my dad died one day

by sukhampreet

his body was brought home. his hands were covered in bandages. he lay on a charpoy the entire night, in the mid summer heat. the women were gathered around his body wailing annd mother kept saying one thing to me..plesae don't do anything wrong in your life...we have no money an don respect in the society . my dad had died leaving us without any respect or money. his body was burnt the next day. they made him wear a blue turban , his face looked so small.. he had completely changed. the healthy robust man with upturned moustache was gone. instead there lay a lifeless , limp body , just a body with no soul. when they set fire to him, i felt my heart had jumped out of my was a part of me set ablaze. it was such a hot day.. they killed him again and now forever ..there was nothing left of him now...all these strangers in our house grieving for the loss, dad would have chucked them out of the house ..he hated any intrusion...strangely i did not miss him... lief went on undisturbed...only mom suffered ...she repaid all his debts and could not even afford nice new clothes. my brother went to a local school...he did not study at a convent like me. we grew up..still i had no reason to miss him...i went to college then to uni and was a popular girl with no traces of grief on her face... then i got married and met the most wonderful person, my husband... we have two lovely children...i don't know how did i do it, but i drove my husband crazy..i tested his patience and today he fought with me so badly and pushed me to the ground.. my kids began to cry as they watched... i am sitting and crying and missing papa...he would have never let anyone lay a finger on his i realise why did he commit suicide...he died because my mom stopped respecting him..he was betrayed.

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