My Dad - Cantinflas

by Evangelina

Agustin Blancas, 1915,You Will Always be With Me.

Agustin Blancas, 1915,You Will Always be With Me.

Agustin Blancas Wife-Yolanda Blancas Galindo
Born 08-06-15 (He always laughed when there was a problem)

I want the whole world to know he existed.

He and his wife landed in the Pilsen neighborhood in the 40's and i was born on 47th and Ashland.

Me and my Dad have spent the last 13 years together when i was left by a schoolyard with all my rags.

Mom had passed and i was divorced and i came to live with the only person i could trust. So me and my dad joked about life, and he always found a way to get me to laugh about sad times.

We lived in a tiny little studio all these years and old age crept up on dad silently almost without a warning.

His doctor never told my dad he had a heart problem or that he had a kidney problem. I kept taking him to the doctor for the last 5 years and the doc always said he was ok. Except the last two of them i had noticed dad acting strange. His doctor i believe was leading him to his death when he did not give dad any blood pressure medicine or kidney medicine. He was literally dying on his bed when me and my sisters took him to the emergency.

Dr. Raul Vazquez, dad's primary physician from Humana Plan, failed to tell us he had 3 clogged arteries in his heart, kidney failure, high blood pressure, maybe for the last 5 years. Maybe more. My dad was never treated in a hospital for any of these conditions. If we had not taken him to the hospital he would have already been dead. His last words to me were "Your father has a strong heart". Thanks to Dr. Vasquez my father is now lying at Weiss Memorial dying slowly.

My father was a running, bicycling, shooting, and all around athlete who won championships throughout Mexico.

He found my mother in Sonora while on a tour and took her away to Mexico City. So in the 40's they came to Chicago and settled in the Pilsen neighborhood.

My father was strong, kind , humble, giving , loving, adventurous, thoughtful, a hard worker, a real trooper, and a real ham for pictures, and film.

He was a gorgeous dark Mexican and i want to thank him for being my best friend, and standing beside me in all my hard times.

For all the gifts of love and of wisdom and the care he gave me throughout my life. I love him so much i wish i could turn back the hands of time so that i could give him so much more than i have.

I want as many people as possible to know that Agustin Blancas existed in this world.

When i see him in the hospital he says "God Bless You" Go With God, to everybody, God Bless Everybody.

I don't know how to let my dad go, i have never had to do this. I am feeling so much pain and i cry everyday. Too Much.

If there are others out there who gone thru this you can email me whatever advice you would like. I guess i will need some support i don't know how to do this alone. Please send it to meli12385

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Oct 23, 2012
He twinkled in our eyes and heart.
by: Anonymous

He twinkled in our eyes and heart.

Yes, my dear sister Eva.
Our Daddy will always be a beautiful spirit in our hearts. Daddy and Mama gave us their genes, they taught us how to survive, and through them we learned many of their talents. I do not feel that Daddy is gone, I feel he has stepped into another dimension in our walk of our journey, and surely it is a dimension where we do not need to have a body. When I look up at the sky and see the twinkling stars, I know that somewhere out there, my daddy is finding his way to a new place to rest and feel peace, and still loving us more than ever. Thank you Eva, for all you did for our precious Father I am sure he never forgot your love for him. Daddy always said, "Dios te bendiga mi hija." You are a blessing Eva.

You sister, Delia.

Jul 04, 2010
So sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

Dear Evangeline,
All Dads are wonderful, I believe! I share the pain because I have lost my loving Dad too. I know how you must miss him so much as I do; always there for us, inspiring us, looking after us through our growing pains, and very proud of us in whatever good we do!

You are blessed for having a dad like him. God I'm sure has prepared a room for your Dad in Heaven for doing his part well here on earth. Please receive my deep sympathy and prayers. God keep you and your family always.

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