymous

Me & my husband are dog lovers and Had 6 dogs in our home. 4 of them have been with us for over 10yrs. We took in a pit bull puppy & was living and sleeping with all the other dogs since he was 8 weeks old. We treat all our dogs the same & I believe we are very responsible and loving pet owners. Last week I left the house for 30 minutes to run an errand. I came home to blood splatter everywhere. My 7yr old killed out 13yr old rat terrier. I felt like I walked into a crime scene. I screamed so loud the neighbor came out to help me. Its so easy to blame with owners, but we did everything right. Putting our dog to sleep will be a hard decision for us since we rescue dogs. I also have to keep my other dogs safe. I would have never kept this dog in the house even sleeping with our min pins if I thought he was capable of killing our dog. Im looking for answers for my horrific situation. We are still in shock!

Oct 24, 2014
pitbulls not all bad
by: Anonymous

Sorry for your loss but I have pit that's great at dog park and have five cats he loves.He was crate trained but I leave him out he 2 so still young but big baby his bff is 5 pound cat.please don't think there bad breed

Oct 21, 2014
So sorry
by: Anonymous

I understand what it feels like to lose a pet to a pit bull. A pit bull killed my sweet cat and also my neighbors cat within the same week. I am so sorry for your loss, nothing can replace our sweet angel babies.

Oct 20, 2014
My dachsund Diddy was violently killed lastnight.
by: Anonymous

My dog Diddy meant the world to me. He was an awesome little guy and my best friend. I bought Diddy after returning from my second deployment from Iraq. Last night I was walking him as I usually do and all of a sudden a big black dog walked up and clamped down on to Diddy's abdomen and would not let go. I kicked that dog in the head until my leg went limp and he still would not let go of my Diddy. I could not find an emergency veterinarian clinic in my area so I had to drive my dog 30 minutes away to get him some help. I managed to get him there and they took him in the back. I received a call this morning at 3:30 am and they told me he was gone.

Oct 10, 2014
pitbull are not bad dogs some just have bad owners
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry for everyone's lost but to label pitbulls as bad dogs how can you call yourself dogs lovers instead you should say they have bad owners I have a pitbull and Daushound mix and a full blooded blue nose pitbull the pitbull is the easiest dog I have ever owned she is so well behaved and just wants to please often never barks and really friendly my Daushound pitbull mix is really friendly non aggressive but stubborn at times he pushes household boundaries escapes out of the fence and steals food and barks more often just like most Daushound my point is as an owner I know my dogs they are properly socialized with adults and children as well as other dogs I don't know I'd the dogs that attacked were trained that way (and that's the people's fault) or felt treated in some way but you can't label a whole breed my daughter was bitten by a small dog and I didn't let it make me prejudice

Oct 06, 2014
Can't imagine the sorrow you're going through
by: Charlotte

I live in a townhouse development. When I moved here, only small dogs were allowed. Now there are several pit bulls. My neighbor 2 doors away has 2 pits that her son trained for fighting. She walks them one at a time, and has a hard time controlling them. I have a small mini dachshund who is the love of my life. She's the sweetest little girl and so gentle. Every time I'm walking her, if I see the neighbor with 1 of her dogs, the dog just stares at my little girl and tries to go near her. I pick her up in my arms and head straight for home as fast as I can. I can't imagine losing her, especially in such a violent way. My heart goes out to you and your family. Hopefully time will help you heal. There should be a law about having such vicious dogs in family neighborhoods. May God bless you in your time of sorrow.

Sep 20, 2014
So so sorry
by: CQ

Wow, the updated comments are heartbreaking. I still cannot bend my fingers, but I am so, so grateful to God that my 10 year old boy is still alive. Its so unfair that this happens to anyone. I really became teary over the 9/20 comment and I am so sorry for your loss. I still have not walked my boy since the 7/14 incident and I am so distraught still over him and myself. How does one overcome this? I seriously am at a loss to understand how owners can be so nonchalant about their dogs causing serious injuries/deaths to other living beings and humans. Thanks : ) Peace to all, my truest hope.

Sep 20, 2014
Pit bull's ARE bad dogs
by: Anonymous

One of our three sheltie's was attacked and killed by a neighbors pitbull yesterday, Rocky was 10 years old and was sick with cancer. He was killed when my mother was walking him and the other dogs, the pitbull ran out of the neighbors house and went strait for the weakest dog. He died of internal bleeding 10 minutes later. RIP Rocky you are greatly missed.

Sep 16, 2014
sick everyday
by: Anonymous

My female pit ,not even a year old killed my moms 10yr old yorkie mix a little over a week ago. I am sick to my stomach everyday. My male pit didnt even get involved. My bf told me from day one of having her she wasn't right. im an animal lover but I be damned if i let a dog live after killing or attacking anyone or any animal. My female was put down shortly after. I seen it all happen and its a horrible sight to see every time i close my eyes. I still have my male and i don't blame "the breed" some animals are not meant to socialize with other animals and just like humans...., some are just not right. Suny

Sep 04, 2014
CQ Again
by: Anonymous

I still feel your pain and loss and I am totally in tune with what you went through. I have advised all my neighbors that if they have extra fence their animals are vulnerable. You had done a great service to the uninformed (Myself included) and my thoughts and prayers are with you always. Thank you for sharing your sad tale, but you make those of us who did not go through what you did or even thought that this could happen and I SO SO appreciate it. God Bless and cradle your pup.

Aug 31, 2014
My heart goes out to you
by: Charlene

Just this last Friday, my dachshund was violently attacked and killed by a neighbors pit bull. There are some thing you can never un-see. I am haunted by the memory and understand your grief. Your Sammy was a beautiful dog and my heart goes out to you for your loss.

Aug 29, 2014
by: Anonlinda hamiltonymous

Lorra this is a very very sad story I feel your pain I am also in pain I was in so much pain that I had a severe major depression and was in the hospital for 9 days and 1 hospital in L**ton and 3 weeks in the hospital in **stbrook it all started when my dog was killed by my land Lords dog I never even told him he has no clue its just a very sad situation

Aug 10, 2014
God be with you
by: Anonymous

My little dog was killed by my neighbors young pit bull. They told me he was just playing with her. I now despise pit bulls with a passion and I am an animal lover. I cry all of the time it seems like I will never get over it I feel your pain. Sammy is an Angel now watching over you.

Aug 10, 2014
so tired
by: Anonymous

so so sorry about your precious baby,I know that their running around happy and free from fear in didn't mention if your neighbor tried to make up for your loss or at least apologize

Aug 06, 2014
I understand
by: Anonymous

I understand the hurt. We just experienced it Sunday. New renter neighbors. 2 pit bulls. My dog is dead. Right in front of my eyes. Right in my back yard. I tried to help. Throwing patio chairs & potted plants.

called police-called animal services. called a PI atty. called the homeowners. the dogs will be deemed vicious and dangerous. will have to be penned at all times-neutered-and muzzled if walked.

I cant keep rehashing the violent attack but do what I can to protect myself and property.

I know how you feel. and it looks like a lot of others do also. You are not alone.

Aug 06, 2014
i am so Sorry for your loss
by: cc from

One of my neighbors Looked out of her bathroom window Only to witness the new Neighbor between us pit bulls Were charging The fence Trying to knock my cat off.I heard a scuffle in my backyard and I looked through The slats of my fence to Witness the new neighbors pit bulls mauling my cat.She told me when she first moved in that her dogs are not dangerous.My cat died at the veterinarian hospital today and I am really distraught an angry .This new neighbor also has a four month old baby in a six year old little girl.The police won't do anything about the dogs because it happened in the new neighbors backyard.The new neighbor has not bothered to apologize.But I am going to turn her into CPS As my concern greatly goes towards her children at this point.

Jul 26, 2014
I'm so sorry for you're loss 💖
by: Anonymous

Don't know how I found this site but can't believe what I've just read that's so awful horrific tragic & truly heart breaking
I too have a little dachshund she is my life my eyes well up if I ever imagine her not being with me.....I hope knowing you spoil loved cherished & truly loved you're little girl can give you some comfort you were the most loving Doggy Mummy she could of had 😇 I send you heart felt hugs & hope justice can & will be done for what happened ....
I also believe in karma so the owners will eventually experience sadness & loss then they may know you're pain
Take care & remember you're not alone others feel you're loss too X

Jul 24, 2014
by: CQ

My self and my dog were attacked by my neighbors two uncollared pit bulls that got out of their yard and attacked my Homer and myself. It was a very physical but we are alive. What is more mentally trying than anything is that they have little kids in the house. The mother could not control either pit bull at all. They are supposed to be quarantined and every day I see the blue nose pit bull at his fence barking and clawing to come get me. It is like my attacker trying to attack me every day. I am going to court next week, but I think that there are not bad dogs, just bad owners. I feel so, so sorry for you and I Hope you can find peace of mind.

Jul 23, 2014
I wholly sympathize with you
by: Jan

I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved little dog. My cat met a violent end. I had loved her and cared for her and her sister for almost seventeen years.
One night when I called her in, there was no response. I went out as planned, not worrying unduly. Still no sign of her when I came home. Next morning as soon as I awoke I went outside into the back garden to check on her. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an image I can never forget, Her lifeless body, minus her head. I was beside myself. I can only assume my neighbour is responsible as he accused my cat of 'leaving it's claw in his dog.' Nonsense.
Sadly her sister gave up the will to live soon after. I was devastated by this. Two years later I was shocked to find the collar she had been wearing.
I got no justice whatsoever for what happened to her. I despise the fact she died in such a brutal manner. She was an exceptional creature and I loved the both of them so dearly.

Jul 19, 2014
A dose of truth
by: KaD

I am very sorry for your loss

Jul 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

I'm so sad from your story , I cried . I'm so sorry for what happened. The neighbors are bad people and their dogs must be kept behind a privacy fence that surrounds a chain fence.

Thanks God it wasn't both dogs or a child or you

My neighbor's pit bull also attacked my cat. I was able to save him but he died a little later of heart failure. And you know

If my cat had say blinded their dog in self defense they would have done something bad.

Can you get a privacy fence or electric underground invisible fence?

Save your money and buy one

God bless you
Please get another dachshund and let her fill the space with new love in honor of Sammy

My cat also was sam
I wrote similar things about his death

How could all that soul be in one little body

Best wishes
God w you

Jul 18, 2014
I understand and something can be done!
by: Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen

I am so sorry you lost your doxie the way you did she was your four legged soul mate. I sadly lost one of my four greyhounds on March the seventh he was a very special lad and I miss him. However the day after my new greyhound puppy came home he is a lot like Darcy even though they are not related he is not a replacement for no one can replace another but he has helped me through the worst and darkest days with his antics lovely smile and shenanigans. I would put an extra fence up to secure my property and to protect my dogs and family the none violent pit bulls do not exist they are a sad myth created to get rid of surplus to requirement dogs not wanted for fighting for various reasons. So you are right to be afraid of them they are extremely dangerous. So a taller fence with possible electric line at the bottom top and middle is what I would put up.

Jul 18, 2014
So sorry for your loss
by: Lisa

Laura, my heart breaks for you. I cannot even imagine the pain you must be feeling from the loss of your dog for any reason, but especially such a brutal and horrendous death.

I'm so sad for you and hope that time will help heal your heart and help to get these terrible images out of your head :(

Jul 18, 2014
so sorry for the horro you ahve ahd to go through.
by: Deb

My heart goes out to you. I have a small dog and pit bulls are walked through the alley behind my house. I worry that one of the pits will drag my dog under the fence. I have purchased some bear spray and pepper spray and restructured the fence. If I had to live next door to my beloved dogs killer dont know what I would do. I would get some pepper spray or bear spray for sure. when that dogs comes near the fence spray it. I can only hope that this pit will have a short life. Hopefully your other dog will be safe. though you would be safer if a cougar or shark lived next door. Cougars and sharks only kill one person a year in the US unlike pits. If bears were killing our pets at the rate pit bulls are there would be a bounty on them. My a condolences for your loss.

Jul 17, 2014
by: Anonymous

Poor little Sammy 💖

I hope you are safe in heaven now...

