Wow, how can I post my feelings on a sheet of paper about the way I felt about my wonderful father? I know I miss him terribly. I can't wait to get to work so I can have something to take my mind off of the man who left me during the holidays. He never asked for a thing.

My dad was a victim of the great depression. He had nothing. He had dropped out of school in 8th grade to support the family. His brother did the same. My grandparents were immigrants and knew nothing of America, they didn't even speak English.

I used to ask my dad all the time about this and he told me he remembered sitting in a gutter begging, and a woman gave him her sons old shoes. He said "they had holes in the bottoms of them, but nobody could see that". He said I would never know how rich he felt. He and his brother traded the shoes back and forth so they could be employed and take care of my babka (grandmom in polish).

She waited in lines that lasted sometimes for 2 days, they took turns waiting for the potatoes and flour. He said she made pierogies and potatoes and that's all they ate. Till the day he died he said "pierogies" with an accent. I can still hear him say that. I will always say "pierogies" with that accent, too.

Dad loved cabbage too. Besides those two things, my mom said it was hell to get him to eat anything else. Poor guy. When he got old enough (which happened when Pearl Harbor struck) he enlisted. He gave my grandmom every penny he was paid, and it kept her alive. He told me kept enough for cigarettes. They were fed on the ship, more food than he ever saw.

He served on Ryan Russel; when they were in enemy territory their ship took a hit from a kamakazi (Japanese who were trained to hit the boat even though they knew they would lose their lives). My dads ship floated around in enemy territory for 9 months. The navy could not risk losing a ship to save the men who served so hard, however they did try to get rations to these navy men who fought with literally no food.

I guess what I am trying to say is nobody remembers WWII. My dad was a gunner's mate - he listened and adjusted the destroyer's perfect shot every time. I guess that was him wanting to survive, he never missed. he shot down 21 of their ships, received 21 bonze medals.

My dad never said a word. His happiness lay in his family, and a good family man he was. I will always miss him, I will always remember how he never came home saying what a great soldier he was. That means so much to me.

I will always miss him; if he is dead now, well then so am I. I can't wait to see him again, it will be through the grace of God. I changed my will to DNR, I am going to have it tatooed on my chest.

When i lost my father, I lost EVERYTHING,

-my dad's baby jayne

Comments for MY DAD - MY EVERYTHING - LOST 11/3/09

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Sep 25, 2011
Response to My Dad everything lost.
by: Anonymous

So extremely sorry to hear of your Dad. He would not want you to keep being upset. He would want you to go about your life to the best of your ability and not be in a constant state of sadness. No-one has forgotten ww2 and the things that happened. I live in Australia and we are so grateful to the Americans for helping us combat the Japanese who were bombing us and using torpedoes on us. There is a war memorial near us dedicated to the armed forces in ww2. What they went through was horrendous. So awful that when they came home they often could not speak of it. You must remember him, pray for him and live your life.

Feb 01, 2010
Missing my dad
by: Candy Kanniainen

I also lost my dad, on Aug 2, 2009. My loss is so great that I also don't want to move forward without him. He was only 61 and died unexpectedly of a heart attack. He was the center of my life.

I just want you to know that you're not alone. I wish there was something I could do to help take your pain away but there isn't. My life is moving forward but I don't feel like I am in it. I hope in time I'll feel different but right know I am right there with you. I will pray for you healing as I do with mine.

Take care, Candy

Jan 09, 2010
Your Dad + my Dad Ken
by: Stephanie

Your Dad sounds like a great Guy. I know because when I read this it sounded like my dad.
He died also on December 9; I miss him terribly. He was a lot like your dad and the strongest man I know. I am not sure how to go on, but maybe their strength is in us.

Jan 05, 2010
Another Daddy's Girl
by: Rebecca

Hello - I am very sorry that your Dad is gone. My Dad also just died 7 weeks ago today on 11/17/09.

I know it probably isn't what you want to hear right now, but your Dad wouldn't want you to feel like you are dead too. I know nothing can ever take his place but you have to try to go on living. Just remember that you will see him again when you get to heaven and it will be like no time has passed.

Thinking of you.

Jan 02, 2010
Daddy's Girls
by: Charlene Flagg

Like you, I too am a daddy's girl. Even though my father departed this life many years ago, the memory of his love for me and mine for him is still so vivid. With the passage of time, most of the pain has passed. Now, I can truly rejoice in the blessing that he was and still is for me.

Recently, though, I lost another loved one. Yet, again I am going through the process of grief. I'd like to share with you an entry from my journal that reflects the wisdom God is providing me.


Facing the death of a loved one forces us to realize our fragility, the temporary nature of who we are on this earth. It forces us to see the temporary nature of all creation. But, it also makes us more focused upon God?s reality, to view life as He views it. God knows that this life is temporary, and that He will bless us with eternity.

Our pain force us to seek God?s comfort, to accept His love, to trust in His omnipotence. What a paradox! The most painful can lead to the most wisdom, the most love, the most joy! We are here only for the time allotted. Then, we make the journey of death required of all God?s creatures. Then, and only then are we delivered from the bondage to decay, and transformed into glorious freedom!

Nonetheless, God in His great love and compassion is still mindful of our pain. He protects us from the sheer and utter devastation the grief could bring. Just assuredly as He raises the dead in glory, He mends our broken hearts.

O Death where is your victory? Where is your sting? In the arms of our Creator, we find comfort and life. It is not a matter of letting go, but in growing in understanding. In fixing our eyes on Jesus!!

Without our loved one, we find a new normal, and that new normal is good because God said it was so! When God created the world, He said "Let there be" So, we are! "And God saw that it was good."

Jesus is the way to life. Death is simply and profoundly the gateway.

1 ?Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. 2 In My Father?s house are many mansions;[a] if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.[b] 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also. 4 And where I go you know, and the way you know.? (John 14: 1 ? 6)

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