my dad my rock

by mark t parsons
(gwent s/wales)

where do i start my dad was a true gentleman loved by many for his honest loving frank approach to life believed in saying what he felt front or please but with no malice he touched so many lives with his thought and compassion for others hard working and a loving dad to us for kids and a wife he loved so much it hurt even through his illness with cancer he was so positive in his attitude to life was astounding to many people he touched even in his last months before he died his thoughts was always with others he considered death as part of the course of life and had realised his time on this earth was short sadly he passed away on the 27th of july 2011 i was there when he died something that i will carry in my heart for ever didnt want to leave him alone at the hospital felt like i was abandoning him broke my heart to leave him after the funeral mum wanted his ashes home when i miss him i normally hug his casket im finding it hard to cope burst out crying when im alone im sure ive seen him after he died woke up after falling asleep down stairs then he was then he was gone as if to check to see if i was ok miss him so much cant think straight in work i blank every thing out to cope
recently im sure ive felt his presence got up for work for dayshift at 4 o clock and some thing strange happened tv flashed on on and of 4 times something its never done before then i felt a cool breeze go past me my be im going nuts love my dad wish i could hug him now
he said to me when im gone play dance with my father again by luther vandross just to remind me of him i do and im in bits never thought i could cry

people say that time is a healer but there talking a load of bollocks
miss my uncles my grandparents and now my dear old dad i know i will live in limbo for the rest of my life until i meet them again

i havnt touched any raw nerves

yours sincerly

mary pars

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Oct 18, 2011
My dad my rock
by: Pat J

As I was about to post this my phone rang; the person on the other end said "I'm looking for Leonard Johnson; I replied Leonard Johnson is dead and hung up. I get so angry when things like that happen.
Our loved ones are always with us and we will feel their presence. My husband visited 3 of our 5 children, I feel because they are struggling with his death. My middle daughter said she smelt her dad and felt his arms around her during a difficult night,our second son, who was very close to his dad, has had two amazing visits with his and telling him amazing things and our oldest daughter said the visit from her dad was so amazing she didn't want him to leave; our oldest grandaughter says he visits her all the time; she told me she asked him to stay longer, but his reply was he had alot of people to see. I myself experienced some thing just as incredible. It was 1:10 a.m., I am Catholic and I say the rosary every night to help me fall asleep, only this night I had said two and was still awake. I laid in bed restless; heard my husbands voice call my name, I lifted my head off the pillow to look down the hallway where his voice came from and felf his body flop on the bed beside me and put his arm around me. I started to cry and said honey I needed that. In a flash it was gone and I just laid there,trying to understand what had happened; even this morning I put TV on, for some noise in the house, and what comes on but Walker, Texas Ranger, my husband always watched that show. He'd jokingly tell the grandkids Walker was his brother, because they resembled each others appearance so much and then they would laugh together.
We don't know anything about the spirit world, not until our day comes.
I know you will always miss your dad, the pain will always be there; in time I am told we learn to deal with the pain better. Cherish the memories of your dad and always do things you know would make him proud of you.
There isn't any time limit on grief, I am told. I am still in the early grief as my husband died on June 27,2011. I miss him so much, we were married 46 years on June 26,2011. He died at 12:10 a.m. on the 27th.
I now feel the day of his death is somehow a message to me too. People may think I am a little weird, but I don't care, I know these experiences happened and my husband died sitting on the side of our bed of a massive heart attack and our oldest daughter said she is always drawn to the bedroom and I fine peace in there.
Take it one day at a time and God Bless You!

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