R.I.P 💖💖💖

Jul 17, 2014
What to do next
by: Gwen Lebec

I can't imagine many things being more horrible or sad than what you have gone through. My sympathy and thoughts go to you.


Jul 17, 2014
by: CindyB

So sorry for the loss of your little friend. These mutants have no right to walk this earth. There are many support groups on fb and twitter that give great comfort and advice to all victims of pit bulls. Hugs to you Laura!

Jul 17, 2014
I know what you are going through
by: Jenn


I am so sorry for your loss, however I can 100% relate. Last week my little dachshund was killed by a pit bull, he was 7, I too can't get the image out of my head and now, that dog is still living there and nothing has been done about it. We are trying to raise justice and awareness but it seems like no one cares! If you would ever like to chat, I am always willing as I know what it is like and what you are feeling. Again, so sorry for your loss :(

Jul 15, 2014
What can you do?????
by: Elizabeth Glen

Dear Laura,
I,m very sorry for your loss. do something positive in memory of your little dachshund. make a donation in her name at any shelter for example. i have an autistic nephew, five years ago he connected with a neighbors little dog. she had three little dogs and decided to give one to our little David. David took his new found friend every place. last tuesday my sister and David took the little guy on a walk. and yes the three pound little guy had a leash on. my sister lives in lakewood and in a lovely town home community. some of the the units are rentals. she had a new neighbor move in but never noticed a dog. well, this crazy pit bull lunged at the patio gate breaking its latch. it put Davids dog in its ugly mouth and killed that little dog in front of David. police were called. owner got a citation. big deal. pit bulls cant be trusted. God Bless you Laura

Jun 30, 2014
My beautiful Poodle got kill by a stray dog
by: Future vet and proud dog/cat owner

I'm am so sorry for your lost. I can tell how much your dog meant to you your story made me tear up a little it brought me back to when I seen my dogs dead body. Two years ago I was getting ready for school and my brother notice our gate was open he walked out and made sure all three of my babies were outside and he came back in and said I can't find babygirl that's was her name it was about 5:30 in the morning. I woke up my mom and told her she jumped up put on her clothes and told me and my brother to wait at home just in case she came back. Mom called my phone and said I didn't find her I was not about to give up so I didn't go to school that day when my dad finally got home from work I was ready to hoop in his truck and start looking for her then he got out and said I found her so I'm like ok well where is she then he shook his head I said no no no please don't tell me what I think I could not believe it I keep on saying no your lying I I was in shocked my poor heart. A stray dog drugged my baby down the street and bit a hole in her neck and I felt bad because I let my dogs in every night and that night I had forgot to and I was sad to because she was the first dog I ever really had and her daughter one of our other dogs had to see her mom getting drugged out the gate I will never ever for get about you babygirl there's not one day I go without thinking about you I see your beautiful face every time I look at your daughter and my computer screen I will never forget about you as long as I live R.I.P little baby

Jun 29, 2014
So sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's. - Mark Twain 1899

Jun 26, 2014
not all pitbulls are bad
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry for your baby. i have a pitbull and he is completely harmless. I have another dog that's a datson and a lab mix and they don't harm eachother at all. again I'm very sorry about your dog.

Jun 23, 2014
2 pitbulls killed my lab 2 weeks ago.
by: Anonymous

I cry every day for my sweet 12 year old girl mauled by 2 Pitbulls while we were coming back from a hike in a state park. They had her half under the water broke her back leg in 5 places. All in front of my 2 and 7 year old children. The sheriff told me the same pitbulls killed another lab about 6 months ago. The dogs are just at home with their owners. My family is devastated.

Jun 22, 2014
Dachshund kill Dachshunds Too!!
by: Anonymous

I got a call from my friends daughter that their year old dachshund was dead and there was blood everywhere. They had a 7 year old dachshund that would occasionally fight with the younger one but it was getting worse over time.

This day, the 7 year old dachshund attacked the 1 year old dachshund and killed it. It basically ripped its throat apart causing it to stumble to its crate and died.

A friend of mine has a 13 year old lab who played with her brother's dog from the time they were pups. One day, the brother's dog growled and purposely blocked the lab's path to its bed. This happened a few times and finally the lab had enough and tore the other dog up. When I got there, there was blood all over the place. Both dogs were okay though. The lab had never once before bitten anyone and the other dog never acted aggressive like that.

Jun 16, 2014
not all are bad
by: proud responsible pit bull owner

I'm very sorry about your pup.

Jun 08, 2014
I understand your Grief
by: Anonymous

I lost my Beautiful, Loving rescued Maltese only after sixty two days of Loving HER, when the so called experienced dog sitter I had used twice before took my little SWEET Baby Girl unbeknownst to me to a home where two boxer dogs were and they mauled her to death. I saw her at the Vet she was taken to and kissed her goodbye. That was nine months ago and my heart still aches for her. Even though I now have another rescued Wonderful Loving Beautiful Maltese whom I adore, I still feel very sad when I think of Maggie Mae. It is the way I lost her which is so painful. I certainly empathize with you and wish you well while understanding the pain you are dealing with. May God help you heal. My best wishes to you.

Jun 06, 2014
sorry 4 ur loss
by: Anonymous

I am sorry

May 11, 2014
It happened to us also
by: Anonymous

Our 4 year old pit bull killed our 11 month old dachshund we don't know why they slept played groomed each other all the time .our pit bull never ever had a mean streak .even our cats slept with him.we looked on ground where it happened nothing on ground . what clicked in his head for him to do this??? .we put him down .so now we lost 2 of our dogs in one day.we also had another pit bull a few years back that we had to put down cause he got with our blue healer.almost to death .i love the pit bull but I will never have another one as a pet.i lost my trust for then.sorry to here about your dog .its hard when you loose a dog .they like babies to us.

May 11, 2014
by: Terr

There is no justice. The police don't care if a dog attacks a dog, don't they understand that sooner or later that dog will hurt a human. My shih tzu was attacked Wednesday, we had to put her down today from her injuries. We kept her alive for three days but she just want coming around. I can't stop seeing my dog in the pit bulls jaws. It's a real live horror story that plays off and over in my head. I'm so full of grief. There is no justice for my Daisy.

Apr 23, 2014
No Longer A Pit Bull Fan
by: Anonymous

My heart goes out to all of you who lost animals or loved ones due to bad pit bulls.

Mar 25, 2014
My 12 year old chiwawa
by: kay

My little 5 pound chiwawa was killed Sunday by a pit bull. The same thing she was yanked thru the fence and mauled by 3 pit bulls. The neighbor promised to get rid of the dogs and then changed his mind because people said she was killed on his side of the fence. These dogs have terrorized us for almost 5 years. They get out and the animal control will not come and pick them up. They told me Monday there is not a thing I can do. They pretty much have to witness the act. No wonder the term is " cop out "

Mar 18, 2014
Not Just Pits - Bull Mastiffs
by: Deron

Our beloved miniature dachshund was also killed violently less than two days ago. It happened while we were at a birthday party for a friend of our son's and the aggressive Bull Mastiffs across the yard from ours pulled our "Twinkie" under the fence and killed him. A neighbor behind the property he was killed on tried to spray the two mastiffs with a water hose to get them off our dog but he could not save him. Twinkie was only a little over a year old and was the coolest dog we have ever had. We already owned a female Staffordshire (pit) and a lab mix and we rescued two mini dachsunds from a puppy mill in South Texas. Katie and Coco (pit and lab mix) both loved Toby and Twinkie (dachsunds) and the next day we could see a piece of our fence that was practically scratched to bits and chewed on our side and Katie was limping the next day. It was clear that she tried in vain to save Twinkie by trying to chew through the fence but could not save her little buddy. We are devastated and have been crying for days. Our neighbor could have cared less and we filed a police report but have been told basically that because it happened on their property we can do nothing. Now we have to come home every day and watch that dog continue to act aggressive and practically try to attack us through the shared fence line and can do nothing about it. The neighbor doesn't even pay attention to those dogs which are his fourth and fifth by the way that we have watched him neglect for the last 7 years. We feel what you are going through and want to make sure that people understand it's not just pits - there are plenty of other breeds that are aggressive and violent - it's the owners not the dogs that have to take some sort of accountability for this but we are Sorry for your loss - we know what you are going through.

Feb 22, 2014
Neighbors pit bull killed my Pom
by: Anonymous

Wednesday my neighbors FRIENDLY pit bull came into my yard and killed my little house Pom. We had just turned him outside on his long leash. I heard the dog growling and barking so I went out and the pit bull wouldn't even let me or my husband off my porch to get my little rocky. I am terrified he will hurt one of us. I have 2 daughters one is disabled. We have complained to our neighbors before about the aggressive behavior of this dog. It killed another neighbors dog this past summer. I live in KY. I called animal control every day for the last 3 days no one has called back. I know how traumatic it is!! But what can we do?? I feel your heartbreak. Pit bulls are just killers.

Feb 21, 2014
Even Pit Bull owners know that pain
by: Anonymous

I have 3 Pit Bulls and I know how out of control they can get. It is devastating to hear a Pit Bull do such a thing. Yes they were bred to protect so they thing a mouse is as harmful as a bear, but owners that allow the dog to stay on a "loose leech" after one attack are being irresponsible. but I do believe any hint of aggression should be handled or stopped.
I am sorry for you loss. One of my baby Pit Bulls actually sneaked through the fence 3 months ago and the neighbors Jack Russell killed him. My dogs are trained to save lives in devastating areas and it hurts to know that a animal I'm so passionate about would do this over and over. That Jack Russell has taught me to blame the only cause there's many ways to train a dog correctly, but the MANY more ways to train a dog incorrectly.
Just forgive and forget! That's what dogs do. They don't live in the past. Why should we?

Feb 18, 2014
what happened to us.........
by: Robyne

over 3 months ago, we were going for a walk, and taking our maltese Gucci.. she was in her pet stroller Tethered in (thank God).. she and my husband were at the end of the driveway where the street meets. I was up by the garage door, when I saw the pit from next door charging in the 'kill' mode...knocked my husband down and tipped over the stroller, my maltese was 'screaming'.... the smell was horrible.... the pit had ahold of my dogs little harness in her mouth... I turned my shock and hysterically crying, I didn't want to see bloodshed from either my husband or my dog..... the rest is blank..... my next door neighbor came running and got the dog.... my husband of 80 was alright but so shook up.. and my little Maltese who was 8 then, had a heart attack.... now she has an enlarged heart and murmur.. 300.00 at the vet yesterday..... These land sharks need be outlawed.... I know at least 9 people who walk, have been attacked and bitten severely... I don't know how much longer my little dog will live, or if there will be more complications from the meds... We can't take her for walks anymore.. and we are afraid to go outside.. the pitbull is still next door, and charges the fence, when we take out the trash.. I cannot believe how our lives have changed since this incident.. Please people be careful.. carry bear spray if you walk and always be on the look out...

Feb 11, 2014
Your girl family pet.
by: Sunny

I pray that you can replace your last visual memory with a nice pleasant one. Our pets are a huge part of our family and they show us unconditional love. I pray peace and healing for you, hang in there that was not your fault and you are a good dog owner.

Jan 31, 2014
I know what you are going through...
by: Anonymous

Laura, I am so sorry for your loss. You are not alone. The same thing happened to me last month, but I had the misfortune of witnessing a pitbull attack both of my dogs. My dogs are Yorkie-Pomeranian mixes, no more than 10 lbs each. The pitbull was off-leash. One of my dogs died from her injuries...the pitbull went straight for her throat and shook her like a rag doll. The other one thankfully is alive, but suffered a punctured lung and fractured rib. This happened in, CA and Animal Services allowed the pitbull to go home with its owner after the attack so I am experiencing a lot of frustration with Animal Services. I am so sorry about Sammy. I don't wish this kind of loss on anyone but am thankful you shared your story.

Jan 22, 2014
I Am Devastated
by: Anonymous

I just found my neighbor's little dog after she was killed by a pit bull. I was feeding her while they were away. I am devastated. She was torn apart. My neighbors knew there was a pit bull next door but still chose to let her run loose while they were away. The owner has been notified and he is going to have it put down. This image will stay with me forever.

