my dad died of meloma cancer

by gab

One small MOLE entered his blood stream and he had cancer everywhere. He was never told by his so called Family Friend" Doctor that his condition was that bad. He battled it for 10 years, first a tiny mole then more and more until we were pulled into our "family Friend" Doctors office and she told me that my dad would be gone in less than 3 months. I was shocked. I heard his voice changing and he was always cold. he was in and out of the hospital and then transferred to a nursing home that was dirty and just not fair. This man worked 7 days a week and so did my mom. But after my moms stroke she lost her ability to drive. I took my dad to his treatments and he just sat in the back seat and never wanted to talk much. I kept his business going the best I could but then I came across papers proving that my sister was stealing from my dad. She even signed his name and put him in Bankruptcy while he was in the hospital. While he was still alive I took all of the evidence to the police but so far nothing has happened. I do now have the Sergeant working on it, but who know. My mom just sides with whoever she is with at that moment in time but I have the paper trail and promised my dad I would make it right. He himself tried to stop if for years but never got anywhere. Then he was transferred to that nursing home and it was just horrible. He was in bed for 9 days with no food because he just could not eat. Then I remember that when my good friend lost her son, she told me that her son would not let go until his mom stated she would do her best to be ok. So on 1/18/13 I held his hand and told him to please open his eyes and I promised I would make it all right and I would take care of my mom and keep his business open, to support my mom (she suffered 2 strokes) and my dad died 3 hours later. I have been trying to keep up my promise with my dad but before my dads body was even cold my sister was taking things from the house. I stayed at the nursing home until they picked him up with my mom and my sister just took everything. she even shut down his business by selling off everything and when I arrived to try and stop it was already to late. she sold of everything. everyone tells me to just move on, but they don't know. then to have such an evil sister the more and more I wend thru the paper work at his shop after my sister was done the landlord let me in, and when I called for police help, I was actually placed in had cuffs, while my baby was in my car. the good news is that it was all caught on tape and a detective is reviewing the case but its all gone now. my mom even lost her home and my sister placed in some senior living house alone and she is not suppose to be left alone ever. my mom owns my sisters house as well and my sister decided to save that one and my mom lost hers. Its crazy but nobody will help me. I make a promise to my dad and I cant keep it. my sister has been taking money from them for years and I have the entire paper trail and yes she coerced my parents to give the money but for the last 6 years my dad reported it to the bank as fraud and they did nothing. The doctor that lied to my dad she really loose her license in California because when someone is dying they have the right to know and the family friend doctor should have stepped back and let the cancer specialists handle it, but she didn't. then this doctor kept my dad in Los Angeles which is about a 1 hour drive for myself and my mom that it made for very long long nights. when I didn't have my mom with me I stayed with my dad so he was never left alone. Except the night he died, my mom was asleep at the end of his bed and he was struggling to get air into his body for 15 minutes. I know I should have stayed that night but they kicked us out at a certain hour and my kids never got a chance to say goodbye. How did he hold on for 9 full days without food and water is unbelievable, and when I finally held his hand and made that promise he finally stopped suffering. NO I was not glad to see him go, but the suffering was so bad, he was just skin and bone, and about 85 lbs. I miss you so mush daddy and I don't know how to move forward. Why did you have to go and the sister that took and stole most of your money is doing just fine. she has been to Hawaii with her 3 kids and husband. She remodeled the home that my mom owns but she will not let my mom live in it because one of daughters had a baby and baby daddy is married with 2 kids and a wife. And since my mom leaves the stove on my sister would allow her to live in the home she owns. and now my sister makes up so many lies about me that my mom will not even talk to me, mostly because my sister blocked my numbers and my mom can see clear enough to us a payphone and she cant even drive to get to one. everyone says it will all catch up to my sister but everyone is scared of her except for me, but honestly I am loosing right now as well, I guess she will continue to take my moms money and my mom doesn't even know it. If I had enough money to keep my dads promise, I would hire the best attorney around and finally put an end to all this, but I don't so I get to sit here and watch it happen. We even had to cancel our home number because of all the collections calls from my dads business. They never even paid a single debt off, sold for cash and now spending the cash. My dad was suppose to be placed in the ocean with my younger sister who died in a car accident and that didn't even happen. MY sister went to the mortuary and basically took my dads ashes. I was the one with the power of attorney and when I called them they told me my dads ashes were given to my sister? I was suppose to have his ashes placed in the ocean as he requested and I couldn't even do that, I just let my dad down and all he ever did was help me, never with money cuz I never asked but when I needed him he was always there for me. not he is gone forever. What do I do, I need to keep my promise to my dad. help

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Oct 22, 2013
My dad died of melanoma cancer
by: Doreen UK

Gab I am sorry for your loss of your Dad. What is going on with you is disgusting. I find it hard to believe that your sister could do these underhanded things to you when you have Power of Attorney. Get your mom on your side and get her to make out a Will so that your sister does not keep her home. Better she puts it in her Will to You or even someone else. This way your sister cannot win. If your mom's name is on the title deeds your sister cannot stay in that home. You can get her out. This is the LAW. It is difficult because Lawyers cost so much money. Your sister must have seen your Dad and Mom's weakness so she used her POWER over them. If you can get the right support you can win. There is a saying which goes: "The only way for evil to flourish is when good men do nothing."
My husband died of cancer 17 months ago and I nursed him for 3yrs.39days. I was so busy with caring for my husband He was priority so my youngest sister took advantage of this and got Power of Attorney for our father. My other sister Win was trying to tell me what the youngest sister was doing but I was grieving for my husband. I feel as if I have just woken up from a nightmare to realise what has been going on. This youngest sister was going on holiday and asked us to take over when she had shut us out. She said it rudely in an email. She has now put our father in a care home because she has had enough. I challenged her saying that if she doesn't include us this could lead to a hidden agenda. WEll I felt her full wrath. She told me if I want to know what our dad's assets are I can get a lawyer. If I want my dads money he comes with it. I would care for our father without the money. Our youngest sister has been malicious. She has put our father's money in her bank account for 5yrs. higher interest. She is going to move home. She worked hard to get Power of Attorney and she has controlled everything and there is nothing we can do. She has literally STOLLEN our inheritance. Win and I are angry and because we can do nothing more it is impossible for us to continue a relationship with her so we have had to walk away. We have a right to resolve these issues and confront her. I don't have the energy to battle this out whilst grieving for my husband so I have to let this one go. But Win and I will always feel the Injustice of our loss. I understand how you feel. Please write back with any updates. I hope you can resolve this for yourself.

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