My dad My hero ( for Fay )

by valerie
(erie pa)

My dad did so many things for us. He had a Massive Stroke and a Massive Heart attack at the same time June 9, 2008.My dad was ok for awhile i really thought he was coming home he passed away on my sons 14th birthday July 30,2008
My heart aches everyday i havent been the same since.
he was so special that i knew .But I actually found out how special after he passed.We never went without always had everything.In 196? my brother and his very best friend were graduating high school my dad bought my brother his high school ring his friend joe said in general conversation he would not be able to get his he did not have enough money my dad asked him how much he had joe said less than half my dad told him he would give him the rest of the money to go ahead and order the ring.Joe got his class ring.My dad and mom always treated our friends as if they were thier kids. My parents next door neighbors would lock thier refrigerator so their kids could not get anything to eat my dad would give them food through their bedroom window.
When my dad had his trauma in 2008 i was at hospital all day everyday my mom and dad made me poa. on July 30,2008 the heart specialist calls me at work i go to hospital and he says even if your dad recovers from stroke he will need open heart surgery and most likley will not survive only 10 percent of his heart is working so i had to be the one to say ok.... Idecided i did not leave my dad side in life i would not leave his side in death before he passed i gave him permission to go i told him go ahead and go dad go be with uncle carl and grand ma and grampa we will be ok I LOVE YOU. SO IN HIS DEATH I CARRIED HIM TO HIS GRAVE and i just thought at the moment i was carrying his casket of how proud he would be of me .the pain is the same as it was then....................

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Jul 12, 2012
Above and Beyond Bravery
by: Todd Van Tassell

I had the pleasure to meet Valerie, she is a niece of one of my good friends, Glenn. She was excited to hear that my dad was also on Korea and maybe wanted me to find a connection between my dad and her dad, I saw she was still grieving for the loss of her father and I also wanted their to be a connection. There was no real connection as far as I could find, I looked in all my dads paperwork from the war and wished there would something that related to Valeries dad. There is a connection though and it was right under our noses, they both fought a forgotten war. But the big connection was Valerie and I, we began to speak proudly of our fathers plight in a war torn country against an enemy that was ruthless in how they fought. Our fathers would have been proud that we retained so much of the stories that they told us, they would be proud of how we keep their memories alive and they would be proud of us, how we grew up respecting the veterans of America. Valerie if you ever read this I want you to know that your father is a hero, he is looking down on you right now and saying "That little girl loves me"...

Jun 17, 2012
My Dad my Hero
by: Doreen England U.K.

Hi Valerie
I am sorry for the loss of your Dad your Hero. It is father's day today in England and I guess most children who have lost a father will have a difficult time honouring their father when he is not here.
It is difficult going on in life when you have lost a father. My father is 91yrs. and I buried my husband 3 weeks ago and my father was crying as he did not expect to outlive his son-in-law. When my father dies it will be sad but easier than when one's father is younger.
Life is never the same when you lose your father or other family member. It forces one into change and none of us like change we are usually comfortable with our lives as they are.
Death carries a sting and this sting will remain with us always as long our loved one is not here with us in the world. The sting will someday become less painfull. It is important to grieve till one feels better because by the time we face another loss we will become that much better at going through the grief and know what to expect. Otherwise it is a painfull experience. Also the type of relationship one has with a parent will affect the grief. Your father sounds like a great person who was very caring and you would have been exposed to this caring all your life and will make the loss that more painfull but also leave you with good memories and a legacy to follow.
Best wishes for the future and may your life get better and leave you with memories that you can be proud of and be a stronger person through your grief.

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