Jan 09, 2014
Very Sorry, Happened Here Too
by: Anonymous

Lost our beloved Dachshund mix to a pit mix Saturday. Wife walking Max, Pitt attacked from behind, zero warning or provocation. Waiting to see if owners will do anything about it.

Sorry, but there is NO place for dogs breed specifically for aggression in suburban/urban environments. Those who say it's not the Pitt's fault should go teach a beagle not to sniff.

Jan 04, 2014
I'm so very very sorry for your loss
by: Jen

Words can't express how sorry I am to hear of your family's loss of another family member. You and your family will be in my prayers.

Dec 19, 2013
pittbull kills my small friendly loving family dog
by: Anonymous

Not every family is blessed with human children, some opt for small breed companion dogs and they become family. I can't imagine ever holding or firing a firearm in real life, but protecting my life or the life of a loved family member from an unprovoked deadly or potentially devastating and/or harmful / disfiguring attack, meets legal definition of self defense.
Again as much as I dislike firearms, if one has a potentially dangerous killer in the neighborhood,then one should be better prepared than sorry. Read online the number and circumstances of the death or disfiguring and lifelong physical and emotional deep unresolvable and unrepairable forever scars left on toddlers, and adults and even on elderly people, those who paved society to keep it alive for us, and read how their sole companions and only friends get mauled.....just google the last 5 years in your quadrant of the country and see once for all the number of unnecessary harm from these instinctively aggressive killers that some homes keep...then think of being at work and getting a call that your own child or grandchild or parent or grandparent or spouse was just mauled need for these monsters in a civilized community.

Oct 10, 2013
My Guppy
by: Jessica

I was enduring marital issues and spent alot of time crying. A little 3 lb female stray chihuhua showed up at my door one day. She was an angel sent from heaven, she sat next to me while i cried and showed me compassion. I would start to cry and she would just lay there with me till i would fall asleep. Slowing my life improved while marriage of 26 years ended. It improved because of Guppy. She saved my life. That was over 3 1/2 years ago. Yesterday someone took her from our fenced back yard. We searched for her all day. Last night my nieghbor found her. Someone broke her two front arms and completly cut of her hind legs with a knife of some sort. I called the police and they took a report of this cruel act. I spent all night crying wondering who would do such a cruel thing to a defenseless little animal. She did not deserve the pain she went through. I'm still crying. I dont know how to cope with this. I advised all my neighbors since i live in a community with young children. I keep wanting to see her waddle in through the door. I will forever miss you MY LITTLE GUPPY.

Sep 12, 2013
Very sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I was walking my 4 month old border collie, Dakota, when, not 10 feet from our front door, a pit bull grabbed my puppy and started to bite him viciously. I picked up my dog, or tired to, and as I did the pit bull bit my hand and then even as I was trying to get to my front door, screaming for help, the pit kept on biting my puppy, terrifying him. We finally got in the front door, and when I tried to get in the door the pit bull kept on attacking my puppy, pulling him out of my arms and then trying to drag Dakota out by the hind leg. Finally my son came running out and kicked the pit in the head, and finally, for what seemed like an eternity, it let go of Dakota and went home. The cops came, they take pit bull attacks seriously, and it took them about 10 minutes for my weird neighbor to come to his door. When he was told Police! Open your door! He refused, but finally came out. Today, my husband went over there and took the ER bill to this guy and his response was, my dog doesnt bite! Excuse me!? Then he said its not his dog! Thank goodness there is a police report. Dakota is fine now, but I have nerve damage in my hand. What is wrong with these pit bull owners not taking responsibilty for their dogs? If you ask me, I think they should all be banned!

Aug 23, 2013
I'm so sorry for your loss
by: Lewis

2 years ago 4 days before Christmas, my dachshund, Woody, was brutally attacked by a greyhound and a whippet but fortunately survived (he was only 6 months old when it happened). I was walking him up a road with my friends to go to the local park when a man stopped and warned us about a dead cat along the road. We awkwardly thanked him for telling us this and moved along when the greyhound leapt at him, going straight for his neck.

At first, we thought they were playing until I heard Woody yelping in pain. I immediately panicked as I had no clue what to do as I was only 11. My friends ran as they could not bare to see my dog be mauled to death. I stayed and pulled his lead to try and pull him back as there was no chance I could go against something as horrid as that at my age. The collar snapped and my heart dropped, as I thought there was no hope for my poor pup, and I looked at some bushes and put my fingers in my ears as I couldn't watch my dog die. Eventually, I was filled with anger at the man, who at this point was wrestling his dogs to let my dog go, and began screaming and swearing at him. The dog dropped Woody from his jaws and I leaped to grab him. He was covered in mud and poo and was so frightened that he still thought he was being attacked so he bit me a few times. The man tied his dogs to a tree and we immediately began to check my dog for any injuries. We could only see a few until blood was seeping down his adidog hoody. We took it off and found that the inside of his neck was completely exposed. My friends ran to find help from a nearby house and got us a towel to wrap it round him.

The man drove us to the nearest vets and my parents arrived to help. We entered the vets and Woody was immediately taken to be checked. The vet said that if the dog had bit any longer than it would have killed him. The hoody had saved his life as it had created an extra layer of 'skin' for the dog to bite through. After I heard this, I broke down and couldn't look at my hurt companion so I was taken home to hear the good news of him having a full recovery.

When the collar snapped I thought that he was a goner so I have up hope. Many people have gone through this and know how it feels to be on the brink of losing all hope and having no control over what's happening but you have to try to help your companion through the times he needs you. Even if hope has gone for your best friend you still need to be there for them no matter what. They'll always be your best friend. :)

Aug 17, 2013
my running partner
by: Nessa

It's so unfair to me the way things turned out in these situations. My chihuahua/ partner Buttercup was just outside my house when a pitbull came into my property. Buttercup did his best to alert me and protect me, unfortunately he suffered the consequences ); as the pitbull attack him I screamed I was alone, no one around I knew the pitbull was not going to let him go. But I couldn't just leave my poor partner be killed... I frantically panic but what was I to do?... i always hear about pitbulls attacking people...when the owner finally passed by my house I told him, " grab your dog hes killing mine." He tried he kick his dog nothing helped. I then ran for the Water hose and finally the pitbull let go of my dog. Buttercup was doomed ): my running partner was destroyed); I was so heartbroken, nevertheless the owner of the pitbull said, " ops sorry," and ran away. I was shocked to see how people can be so irresponsible! I miss buttercup so much , I can't even work out just the though of knowing his not coming to the park with me. I feel like I could have done more ): he was a brave little soldier , because in my heart I know he wanted to protect me but it hurts to know I couldn't do the same. I hope he's in paradise, in a better place, I hope his at peace and perhaps at a park running around like he used to. In my heart he will always be, I love and miss you Buttercup! I hope we all cope with our grief and perhaps someday reunite with our doggys.

Aug 15, 2013
I would hate to see that
by: Murphey my dog

I would hate to see that my dog murphey has been with me for about 7 years.i have always kept him my little shih tzu safe he is a very sweet male shih tzu from Ireland whenever I see a big dog around I make his lead short and keep him behind me at all times but this is something else I would never thought a dog could do that.but here I read I know I don't know how you feel but I would feel depressed if murphey died ( he's here when I'm sad and happy j am so sorry

Jul 31, 2013
You can't hate ALL of something for the crimes of one
by: Anonymous

I'm very sorry to hear about your hound, and cringe at the thought of witnessing a sight like that. I don't think I'd ever stop grieving at the loss of one of my pets to an untimely death.

Jun 26, 2013
Heavy Heart :(
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend's dog (not his, as he still lives with parents, but he was the one who raised him) was killed by his mom's new pitbull yesterday. Rudy, the dog that died, was a 5 year old yorkie. He was very friendly and sweet, albeit shy. The pitbull, Lucy, had been recently adopted by his mom without her doing any research on the breed or introducing her to Rudy. The first thing I said when my boyfriend told me this was "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

He tried to convince his mom otherwise but she wouldn't budge. Thankfully, my boyfriend didn't witness the attack. But very sadly two of his younger sisters (7 and 10) did. Lucy and Rudy were playing tug-o-war as they had before, when Lucy suddenly snapped and grabbed Rudy by the neck. I do not know exactly what happened (and I don't want to) but I am sure his neck was snapped or he bled out from the bite wounds. I can't imagine the pain of watching my family dog be brutally killed, and I can't imagine how his family feels about the new dog killing the beloved family pet.

I was on the pitbull support boat, but this thread has really changed my mind. I firmly believe that pitbulls should be in a SINGLE ANIMAL household. They cannot be trusted around other animals, no matter how people friendly they are. This is also a testament to irresponsible pet ownership. His mom should have NEVER left those two unattended, but she did. As much as I know it's not Lucy's fault, I can't help but feel anger and hatred towards that dog. But I do hope she is rehomed into a RESPONSIBLE, SINGLE DOG household.

Jun 24, 2013
animal controll
by: Anonymous

where do you people live? I live in king county near Seattle. If my 20 lb min pin gets out of the fence its a 200.00 dollar fine. My 7 lb chihuahua snapped a neighbor got a 500.00 dollar fine. I can't imagine animal control ignoring obviously dangerous dogs. I now carry a knife when I walk my small dogs on leash also pepper spray.IM thinking of a gun. Were the aggressive pits unneutered males? Its my understanding that they are most aggressive. Many times these dogs have threatened my dogs at animal parks. .

Jun 16, 2013
it was so sad
by: Another modesto ca

Sorry for your loss, today I woke up eager to go to the flea market, but what I saw was a pitbull mauling a little poodle/chiwawa. the pit shook him while it held it in its mouth, I called 911 and advised the owner of the chiwawa mix to stay away and wait. The owners of the pit led it back to their house and locked the house. The street was smeared with the victims blood. What really angered me the police was more interested that the chiwawas owners didbt have a license and warned they would get a ticket.... I stayed calm, sad, angry. I cant forget that pitbull mauling a little dog on the street, the family that are trying to save their pet, the owners of the pit not arrested or their dog still free.... My heart goes to you

Jun 14, 2013
I am so sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for the loss of your dog. It is something that I have had to go through, losing an animal and I couldn't imagine seeing what you had to see.

May 25, 2013
So Sorry Friend.
by: We Are Legion

I Believe Pit bulls Are Generally More Aggressive Than Other Dogs. I Believe It Is The Owner And The Dog That Is To Blame. Mostly The Dog, But Abusive Owners Can Also Influence A Dog. But Dogs Can Also Go Violent Completely Randomly. You Never Know A Dogs Thoughts. I'm Sorry About What Happened To Sam. It's Hard, I Know. I Hope You Get Over This And Continue A Happy Life.

Apr 26, 2013
Pitbull mauled our family cat to death in front of my children :-(
by: Melissa

A woman was walking her pit bull on a leash past my home one night. Her pit bull dog seen our family cat sitting on our front porch steps enjoying the warm summer night & became so aggressive the owner could not keep this dog from lunging violently & viciously towards our Cat. It mauled and paralyzed our kitty. All of my neighbors heard the loud commotion and come out. We cried, neighbors called police and the cowardly woman ran off with her horrible dog .. she could not contain it.Our kitty was sweet and just had a litter of kittens so she was a momma cat. We loved her so much. The police came. We filed a report. The police were saddened by this. They said the dog was supposed to be muzzled . It was not. They said she'll be in great trouble if found. We never found her. Everyone was on the lookout for this woman and her dog. No one ever seen her walking it ever again. That dog was terribly scary. It could have done this to a child or anything or anyone. Not its owner like the pitbull owners always say the dogs are good with them. It's the innocent strangers that can suffer because of these Dogs. We suffered. Ill never forget it and neither will my children. Terrible. Now we are scared of dogs that are capable of this. Something needs to be done. Stricter laws and definitely a muzzle when its outdoors and being walked!!!! Definitely! Because if that dog was muzzled that would have never happened. That woman & her dog had no right to cause my family such trauma.

Apr 17, 2013
ban pitbulls & prosecute owners!
by: Laura

As a dog lover I just have to say these stories are heart-breaking. Too bad these pit bulls don't turn on their owners--maybe they'd see things differently. Pressing charges & getting restraining orders & calling animal services & Humane Society might help? Calling police & obtaining a lawyer & contacting the news/media too? How about shooting these crazed animals--once they jump your fence & enter your yard & property--oh well--too bad so sad--put pit bulls outta their misery & slap the irresponsible & selfish owners with charges--sometimes you gotta make a point. Why should innocent animals & children, babies pay with injuries & their lives.

