My Dad My Hero!

by JJ

I lost my Dad on the 8th September 2010. It was that terrible demon Cancer. He was an amazing man he was a loving Husband to my Mum for more than 50years. They had an amazing love story they held hands right up until the end. Mum would visit him everyday no matter what it took she was there. It was May 2010 when the news came through, that to despite the best efforts the treatment he had endured had not been successful. Those words still haunt me, I left the room, I couldn’t accept that my Dad was dying. I made myself write a letter telling him everything he had meant to me in my life. That letter somehow helped me start the grieving process. What followed was nothing short of hell, watching the man, the Father, I knew being taken away. The helplessness I felt was overwhelming. We were lucky enough that he fought on to see his 78th Birthday and another Father’s Day. After that I watched as my Mother nursed him until, the ambulance came to take him from her and their home. It was the saddest thing I have ever watched. I was glad I was there and that she was not alone. From then, it only took 5 days and he was gone. The call came at 10.45pm my Brother’s voice on the other end saying “he’s gone”. Even though I knew when the phone rang, that is what the call was about I still wasn’t ready for the words to be said out loud. In that moment my life changed forever, my protector the man who knew me best and accepted me for whom I was, had been taken away. The days that followed were a blur, I had two children who needed me a Husband who was also grieving having lost both parents 6 months apart the same year, we had a loss no one should ever have to endure. Three parents in one year, that was without a doubt a year from hell. I spoke at all the Funerals my Dad’s being the hardest of all. It was somehow my way of letting them know that I would never forget them and what that had meant to me and how they had left their footprints in my heart. Life went on the kids, home life relationships etc. I had to get up and put one foot in front of the other. Mum was my priority I had promised Dad I would look after her, and that is exactly what I did to the best of my ability and continue to do so to this day, despite it being frowned upon by some members of my family, some of my siblings to be exact. Their reaction to say the least was terrible, here we were having just lost our Dad, knowing how important family was to him didn’t seem to matter, the family just shattered. I no longer feel close to those siblings who have treated me with disrespect. As sad as that is I have put a wall around my heart so they can’t hurt me anymore. I just thank everyday for my wonderful Mum, Husband Kids, and my siblings (the ones that respect me) and my amazing friends for whom without them I could not still be standing. My final words go to my Fantastic Father I honor you by remembering who you were, wearing a pendant in part a tribute to you, the day you left us and became part of the Southern Cross is what I have engraved on the back of that pendant. Thank you for this opportunity to have this tribute site. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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Sep 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

I lost my mother to MS 15 years ago and My dad took care of my mother 25 of those years with such honor and love. When my dad got diagnosed 6 years ago with prostate cancer our ears were perked. we were darned if he was going to be alone and we were going to give him the same honor and love he gave my mother. My dad passed away May 25 2011.(age 74) He was married to my other 33 years before she passed. He went fast and painlessly. Hospice was wonderful and we miss Him so. I know I will see him again someday but miss his sweetness, love and prescense.
Age 43
lost my mother at age 28

Apr 23, 2011
Dad's Are Special
by: TrishJ

I lost my husband Joe on December 3, 2010. I have a son and a daughter who are both young adults with very young children. My son, who is his dad's Jr. is very open about talking with me about his dad's death. My daughter does not like his name mentioned. She's really having a hard time. I'm afraid that when she breaks it's really going to be bad.
A dad is so special in a person's life. I lost mine 16 years ago and still think about him and pray for him every day. We are lucky to have been blessed with such wonderful dads as were my children. My son says, "My dad was so awesome." I know yours was too.
Peace and love to you and your family.

Apr 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Dear friend, Just to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for your loss.
May God walk beside you. Stay strong.

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