Apr 17, 2013
So Sorry and My Yorkie Baby is threatened
by: Brenda

I'm so sorry about your loss and the trauma of seeing your Sammy the way you did. How painful it must be that the killer dog is still next door. It seems so wrong that your other dog is threatened by it. Sometimes it seems like the victim gets the raw deal when it comes to violence.
I was so moved by your story. I have a similar potentially deadly problem.

My 4 &1/2 pound Yorkie named Taz is also threatened by a neighbors pitbull dog.
The neighbor had just recently acquired a previously abused pitbull. I found out the day it climbed my fence and came into my yard after my little Taz. I grabbed her and was able to get into my house safely. The pitbull is kept chained on a run now but it stays this way 24hrs a day 7 days a week. It is not being socialized, played with nor walked. Someday the dog will get loose. It's behavior has been that it wants in my yard and wants my little Taz.

We rarely go into our back yard now and I am afraid to allow Taz out to run and play. I carry pepper spray hoping I'll be able to get to it in time and that pepper spray will work on an attacking dog. The police say that the dog has to harm someone before they can do anything.

Apr 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

Just yesterday April 15 2 HUGE Pitt bulls was circling our gates and next thing you no they broke into our back yard not only did they break into our back yard they broke In to my sisters shitzu that she got for her 16 bday kennel snatched him out and one Pitt bull at the back of him and one had his head they tugged and pulled and ripped poor denim in half ...... TRAGIC right ? Well the story not over after killing denim (shitzu) they charged too our All White boxer name snow while on her chain both attacking her at the same time snow fault back the best she could but 2 GIANT aggressive hungry Pitts against one little boxer I knew it wouldn't end good ! The dogs left the yard snow still standing walked to a corner in our back yard and before we was aware she had bleed to death !!

Snow was our millionaire dog we had her since we was around 5 & 6 years (now we are all graduates from high school) she was born from a tiger stripe boxer & a black boxer the only ALL white boxer out of the rest all black we paid 4,000 dollars for snow but it was worth it snow was the most happiest loving protecting dog ever and too see her killed really feels Like I lost my Lil sister !

Denim (male) my sister dream dog she finally got at her 16 bday party 3years ago the sweetest fluffiest happiest Lil dog ever. Just too even imagine 2 GIANT Pitts ripping a tiny little shitzu apart and chewing him to pieces. The saddest thing about it while denim was getting attacked his partner daisy (female) was inside the house with her and denim 3 week old puppies barking for denims life . Denim & Daisy was like partner and crime they was never apart they eat together sleep together get in trouble together every since we brought them together they never left each other side . Seeing daisy run around the yard looking for him was the saddest thing ever.

The problem is not only the dogs broke into our back yard , broke inside a dog kennel , killed 2 of our family dogs but another problem is we have 4 teens a 4 year old nephew & a month old niece who could have also been attacked !!!

My sister seen a girl walking down the street and ask If she had seen 2 Pitt bulls around The neighborhood the girl stated it might be her neighbors dogs well later searching for where the dogs lived come to find out that SAME girl my sister asked lied about it being their neighbor dogs they was actually HER dogs .

It's been mentioned this wasn't the first second nor third attacks from them vicious beast !!! They say Every time patrol take the dogs they just give them right back

Something should be done FAST

Apr 13, 2013
Happened to my Luke too
by: Anonymous

I am going through the same horror you went through. My little Luke was torn from my arms by a pit bull who got loose from his walker. My Luke was savaged by the pit bull. I got Luke away by biting the pit bull's nose as hard as I could. The pit bull had already bit his owner. This made the pit bull let loose for a few seconds but it grabbed Luke out of my arms again and pulled away while shaking his neck. I heard it break. Then Luke's head was crushed and one of his eyes popped out. He was dead. My little boy was barking in my arms trying to protect ME until that happened! The pre-teen walking this beast at 9:00 PM didn't know where she was nor did her mother know where she was! I heard the cell phone conversation. Why was this girl allowed out at this time of night on a school night with such a dangerous dog??? The County, FL sheriffs who arrived were bullies to my husband and me. I found out they were connected to the girl's mother. The girl didn't live anywhere near our subdivision either!!! No neighbors came out to help and the sheriffs directed those coming home away from the crime scene. This was one week ago. I cry all the time and can't get the images out of my head nor the kind and wonderful images of my baby. He was a rescue and after two years he finally felt safe. I had him years after that. I was blessed. Anyone who tries to tell me that Pit bulls can be wonderful pets better get ready to back up. The breed is inherently dangerous. Why aren't they used in abundance by canine officers in military and civilian jobs? Because the breed does have an inherent screw loose. BAN all pit bulls period. I have begun to research the internet for dangerous breeds. So far, the pit bull out flanks all other 'dangerous' dogs breeds out there. This won't bring my baby boy back nor remove the horror of that night, but thank you for listening. Don't bother to defend the breed as family pets. They aren't and many apartment corporations, HOA's , State Counties have banned them - even mixed. A man with a BEAR MACE SPRAY couldn't stop the pit bull from its chronic attack! It had to be shot for it to finally stop its savaging. Look on YouTube and see the security cameras expose pit bulls attacking service dogs with no cause, children, old women across the street, etc. Don't blame the owner. The breed is genetically hay wire dangerous. They ARE NOT PETS!!!

Apr 13, 2013
open your eyes
by: Anonymous

Drives me nuts that pitt owners are so far up there own *ss's that they don't give a crap about the kids getting killed or peoples dogs i feel so sorry for your sammy i couldn't image and too the person that said what were dog doing with his head between the fence that's probably because the pit bull pulled the poor thing and just because it barked doesn't mean that pitt had the rite too kill it for god sake wake up the way you feel about your pitt they feel about there dogs so just think about that when your pitt is attacking another dog

Apr 13, 2013
I can relate
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain. And your loss is so heartbreaking. However, reading your post, your letter of love to Sammy has really helped me! This past Sunday, my 7 year old, 5 pound yorkie poo, Duncan, was murdered by our new neighbors 2 pit bulls the police and animal services said there'd nothing they can do and no reason to file a complaint (wtf)! And the neighbor still has not apologized to me or shown remorse!!! And to find out she " saw her dogs jump the fence but figured they caught a squirrel" my heart breaks everyday bc Duncan was my life, my light, my bed buddy that slept either by my legs under the covers or between me and my boyfriends pillows. He was everything I wasn't. Or at least better than me in terms of my weaknesses. Duncan was my sweet kisses and I miss him so! I just want u to know that you have really helped me, to know ( unfortunately ) that someone else feels A robbed and B helpless and C angry as fu$"! Ughhhhh dang it!! These sweet dogs that were our family and meant so much to us deserved way better justice than what they got! A travesty for sure in US government. You and your Samdog are in my thoughts and prayers! Plz let Sammy know that my heart is up there with her and they can become best friends while they watch down on us!! Xoxo

Apr 10, 2013
My dog too was attacked by a pit bull last week
by: Anonymous


I cried and cried reading your post I had a similar incident with my wirehaired dachshund last week, I was out walking my dog on a lead and the pit bull had escaped from its yard and attacked myself and my dog. I have stitches in my knee and lots of bits to my hand. I was not going to let him take my baby he is only 1 year old. It took 4 people to get the dog off and finally the owner came and made it release otherwise I would be in your position. I still have terrible nightmares about saving my dog...its a terrible feeling, irresponsible dog owners that lack empathy worry me deeply. This dog that attacked us both is allowed to live also and I don't understand why!!! I feel your pain and I am so sorry that this happened is just not fair. I too am very anxious about other dogs and have wrapped my dog in cotton wool not sure it he will ever leave the house again. Take care and I hope your pain eases some what. ooxx

Mar 26, 2013
My Lhaso Apso/Shitzhu killed by pitbulls!!!
by: Joyce

Ohhhh gosh...there are a lot of people out there that own pitbulls....I am in so much pain from losing my docile, happy go lucky Odie to a couple of vicious pitbulls, that even though deep down I know it is wrong...I only want those owners of pitbulls who incessantly defend those brutes to bear the brunt of an attack see what pain inflicted by these horrible creatures is like.

Mar 24, 2013
had both
by: Anonymous

My pitbull lived in my house with rescued house rabbits who ran around loose. All day. While I was at work. When outside, our dog was contained by two fences, a chain link inside and stockade outside. My dachshund, which was dumped on me by a relative, kills everything he sees~ toads, baby birds~ whatever he can get. And barks incessantly while doing so. I'm glad we still have the double fence system because of the enormous German Shepherd on the other side. Having had both dogs I can tell you which one I much prefer for gentleness and quiet and that's why pits can't be routinely put down any more so than other breed.
Obviously, the violent death of an innocent pet is heartrending and you have the right to hate every pitbull on earth. My condolences.

Mar 22, 2013
by: Anonymous

What's wrong with you people!! Just because a dog barks a lot you think that justifies killing it?? If you were to have a baby that cries a lot should they be killed as well? Its very traumatizing to witness a violent attack like this. Last Friday 2 pit bulls killed my neighbors boxer, in her own backyard, without provocation! They escaped their yard simply to attack the boxer. Come to find out they've attacked a human before, yet they get to live happy as can be. What will it take for the owners to realize they have 2 very aggressive dogs, I guess after they attack a defenseless child?

Mar 14, 2013
hard-learned lesson
by: Anonymous

Why the heck was your dog sticking it's head through the fence?

I own both a long-hair dach and two pitbulls. They are all very docile, except when murdering cats, but that's nature.

Mar 05, 2013
by: Mary F.

About six years ago our dachshund died of old age and I was heart broken, I still miss him. I was going through some difficult times, including the loss of a job due to a serious chronic disease. My two remaining children left for college, and a job away from home. I found myself very alone suddenly, and then my dear constant companion suddenly left too. My world had suddenly collapsed, and I was devastated; I raised my heart to God, I had to know, I had to Know that my little puppy was safe in His arms. I needed to know that the Love that I trusted to be Eternal, held my puppy, this small creature that loved me with all that he was capable of; for that which loves, is eternal, through Him; Who is Love, and dwells in all of His creation, this I believe. So, this I asked of God, and asked that He would give me a sign, because I needed Him. Moments after this prayer left my heart a squirrel came to sit on a post a few feet from our patio door. I thought it strange for a squirrel to sit so close to our door and stare at me, and also odd since our trees were so young and small I had never seen a squirrel around our neighborhood. Remembering my puppy,I resumed my crying, loss my attention toward the squirrel as it left, and the pain in my heart resumed it's stabbing. The only thing that brought me comfort was that I imagined that my dog, the children named Prince, was sitting in our Savior's lap being petted and dwelled in joy.
Again I raised my heart to God and asked Him if the squirrel was His sign to me that animals do live on because because the Bible teaches, "and He shall RENEW the face of the earth", and again because of what I had wrote before, if He would in His Mercy send the squirrel back if that had been His sign to me. The prayer left my heart and I had laid my head of the dinner table near the patio door and a minute or so later the squirrel returned; only this time he came to the glass door. The squirrel leaned his little body against the door and stood up on his feet and took his front paws and repeatedly hit against the door as if knocking and asking to come in. First I thought I was insane, then I thought perhaps it was rabid, then I remembered my prayer moments ago!I so badly wanted to let the squirrel in and hold him as he kept knocking and scratching wanting to come in, but I knew my husband would be furious!

Love dwells eternal! I believe God answered me. We will see our little pets, and they are having fun and they posses a joy the world cannot give. I hope you find peace in this. I gave thanks to God for hearing the prayers of the unworthy, and the little squirrel left.

Mar 03, 2013
Barking dogs
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you're dogs are the reason for the attack. We live next to dachshund's and they bark all day long. They are very annoying and probably deserved the attack. Train your next dogs better and this wouldn't happen.

Mar 03, 2013
kill your neighbors dog
by: Anonymous

call the ASPCA that dog needs to be put down

Feb 09, 2013
My beautiful bunny also killed by wild animal
by: Anonymous

I understand your pain.
A little over a year ago my beloved bunny passed.
He had always made so happy, Everytime I would cry he would licks tears away, his whiskers tickling my ear. It made me laugh. Though that same laugh makes my heart hurt so badly today. Lots of us go through this. Having loved ones killed that could still be here today. The way he died was one day, he was playing around in his cage outside. The sun went down fast that day. The next morning I went outside and couldn't find him. I turn to look at his cage and screamed so loud his breaks my ears still. My sweet sweet bunny, never ever harmed anyone. The sweet little bunny that filled my heart with light on the darkest day. He lay there, pulled halfway out of the fence. His body was torn into almost two pieces. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't truly recognize him at the moment. I was shocked till I thought I wouldn't be able to even move again. I was so used to seeing my bunny, jumping around, chewing the cage for attention, but there he lay, in a way I always turned my head in thinking of. That was my bunny, that red body on the ground. Everytime I think about him I want to cry my eyes out in a room of pure darkness. And stay that way till I die. He was my first pet. My best one. I will never forget him. I was so happy that I got to meet him, and play with him, and love him. I want to thank him so much. Thank him for all the love he gave me. All the hope. Even though it was a year ago, I want cry so badly when I think of my wonderful bunny hopping in the sunshine. I love him. I love him so much. I will never forget the joy that he brought me. The courage to go on. I never was a social person, he was my only friend at the time.

So that's why I understand the pain. The wanting to cry my eyes out. The wanting to see them one last time and tell them that I am sorry I couldn't protect them. How sorry I was. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't save you. I understand that feeling of pain.

But we have to remember, it's already gone. That present is gone. And though it might be the worst feeling to think that way, this is the quote I made for him:

"Lost loved ones are like stones in my heart. But remember the heavier the load, the stronger I will become"

My bunny's name was Peter. I love him so much. Some times I go outside a talk to the clouds. I hope he was listening. To my sentences of love. For him. I will never forget the pain.

Jan 15, 2013
so sorry
by: 1directioner

I'm sure your dog is in a good place and is protecting you from above.

Jan 02, 2013
sorry for your loss
by: Mike

If it was me and that dog killed my dog. I would kill the other dog in a heartbeat.

Dec 11, 2012
Muzzle Pitbulls
by: Austen

So deeply sad and sorry for your loss....Sadly many stories of supposedly 'good natured' pit bulls attacking other dogs and people. It's NOT just the owners, that is a lame excuse and denial...this breed of dogs were bred to fight and kill, its as simple as that.... not bred as pets. They can snap into extreme violence in the most unpredictable manner, astonishing their trusting owners in the process. In the UK there were so many tragedies with this breed in particular, that it is now illegal to keep one. I say all pit bulls should be banned or at the very least be properly muzzled, by law, whenever outdoors.

Dec 07, 2012
So Sorry
by: Liz

I totally understand what you are going through. I had a little dog killed by a pack of dogs running loose in the neighborhood. These dogs were lab/pit bull mixes. I did not and will never let that change my mind on how I feel about labs or pit bulls I love all breeds. Right now I share my home with a pure pit bull, a shepard, a chihuahua, a blue heeler and 4 cats (one of them deaf). Please don't jump on the band wagon of a witch hunt on pit bulls. They are wonderful dogs but as with any large breed around smaller ones precautions must be taken when you are not familiar with the dog. Don't trust the owner to tell you the truth. My pit bull loves all dogs except intact males, and my heeler will fight any dog that doesn't live in her pack. Dogs have issues just like people but please don't dismiss the wonderful pit bull breed, most of them honestly don't want to hurt anyone or anything.

Dec 06, 2012
by: ANDY

I grieve with you. Almost 3 years ago my 6yr old dachschund(Stretch) was violently killed by a pit bull. It broke my heart. Luckily the neighbor who owned the dog had it put down and picked up the vet bill(he wasn't killed right away) his neck was broken so we had to have him put down, and that was the hardest decision my wife and I had ever had to make. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him.

Dec 03, 2012
please read...
by: alissa

i know your hurting and more negativity isnt wanted but i have to say this. i know that this is going to sound bad but just kill the other dogs... bowl of anti freeze and meat and put it "between the fence line".. seriously i know i sound like a psycho but if i ever found my dog the way you did my neighbors dog would be dead in a heart beat. honestly tho think about it people are not taught or born with the instinct to hurt a dog but if you were attacked by a dog you could easily break its neck. getting past the initial shock of "crap! dog attacking me" is the first and then being preped for a wound or two. but a dead dog in the end... sounds like a good idea.. i know its mean but i will promise you no matter what anyone says unless, you watched your neighbors beat their dog(s) for messing with yours, they never said anything but good boy. im sorry for your loss... hold the thought that feels best, for this too shall pass.

Nov 17, 2012


Nov 17, 2012
I have Loved Dachshunds all my life!.
by: Anonymous

My heart goes out to Sammy. Reading that was like getting scalded. I would never get over that nor would I want to. I came to this site to seek help with my situation. I have had dachshunds my entire life since I was born. They are truly a major part of my life. My First 2 of my own Hansel&Gretal lived to be 19. Devastated from their deaths it took some time to get before I got Biz and Dolly. Dolly died 8 mths. ago at the age of 16. Biz is 16 now and started to die from grief. I began searching for an older female not to replace Dolly but to be companions for both. I was looking for a dachshund female that just lost her owner and was in the grieving process as well. I found a pair of Black and tan the male is four and the girl is 1 1/2 yrs. old. Who's owner went to a nursing home. I brought them home and the male immediately attacked Biz my 16 yr. old. Biz never has been abused or been in a fight he did not even fight back. I immediately broke it up. I keep them separated for quit some time then slowly got them familiar with themselves. All was fine then Zena went into heat. Another fight broke out with no warning . We were in bed and Biz simply sniffed Zena. I kept Zena and Ranger separated from Biz for at least 2 weeks after her heat cycle was finished. All was just fine for a mth or so. I never left Biz alone with Ranger or Zena. If I had to go somewhere I would put them in separate buildings. A few days ago Biz and Ranger were sitting on my lap. All was wonderful then Zena wanted up as I went to lift up Zena. Ranger violently attacked Biz my 16 yr. old and had him by the eye. I fought like hell to get Ranger to let go and in the process Biz fell off my lap and was hanging in mid air by his eye screaming in excruciating pain. I stayed home in bed nursing Biz. It has now been three days and Biz has finally stop making his high pitch cry's and moaning. His swelling has gone down. Biz will be physically ok. I have had all sorts of remarks from family and friends for instance "That's what guns r for" to "getting Ranger neutered" One thing for sure I doubt I will ever Let Ranger near Biz again. I am %^ what is I had a stroke or worse? Biz would be in trouble? Ranger truly is sorry but that doesn't cut it. Ranger has his good side. He always lets me lead he won't go outside unless I go first. He loves to play on the slide. He comes to me I put him on top he slides down then runs a few circles then back to me and slides again. It is a riot to see. My #1 loyalty is with Biz. Does anyone here have any well thought out advice? If so Most people don't know what it is to love Dachshunds like I do. I was hoping somone who does might have some words of wisdom thank you and have a good day-----Larry

Nov 15, 2012
RIP Sammy
by: Debrah Nava

Laura, You story has me here crying my eyes out! It's so scary to me. And so unfair! We live on in a court and 2 new families of renters moved in and they both have pitbulls. The dogs seems nice enough but they both can't keep there dogs contained on their own properties, they are constantly getting out. I'm become so afraid to even take my 3 small dogs out for a walk from my front door. I have to bring my car inside the garage pile them in and then leave. And now I think I better put that plastic hardware cloth along the whole perimeter of my fence. I don't want to go through the pain you've been through. It would be too devastating!! I'm so sorry for the pain you and your family have endured.

Nov 11, 2012
slightly annoyed
by: Anonymous

Sorry for the loss of your Sammy. The same thing happened recently here.

To the pit bull defenders... if you think pit bulls aren't aggressive. They were bred for fighting and hunting. If they're not so aggressive why are most homes required to have liability insurance? If the owners don't even own up to anything they're just as ignorant. If a pit bull is a domesticated "pet" and it attacks on its own will then its not so domesticated and should be put down. All you pit bull lovers defend this breed for whatever stupid opinion you have, what are you going to say when a pit bull goes crazy and attacks you, another person, or another one of your pets and results in serious injury? Game on then, huh?

Nov 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your loss. But a lot of these comments are absurds. People portray human emotion on animals so much is drives me crazy. I have a pitmix and he is the sweetest dog in the world. You DON'T blame the breed, you blame the OWNER. How can someone call themselves an animal lover and hate some breeds at the same time. ANY dog can be trained to be aggressive. Big, little, any of them.

Nov 10, 2012
Neighbor's pit bull killed my puppy
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your pain. I have lived in the same house for 24 years. While walking my 120 Newfie, a pit bull ran out of a house and just attacked her. We got them apart. I spent over 200.00 getting her ear fixed. He had ripped it pretty good. Luckily she was fine. Then a week later my Saint Bernard year old puppy was out back. I had her on a tie while I ran to the store. She somehow got off, jumped the fence and the neighbor's pit bull killed her. I was gone 1 hour. Came home and my daughter found her. She was dead in the neighbor's yard. I called the animal control. They said I couldn't do anything since my dog jumped the fence. This pit bull is aggressive. I wont even let my kids use the gate on that side of the house because the pit jumps over the top of the chain length fence. While my kids play outside, I carry my 9 mm. Just in case the dog does make it over. They owners are gone all day 6 am to 11 pm. I don't even know why they have dogs. They have a smaller dog in with the pit. I just know its going to be killed next. I use to like pit bulls. But its either the owners or the dogs or both. I am moving this month and am sorry for whoever buys my house.

Nov 08, 2012
dangerous dogs
by: cathy mottAnonymous

its about territory clash over clan territory thats all little dogs bark louder cause they know....the dangers watch your nieghbors an thier dogs closely do they "egg" thier dogs on?they are showing thier dogs to expand thier bounderies turn them in for anything illegal show them "your" bounderies good luck

Nov 03, 2012
Double Standard
by: Anonymous

How can you people say you can't blame the breed and then turn around and blame "the little dogs" for being aggressive, or the chow or whatever, sounds like a double standard to me. I have seen very young pit bull puppies fighting, just a few weeks old and already at it, for the most part they are very destructive and aggressive dogs who like to fight. I know there are nice ones and not so nice ones, I've met both and I don't like or trust them. I'm no stranger to powerful aggressive dogs, I have Akitas and my old girl would just as soon kill another dog as look at it. Did she ever harm another dog, no, because I was always very careful with her. My new girl is not aggressive, am I careful with her too, you bet. The bottom line is dogs are dogs and if people want to own strong aggressive ones, they need to be extra responsible with them. They are not humans or babies, even though we want to believe they are, they are animals and animals are unpredictable and if you want to own a large, powerful aggressive breed of dog, you need to be extra responsible or pay the consequences. I have had Shepherds, Rotties, a Dane and a Mastiff before my Akitas and never had an issue because I am ever vigilant

Nov 03, 2012
Hard to find compassion...
by: Anonymous

I'm very sorry for all those who have lost their loved ones for any reason.
Just yesterday, I pried my cat from the jaws of the downstairs pit bull. It is very lucky that I took the day off, as I'm certainly the only one here strong enough to have opened her jaws. "Tinker" is healing here beside me now, a very lucky & expensive cat (multiple surgeries later). My hand is a mess, and so is my girlfriends, as she was involved first before I came running. She chased my cat down and cornered her at our front door; the gate was left open. But to my point. I know the dog is sweet and wonderful, but we also know that she is an animal killer. And I also know that the owner is a lazy passive-aggressive, insecure man who should not own a pit bull. On a regular basis, we harass him to take her for walks, to no avail. So, I'm a major animal lover, but I'm wondering now what the solution is. I'd put the human down before the dog if given the opportunity, but that's obviously not an option. Maybe a requirement for psych assessment prior to ownership? Maybe a no more breeding law to allow numbers to phase out? I'm not sure what the answer is, but I don't think killing any other animal is ever a solution; that mentality springs directly from fear and hatred. I hope we can find an answer out of compassion rather than hatred.
For all of you out there healing, heal with love and compassion.

Nov 02, 2012
im sorry
by: open minded

Hello, I am very to hear about your loss. My parents have two Dachsund's and they too would be devastated if something were to happen. Although I would like to make aware that their are still responsible pit bull owners that exist with myself included. I have a loving male pit bull who is fully insured. He listens on command and always has a leash on when we are out and about. I receive countless amounts of compliments for his behavior. Do i trust him around other humans? Absolutely. other dogs? yes. Would i Leave him unattended? Absolutely not! My point being is that as long as you are a responsible owner than nothing will occur. I could only ask that rather then calling them "beasts" or "killers" that you should really take the time to get to know them. You the society are giving them the bad name! Sure there are owners that breed them to do the wrong thing! But that does not mean they are all like that!

Oct 23, 2012

by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your lost, I'm a animal lover too. It's definitely not the dogs fault... Dogs learn from us they are like a baby and absorb everything they see... if they were trained to fight, then that's naturally what they do. They just want to make us happy... that's all. I have a blue nose pit bull named Maya, and she's such a friendly dog! She's even scared to bark at the other dogs who bark at her... she's scared of a little tiny Chihuahua pup that barks at her from the other side of the fence. I've taught my pitbull to not bite, or bark... it's just the stupid idiot owners... Either way my heart goes out to you all who lost your dogs so tragically and I hope nobody has to go through it... please keep your pets supervised so nothing happens to them!

Oct 22, 2012
So Wrong!
by: Brynn

My chihuahua was murdered 3 days ago by a neighbors Pittbull. I was bringing in groceries. I opened the front door to get more bags from the car. There was a loose Pittbull at my front door. In a split second she longed INSIDE my house and grabbed my chihuahua. There was no sniffing first or postering...just grabbed her! I had a hold of the Pitt and I was trying so hard to pry its mouth open, as was one of my daughters. My other daughter started kicking the dog in the stomach. My husband was trying to get our gun out of the safe. After what seemed to be an eternity it finally released. My 3 pound chihuahua was limp but still alive. My daughter rushed her to the vet. They got her tubed and an Iv started but she died on the table.

I have multiple bite wounds on my hands and my other daughter has one bite wound. I also have soft tissue damage to my thumb.

The scariest part is my grand baby was just inside the door on the other side of a baby gate. God forbid that dog grabbed her instead!

I used to be one of those people who was a pitt supporter. My eyes are open. That dog let go of my Isabel and wagged her tail. She enjoyed killing her!

You people who say the little dog instigated it are wrong! Isabel didn't even know the dog was there until it was killing her. Shame on you people who condone this by saying it is not the breed. Of course it is!

Oct 19, 2012
the pain
by: leslie

laura, two days ago [i cant put the horror down ]but this is the saddest part of my life what else is there to say.except we share a emotion undescrible

Oct 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

That truly is a horrible thing to happen and I'm truly sorry. But I'm so sick of people talking so badly about pitbulls. It could have been any breed of dog that could have done that. Maybe you need to have a better watch on your dogs knowing that there are other dogs on the other side of the fence, for your dogs safety and their dogs safety. Just because the dog may have done a horrible thing, doesn't make him a bad dog or a monster. You never know what the dog has gone through and why he is to act that way to another animal. So that makes him deserve to be put down? Please. Never trust any dog with your own dog without your supervision. Even if there is a fence to separate them.

Oct 07, 2012
Bad Dog
by: Corby

No such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners. Some dogs are more prone to violence but no dog is a lost cause and pitbulls are no different.

Sep 23, 2012
words are not enough
by: Anonymous

may the lord keep your loved one and may you be comforted

Sep 21, 2012
"Dont cry because its over. Smile because she loved you"
by: Marion from Ireland

Hi and so sorry for your loss. I,m the owner of Marley a little minature Dacshund. Now there are 2 sides to this as with all stories. Ist Marley can be very cross and drives my hubby mad. He has also bitten him and our 16 year old daughter, not deep bites but still not acceptable behaviour! 2nd its the strenght of the pit bull that concers me as its pretty easy to stop a small dog as they are usually light and more managable if they become agressive.I,m quite shocked that these fierce large dogs are still considered to be safe domestic pets by some people! I was under the impression only gangsters/criminals kept these dogs for fighting and to keep police away!I,m very blessed that we dont have any in our area and long may it continue that way. I have noticed they are a big thing in the tough social housing areas so it makes me wonder why these people have so many?Do they reflect the personality of their owners?Do people feel safer with these dogs? If this is true then they must be dangerous and should not be allowed as domestic pets. Hope you feel better soon, time heals and people move on. It was dreadfull but try and rem the good times and all the love you gave her. She had a great life with you, lots of dogs dont ever get to feel that love sadly.I,ve recently lost my uncle to Cancer, it was long and painfull.At least the little pet did not suffer for long if thats any consolation. Love Marion.I,ll be thinking of youxxxxx

Sep 15, 2012
Chihuaha puppy neck broken
by: Anonymous

My chihuaha puppy, Peanut, was murdered last night by boyfriends moms 75 lb people and "dog friendly " pitbull . This pitbull has started growling at our other digs, snaps at us like an alligator and bit his mother. Peanut was coming downstairs to get love this monster grabbed him by the neck and killed him. This monster is still in the house, the mother and stepfather are protecting it. But you know what they say, you have to sleep sometime. I will take him and have him put down. There is no other solution. I have 4 other pits, NONE have ever behaved this way. So you teary-eyed pit rescue nuts keep your pieholes shut!

Sep 11, 2012
Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine finding my dog headless because it was pulled through the fence by another dog. Anyone would have difficulty dealing with such a horrendously bloody scene and the loss of a dear pet. The only comfort would be that it was not a child who was the victim.
I hate Pit Bulls at this point as my neighbor owns one that they leave out for 9-10 hours per day. We have a 6ft wooden privacy fence that their dog has broken 7 times trying to get me and my dogs, a ministure Schnauzer and a rescued Black Lab. I have talked and talked to the owners but they say it is my fault because I'm afraid of the dog! This has gone on for 3 1/2 years and now I am at the end of my rope as I cannot use my backyard AT ALL!!! He attacks the fence even when I'm on my deck. This is crazy so I am fortifying the fence with cattle fencing and barbed wire....Let the demonic beast push a board out and he will get razor cut. He deserves it. He bit a man on the arm and leg and ripped the man's jacket off and chewed it to shreds....Why am I afraid of the dog? Because ITS behavior is violent. Do you know how much strength it takes to break down a sound 6ft wooden privacy fence? My neighbors are the most ignorant retarded people I've ever had the misfortune of living next to....I can't let my grandchildren in the backyard to play because of this beast. If it breaks though again I will shoot to kill...Nuff said.

Sep 04, 2012
Do some reaserch please
by: Anonymous

Umm no they dident go into pack mode!! Everyone knows small dogs are large dog aggressive more times than not and challanged the larger dog through the fence and they fought. Its a major flaw in small dogs. My neibors have a bischion frise that attacks my male pit all the time but because its a female the pit pays it no mind. just one bark and she will flee without incident. If it was a male it would be much different. But I very sorry to hear that. Just one thing when the small dog shows aggression tward other dogs do you correct it. Of course not no one with a small dog does and when a smaller dog gets bit they blame it on the large dog. Some of the most aggressive dogs are small dogs under 15 pounds (google it)but who is going to call the cops on a 5 pound dog. Well again no one. this is for everyone with a small dog . Please disapline your dogs or leave them home.Pits dont start alot of trouble but they will most certinaly finish it. I have had pits for many years and never 1 fight EVER. I would bet the pink slip of my 1957 chevy bel-air the smaller dog was acting aggressivly toward the pit and the male pit was protecting himself and his family from what he thought was an aggressive animal reguardless of size. Hostility is hostility to a pit no matter the source.

Aug 25, 2012
by: Anonymous


Aug 25, 2012
I have all 4 dashounds
by: pam w

my heart is so broken,we left the dogs 4 dashounds daisy was 10 skeeter and rosy are 3 and molly will be 1 in nov, in the house for 2 hours while we went to the grocery store cause it was very hot out side and the 3 young ones tore the old one to death, I just cleaned blood for an hour after I wrapped my daisy in a blanket and put her in her bed so she can be laid to rest, my husband wants to kill all 3 of the others and told me I must get rid of them or he will. please say a few prayers for us right now these 4 dashounds are like my kids, i had to stop him awhile ago, and the dogs are hiding under the shed, my heart is breaking right now. daisy was an old dog and had a lot of health issues. so I am not sure if that is why they killed her or not.

Aug 15, 2012

by: Anonymous

I am sorry to hear about your loss, that must have been a terrible experience, poor little thing.

I am the owner of an American Pitbull Terrier. I got her when she was just 9 weeks old and she's been living in a house with 3 Shih-Tzu's, an Airedale Terrier, a cat... and a toddler for that matter, and she has never shown aggression towards any of them. She does annoy my two little girl Shih-Tzu's and cat (she lays on them, walks over them, gets in the way of the attention they get)but that's as bad as it gets. The Airedale and her are bestfriends and even my little boy Shih-Tzu enjoys playing with her & she's so gentle with him. She absolutely adores my 2 year old neice and would her get away with anything, including taking her bone right out of her mouth.

Pitbulls were bred to be fighters, they are generally dog aggressive, espeically towards unfimiliar dogs. The puppy was just doing what nature told it to do. Dog aggression, however, does not mean that Pitbulls will be people agressive, because most aren't. Even the ones who have been abused and fought are normally not aggressive towards humans.

Jul 31, 2012
by: Anonymous


Jul 31, 2012
by: Darren

You people are rediculous, I can tell you why. For one, everyone is aiming at the "pitbull" as the aggressor. So does that mean if someone assaults you or "talks trash", points a gun at you, etc etc. they shouldn't be taken seriously cause he/she is smaller than you? I own a pitbull and she is probably the friendliest, more so than my mini daschund as he has snipped at my daughters and sons friends on multiple occasions. So tell me, a pitbull that I own wets the floor with excitement when she meets new people or a KNOWN aggressive dog (Doxie) snipping at children and the pitbull when she was younger. He still does when in a kennel and she comes up near it. Of course he tries it when outside but she snaps back without harming him. Which is more aggressive? The fact that the pitbull killed a doxie is not surprising, kinda like Mike Tyson fighting a 95 pounder. BTW Doxies are the number 1, lemme rephrase #1 most AGGRESSIVE breed bar none.Another question, sry for your loss, but who, leaves neighbor dogs (unknown how they are) seperated by only a chain link fence? What if it was a Rottweiler next door? Bet same outcome!! I know Doxies and their aggressiveness.

Jul 13, 2012
by: Maverick Coates

This world we live in is full of horseshit, and 99 percent of that horseshit is human scum. The other 1 percent is actual horseshit. Stories like this infuriate me. Nobody, or no dog I should say, wins in a situation like this. I am terribly sorry to read about Sammy. I don't believe anything should be done to the pitbull as its truly not the dogs fault cause it knows not what it did. BUT it's owner, I applaud the person that strikes them down with a single round from a 45 caliber pistol. It's bad that I sound this angry and hateful, I'm just tired of coming across instances like these. I have my own pack of dogs and it would kill me inside out to have this happen. I honestly can't tell you how to cope with what happened but know that I will pray for you and hopefully you find the strength to keep moving forward through this tragedy.

May 16, 2012
You people are idiots
by: Anonymous

Are you seriously going to blame the woman's dead dog for "starting" it? I believe you shouldn't blame the breed however I don't see how her dog can "start" it through a fence. You pitbull people go way overboard with my dog is great mentality. Dogs bark at other dogs. It happens. Not all dogs die from barking at another dog. Maybe your precious pitbull isn't as precious as you thought so you blame everyone else but yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself. This woman is grieving and doesn't need a jerk like you to make her feel worse.

May 06, 2012
by: Anonymous


Apr 19, 2012
chihuahua murdered
by: kim

I feel your pain. I lost my chihuahua yesterday to my neighbors pit. I am devastated. The pit jumped the fence into my backyard and killed my first baby Reeci. I called animal control. They came out but didnt do anything. Im going to sue the neighbor. Will I ever get over this pain? How can I get his dog pit down? Pit bulls are dangerous and I wished theu didnt even exist!

Apr 05, 2012
to lewis the pitbull owner
by: Anonymous

very very very likely the chow chow started it. chows are not nice dogs. in my entire life i have met one that didnt lung at me and try to bite my face off. i cant really say one breed is bad because i hate when people do that to pitbulls. but pits are born good, chows on the other hand chows are born with a small if not large devil inside.A chow chow attack me when i walked out of my house to take out the trash. all i did was ask the lady if i could pet him and lunge she lost the leash and he grabbed my arm. couldnt get the dog off so i called screamed for my girlfriend and mom to let my dog out. hoping that she would maby bite the chow hard enough or hold it down so i could get free. not what happen, i watched her run out the door through the yard looking like someone slapped her momma. she grabbed the under his neck from a jump. the momentum made my dog and the chow role around a few times. nala my pitbull some how broke the other dogs neck. and yes i still sued. its one thing for a dog to bite another dog but when i dog bites a person it needs to be put down and someone needs to pay and learn there lesson. i am a firm believer that ever dog that bites a person should be put down. pitbulls were bred to not bite people ever, so yes i believe that if one bites a person it should be put down. unless the dog was protecting it person or property. but pitbulls are not a guardian breed. ask any dog trainer. pits dont make good guard dogs they love people to much. the are good at bite work and stuff like that because they are so smart and love to please thier master not because they are bred for it. it takes work to make a pit bite a person when told to. not like a gsd or akita that will just do it because its hard wired into them.

Apr 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

sounds to me like your dog might have started it. your dogs breed are responible for far more human and dog bits than pitbulls. infact they are the number 1 most likely breed to bite you and consider to be one of the most aggressive. ive been bitten dachshunds chow chows and gsd but never a pitbull. never even met a human aggressive pitbull. yes they can be aggressive with other animals but unless they are really abused and or train to bite they never will. i do own a pitbull and if a dog was barking at her aggressively like your dog was most likly doing im sure she would bite. sounds like you didnt really take alot of time training your dog either. "ruler of the house" im surprised your dog never bit anyone in your home. train your animals people even if its not very big. dachunds are the most aggressive breed or dog next to the chow. if gangsters had chows and giant dachunds everyone in the world would be dead. pitbulls are bred to be loving with people. i can pull my dogs tail pick her up and put her on my back, hold her like a baby and pull her ears if i want. and if kept around a dog she will love and play with and not get aggressive. she not to keen on dogs she doesnt know but she loves the ones she lives with. dont hate all pitbulls because one illed your dog. a dachund bit me and when i pulled it off my niece at a play ground. and i dont hate them all just the untrained dominant ones. make your other dogs submit to you please.

Mar 29, 2012
by: Anonymous


Mar 29, 2012
So sorry. I have a bad story with pit bulls too
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. My mom has been very sick for years. She has 3 cats that are her babies...her companions...her world. She went to the doctor yesterday and while she was gone 2 pit bulls came in her doggy door and killed all of her cats! She is so distraught over this. I want to find those dogs and kill them!!!

I am sorry for the pain you have gone thru. You are not alone. My mom is a mess and this is not good for her health.

I feel so sad, heartbroken and sick to my stomach over this.

I wish you peace!

Mar 12, 2012


Mar 07, 2012
Not Right.
by: Anonymous

Hello, I came across this story and it has deeply troubled me. Me dad was merely bitten on the hand about 3 yrs. ago the neighbor's dog. He reported it, and had the option of putting the dog down. He didn't, because he, like you is a true animal lover. However, your neighbor is damn lucky you don't sue her. I'm not one for revenge, but having just one doxie of my own, I literally cant even imagine the pain. I don't know if it's too late, but seriously, the animal protection agency or whatever they're called can ensure your other pets and family are safe. I'm not trying to encourage putting him down (specifically), but thats not right! Keep being strong. We let my dog out everyday on her own in the back yard. So does pretty much all dog owners, so don't think its your fault! They know it's not too ... Best of luck, and may your beautiful dog RIP in doxie-heaven.

Mar 07, 2012
pit owner
by: Lewis

let me just say I am very sorry for your lose. I own a pitbull myself and do to serving in the air force I had to leave her with my mother temporarily, well she got out and ending up getting in a fight and killing my mother neighbors chow chow, she has never shown any aggression towards other dogs, hell she doesn't even bark, but my neighbors dog is dead and I am truly sorry and completely willing to buy my neighbor a new dog whether my Luna was provoked or not, she's also going to obedience class. I know that won't replace a lost pet but I'm hoping my neighbor can forgive me and Luna

Mar 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

You are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome and MUST get professional counseling. If you can't afford it, go to the local mental health society, I had to do this years ago because if a car accident and where-AS it does not cure all the pain, it puts it in perspective.

Hope that helps

Mar 03, 2012
My condolences
by: JR

Seriously, I would probably rip my neighbor's pitbull's head off if this happened to my little doxie. In fact, I would rip my effing neighbor's head off too. I would be in jail. I can not even imagine. Please please please accept my heartfelt condolences.

Feb 21, 2012
Sad loss
by: D. Atenborough

Hi, I am saddened by your great loss.
it must have been terrible for you.

i do hope grieving will one day be over

Feb 21, 2012
I'm terribly sorry for your loss.
by: Jenn

I found your story while I was looking for options for my own situation. First I want to say that I am so sorry for your loss and it makes me sick that nothing was done about it. You deserve better than that. But here's my situation, my neighbors have two large pits (among other dogs) and they just recently got a fence around their property. Before that, they would just let their dogs roam around the neighborhood. They think that they are great people because they foster dogs and cats, which I agree is a great thing to do. But the problem is that they never play with or socialize the dogs. All they do is let them outside to run around their now fenced yard. Those dogs bark constantly and they ignore it. I've called the police to ask what options I have but they told me they couldn't do anything. I have been over their house before and the dogs were fine most of the time. But the last time I was there one of the pits put its paws up on my lap and growled in my face. It was so scary and random. Getting no exercise except roaming the not very big yard, can't be good for them. I'm not sure what to do but if they ever get out I'm so scared that they'll attack my dog or me. I'm also worried about the other pets that are couped up in that house with those pits. I'm really just venting here but I'm worried. And if those careless owners let those pits hurt any other animal or person, I hope the justice system won't fail me as it has failed you.
Sending my love and prayers for your loss. I hope you can find the closure you need <3

Feb 07, 2012
Love Dachshunds Hate Pits
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my beloved dachshund almost 3 years ago to kidney failure, and it still makes me sad when I think of the loss. I had mine for 14 years and still think of her when I let me new one outside at times. Don't get me wrong I love my new one, but I still mourn for what had become my best friend. I am thankful her death was not as horrific as what you described, but the hurt of the empty bed is the same. I believe mine is running and playing now as she did when she was young, I hope she meets your Sammy up there so they can run, jump, bark, and play together.

Bless you,

Dec 12, 2011
My best friend
by: Anonymous

Abbie was my best friend- a 4 1/2 lb. black poodle, 3 years old. My neighbors pit bull attacked her and shook her to death. She went almost everywhere I went, slept with me and got the last little bit of food from my plate along with her dog food. She got her treats every morning and played ball on and off every day all day. She slept with me every night. I don't care what anyone says about pits, they are dangerous animals, it is in their genes and they should all be put down. I don't know if I will ever get over the sight that I saw as that vicious dog took her from me. It could have just as easily been an infant. Pit bulls are horrible and should be euthanized-all of them.

Dec 05, 2011
not just small dogs fall victim to pit bulls
by: Danica

My 80 lb german shepherd mix was killed by a pit bull. A friend's horse was killed a pit bull. There is no place in a civilized society for this beast.
I am so sorry for your loss Laura. I am so sorry that there are so many victims of this vicious creature.

Dec 05, 2011
So sorry for your loss
by: Julie

I'm sorry to read what was the murder of your family member. There is always that "spot" where it happened, and it doesn't seem as any amount of tears ever washes it away. This also happened to my dog, a much larger Chow/Lab cross, an imposing and "dangerous" breed himself, who was attacked by a pit bull who escaped from his home to ram itself through my wrought iron gate.

In the memory of your, do what you can to make the owner of the pit bull pay restitutions, and report every unsafe and cruel situation you see. I don't know whether pit bulls should be banned or not, but I would like to see these dogs taken out of incapable hands, and that's the sort of person who thinks that they are "just dogs". They are not "just dogs", they are inherently dangerous and must never be allowed to escape their enclosures. Too often, it happens and not just our family pets are injured or killed, but human lives.

God Bless you.

Dec 04, 2011
Pits are the pits
by: Anonymous

My neighbor keeps her pitbulls in a separate room and her cats in the basement. That is not normal and neither are pitbulls. I would put your hurt and anger to constructive use and get involved with an advocacy group for victims like so your dog did not die in vane and you don't have to face this with your other dogs. You will learn that unfortunately many people have had their dogs victimized by pitbulls in their own yards or while on walks. Others have themselves been attacked. This dog breed attacks more often and is more dangerous than other breeds as it doesn't bite and release, it mauls more like a wild animal. Many people with similar stories can be be found on facebook page too so you can learn how they handled the attack emotionally and legally. They have a lot of support there for you. I hope you can recover from this needless tragedy and I hope the offending pitbull is put down so you don't have to worry about this. If not they must put up their own fencing, at the very least, that doesn't allow the dog to attack yours.

Dec 04, 2011
Prevention is key
by: Anonymous

Do not listen to those that try to say it is not the breed but the owners, those that try to turn your tragedy into a forum to spout how pit bulls are discriminated against. When people are allowed to own genetically aggressive dogs created for the purpose of fighting, there will always be other people's pets and children getting hurt by those dogs. Protect yourself and your other dogs - all it takes is some sugar free gum that contains Xylitol thrown over the fence.

Nov 12, 2011
Time heals all wounds
by: Dog lover forever

I'm horrified by your loss. I can' t imagine finding any of my dogs like that. Never forget her. You are a better person for having her in your life. Please don't let this harden your heart for pit bulls. Their behavior has a great deal with how their owners raise them. I love the breed. I would question the type of neighbors you have if their dog was that way. Dogs are like kids. If you raise them with love they will learn to love. If you raise them abusively they will become abusive. May God be with you in your time of grief. May he lift your heavy burden. May Sam Dog's spirit live forever in your mind and heart.

Nov 09, 2011
sorry for your loss, my little guy and best friend was killed by my husbands dog
by: Anonymous

Every night I go and make his bed, it made me so happy to see he would get excited and then lie on his bed, the next day he would rip it off and wait for me to make it again. I loved him so much. He was two years old. One night I went to see him and found him dead, he had escaped from his kennel and climbed into the other with the mastiff. We were not home at the time and I came home and went to make his bed and found him dead. So devastated, hurt and so empty. I lost my best friend and I can't accept it and having real trouble coping. I have lost dogs before to old age and nothing beats the pain of losing a dog to another dog. I am so upset and sad, I miss him terrible, all the things he did that were annoying I now miss those the most. In the bible it does not really talk about animals and spirits but I believe they do. One day little man I will be able to kiss you and hug you and make your bed again. Love you so much for ever, you will never be forgotten.

Oct 02, 2011
HotDogs in my Heart
by: Punisher22

Laura your story touched my heart and I hope u can find piece in your heart knowing Sammie is your angel now until you see her again,I too own a Dashund and he is my world if anything were to happend to him Id go crazy,he too is my little foot heater,guard dog along with his Pit/Lab brother they are the best! My Grandparents had the same thing happen to their Poodle but this pit had already killed a German Shepard prior to killing the Poodle but this Pit would jump the fence do his dirty work and jump back but after the second killing they destroyed him if only more people would be aware of there animals (especially if they have an aggresive breed)maybe chaining them up or putting a muzzle on them so situations like this could be avoided,I think now your neighbor should be at least keeping his animal on a chain because if this happens again I believe by law his Pit will be destroyed,my thoughts n prayers go out to you and yours.

Sep 22, 2011
I'm devastated for you and your loss
by: Vivienne

I read your story this morning before going to work, and cried all the way there. I felt melancholic all day but couldn't place why. Then on the way home I remembered the story of Sammy again and felt devastated all over again.

You see, we have 2 little miniature dachshunds ourselves - a brother and sister we adopted a few years ago. Like Sammy, they are the absolute center of our lives. Everything revolves around them, and in return, they give us so much love and joy and let us know every single day that they love us.

I ABSOLUTELY cannot imagine life without them, so to try and comprehend what you are going through is unfathomable for me. Especially considering how it happened and the way it happened, and the fact that the guilty parties are going on with their lives oblivious to the horror they caused.

I don't even know where to begin in expressing my sympathy and sadness for you. Before my 2 dachshunds came along, I didn't care much for dogs. But they have changed my life so drastically and changed my mind so completely about dogs, that I am now seriously considering setting up my own dog rescue.

That was the powerful effect our 2 dachshunds have had on our lives.

My heart breaks for you and Sammy over and over again. You must take comfort in the knowledge that you loved her with everything you had, and she knew it. She knew that it wasn't your fault, and that you would have saved her if you could have. She had a good life with you, and was loved so much. I think that's all any dog wants - to be loved and to be treasured. Just like any human.

The legacy that Sammy leaves is that other dachshunds and other small dogs will be saved and protected.

I for one never ever thought that there was any real danger of our babies being killed by other dogs, let alone other big dogs in the family (as another writer mentioned which was also heartbreaking).

Mine like to go up to the big dogs at the park sometimes, and although I am always wary, I never ever thought that a big dog would actually attack, and that it would take seconds to do permanent damage.

I also never thought that other dogs would actually jump over the fence into someone else's backyard and attack the pets who live there. It's a terrible thing, and something I will now never ever forget and be extra vigilant about.

This is the legacy that the beautiful Sammy has left - that other little dachshunds and other dogs who are vulnerable to vicious animals will be saved.

Keeping you and your family and, of course, the beautiful Sammy in our thoughts and prayers always - may you find peace and comfort in your memories of her time with you xx

Sep 21, 2011
pitbull killed familly pet
by: vi

My cat Meowy-kitty (my sister named her) was killed by two pitbulls. I had come home from school two find that there where two dogs in the backyard and that they had attacked our beloved kitty. My brother called animal control but the guy just let them loose and i dont know if he caught them. i put meowy in a box so my little sister would not see how badly meowy had been mauled.

Aug 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Dangerous breeds
by: Anonymous

Absolutely no place for them in society. Big dogs = small man

The only kind of dogs I have ever been bitten by was a chiwawa (spelled wrong) and yorkie. Little dogs are usually more aggressive than big dogs because of how much owners spoil them and think its cute when they go after someones ankles.

However I agree that some people do own big dogs and think they wouldnt hurt a flea but that same dog growled at me and would probably have attacked if not for the owner. The Irony is the owner was talking about how pitbulls are stereotyped and how not all of them are bad.

Jul 12, 2011
My mums Chihuaua was killed today by a pitbull.
by: Barry, Sacramento.

I am sorry for your loss as I am for my mothers. We all loved Yankee a 3 lb Chihuaua with all of our hearts. This is a crushing blow that we will never ever get over. My mother is destroyed inside and I'm crying for her. The neighbors pitbull got out and jumped my mothers fence where he got our poor Yankee who never stood even the slightest chance. We miss him and love him so much.

Although I don't blame the Pitbull I do feel that they should be kept by responsible owners in the highest regard for others safety. This is a tragedy that did not need to happen and the owners should be held accountable for the dogs they choose to keep. Penalties should be much harder.

I hope your dogs life will live in your memory forever as I know Yankees will live in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

Mar 30, 2011
Diego's First Attack
by: Mariah

Deigo's First Attack-
It Was Cold That Day And Calling For Alot Of Snow. My First Love That I Was With For A Very Long Time Broke Up With Me And Left. I Was Histarical With Him Being My First Love And Everything. So I Went To Go Get My 1 1/2 Year Old Female Pit Ladie. She Brightens My Days When Im Upset. I Let ladie Lose As I Had Done So Many Times Before. We Had Four Cats Then. Oliver, Tigger, Patches And Cali. Our Other Two Pits, Deigo and Cena Were Already Lose. Instead Of Going To The Door She Went Under The House. (We Live In A Mobile Home.) We Have Siding Up But In The Back There Are A Few Holes. Deigo And Cena Fallowed her Under. She Sun Was Going Down And Began Snowing Madly. I Went Inside Got The Spot Light And Was Shining It Under The House. I Would Call Ladie's Name But She Would Ignore Me. Insalation Was Torn Down From Where The Cats Had Torn It To Sleep In It Or Get Into The Vents. (Our House Is Very Old.) All Three Pits Would Pull There Upper Half inside Of It And Sniff Around Like They Were Looking For Something. I Went On Calling For Ladie. i Heard Cali And Tigger Hissing And Running And The Dogs Fallowed. Tigger Ran Out From Under The House And I Grabbed Her Throwing Her Inside. I Also Put Oliver In. I Went Back Out And Shined The Spot Light Under The House Again And Deigo Had Cali's Back End In His Massive Jaws. She Was Clinging Onto The Insalation For Her Life But He Had Her. I Dropped The Spot Light And Stood Up Screaming Mom As Loud As I Could She Came Running Out And I Told Her What Was Happening. After The Dogs Came Out I Managed To Find Ways To Rig There Ropes And Tie Them All Back Up. We Had All The Cats Inside But Couldnt Find Cali. I Was So Upset. My Mom Crawled Under The House That Night After My Brothers Had Went To Sleep And Found Cali In The Far Corner Of The House. She Was Dead. We Couldnt Find Any Blood So We Figured He Broke Her Neck.

Mar 30, 2011
That Happened To Me Today.
by: Mariah

I Was Getting Ready For School. I Had Just Got Done Getting Dressed And Walked From My Room Into The Kitchen. I Did What I Did Every Morning. Made A Bowl Of Cereal And Went To Share It With My 2year old twin Brothers. My Grandma's Pom Had Pulled Away From Her Hands As She Went Outside To Put Him On His Chain. (My Grandma Is 58 And Has Alot Of Health Problems With Her Arms.) Well Our One Year Old Pit Had Been Running Lose For Over A Month Or Two. Id Tie Him Up But He Would Always Find Someway To Break His Chain. Well Once I Had Finnished Feeding My Brother's I Took My Bowl To The Sink. My Mom Had Just Went outside To Try And Catch Rowdy (The Pom) For My Grandma. He Refused To Come To Her. He Had Been Lose With Deigo Other Times But I Never Dreamed Deigo Would Ever Do ANything Like This. Not Even Five Minutes After My Mom Came Back In And Had Failed At Catching Rowdy We Heard My Grandma Start Screaming And Crying. Me, My Mom, And My Aunt Rushed To The Back Door THinking She Might Of Just Lost Her Balance And Had Twisted Her Ankle Or Whatever. As She Came In The Back Door I Noticed She Had Rowdy Bundled In Her Arms. Rowdy Was An Old Dog So I Figured He Might Of Just Passed Away. But Then I Noticed The Blood Gushing From His Neck. He Was Still Alive But Deigo Had Given Him Brain Damage. his Eyes Were Moving Back And Forth And At That I Pushed My Way Through The Back Door, I Was Going To Kill Deigo. My Mom And Aunt Both Had To Rush After Me And Hold Me Back. My Aunt Quickly Left And Rushed Rowdy To The Animal Hospital. They Said He Had Serious Brain Damage And If He Lived He'd Never Be The Same. As They Brought Him Out Of The Room To Ask My Grandma What She Wanted To Do His Tail Wagged When He Saw Her. She Told Them To Put Him To Sleep Cause We Didnt Have The Money To Have Them Try To Save Him. My Grandma Left Before They Put Him To Sleep. She COuldnt Bring Her Self To Stay With Him. Shes Been Crying Since 8 This Morning And It Is Now 1:30. It Hurts Me To See Her Hurt. She Wont Eat Or Anything. Rowdy Was Her World. They Ate Together, They Slept Together, Every Where She Went Rowdy Was With Her. R.I.P Rowdy <3 We'll Miss You

Mar 10, 2011
So very sorry
by: Sandy

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I feel your pain. I lost my 6lb pom to my lab/border collie mix. The big girl was lying on the floor and Chi Chi saw a piece of dry food by her. She was going for it when Big girl turned her head to see what was coming beside her. When she did Chi barked at her and she attacked. It was only a few seconds but she crushed her throat. Chi had a collapsing trache so that didn't help. I blame myself because Chi was always barking at other dogs. She thought she was as big as they were. I should have went over there but I never dreamed that Big girl would kill her. This was 7 weeks ago and I still cry everyday.

Jan 31, 2011
I'm sorry
by: Anthony

I lost my little dog the same way thanksgiving night. A Pitbull killed him and ate him up! I forgot to tie him up that one night and didn't expect this to happen. I looked for my little dog for two weeks before I found out he was killed when A neighbor told me. It's been two and a half months now and I'm still very hurt! I cry everyday. I feel like it's my fault. I hope I see him in heaven.I hope dogs go to heaven. : (

Oct 04, 2010
Im sorry
by: Amber

Im so sorry for your lost..I also lost my Harley (Dachshund) This year in april. He was my best friend and i miss him dearly...He was also killed by a pitbull...

Aug 14, 2010
by: Lover of all breeds

I'm so sorry for your loss. And I've just lost my most loving,affectionate 12 year old pitbull I would have never known had I listen to all the negative bull that's posted every day, by any and all media formats. I wish you had just said Sammy was attacked by a dog rather than the breed. My point being all animals are capable of ugly , but I believe our four legged lovies are taught by us HUMANS.

Jul 16, 2010
Dangerous breeds
by: Anonymous

Absolutely no place for them in society. Big dogs = small man.

Apr 12, 2010
I Grieve for Oscar
by: LIz

Your sad story is helping me through my own grief. Yesterday I found my Dachshund killed in the middle of the floor by my other dogs. They have coexisted for over two years, and some even longer. The guilt won't let me stop crying and the thought of his suffering and waiting for me to come help me is almost unbearable.

About 4 days prior I heard Oscar cry in pain and went to get him and bring him to my room, he was surrounded by some of the other dogs and I don't have any idea which one started it. He stayed in my room for two days and nights and then seemed to be better, he was with the rest overnight and the next day everything seemed pretty normal, I was gone for about 8 hours and came home to find him covered in blood, already very cold.

He had probably been dead for a few hours. He had like 7 small teeth punctures on his neck, and some skin torn from his left shoulder, and a dime size skin off his behind and stomach. There was no blood there, all the blood was from his throat.

I don't know if they sensed his weakness from the first incident, if they sensed his medical problem had worsened. He was on thyroid meds, he would eat all all the time and never gain weight. You could see his ribs, but the Vet said the blood tests didn't show anything major and just gave him pills for thyroid.

I don't know if my dogs are feeling our stress due to our move, have turned into something I don't recognize. They are very easy dogs, no major issues between them, so it was quite shocking to find my little boy all bloody.

I wish I had done more for him, I wish I had separated him that day, I am so resentful of the other dogs I don't want to be around them right now. He had the most loving look. I saved him from the gas about 4 years ago, and he died a most horrible death.

Mar 25, 2010
My dachshund was killed tonight the same way

Not well at writing now but today my little Niki was killed by the neighbors dogs, pit bulls. I have a pit bull, a rotti, my dogs don't attack other dogs. Their dog dug under my fence and my dog got over to them, I am so pissed, what should I do?

Mar 07, 2010
by: cheryl


Feb 23, 2010
by: JEAN

I have a doxie. I love her so much. She is 10 years old and I can't imagine my life without her. I am so sorry for your loss and especially that you had to see such a tragic sight. I will pray for you.

Feb 17, 2010
So sorry
by: Judy

I am so sorry for your tragic loss. My 16 year old cat was mauled to death almost 3 weeks ago by 2 rogue dogs wandering the street. I, at least, have the satisfaction of knowing that now - another cat and 2 hens later - they will never harm another beloved pet.

I, too, have times of distress imagining the fear and pain of Max's last minutes.

God bless you.

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