My dad was killed on August 5

by TS

Even writing the headline it still doesn't feel real. He rode his bike hundreds of miles a year, he would send us pictures and text messages on his journeys. He was so kind, so patient, I thought about him dozens of times a day when I was about to lose patience with one of my own children. He was a hugger and always had affection for each of his kids.

It only took one careless driver, not paying attention in the middle of the day on a straight, clear road to hit him on his bicycle and take him from our life forever. I can't believe he isn't here, that I won't hear his voice, that he won't hug me again on this earth. I think of all the times I could have called, could have visited but was just too busy. I would give anything to have him here in front of me today. Of all the people in the world committing evil, for HIM, who loved and cared about people so much to be the person gone is unreal. I thought he would grow old and then all of his kids would argue over who he got to live with, because we would all love to have him.

He was the only person in my life who truly listened, truly got my heart and never pushed me to be something I wasn't. He was always there for me. I will never be the same. I am heartbroken that he will only be a sweet story to my children, not someone they knew.

It will be 10 weeks tomorrow.

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Oct 22, 2013
by: Fariha

Sorry to hear about all of your losses. I too lost my dad. I had just turned ten on December the first and then my life was a deep dark pit of grief. My dad passed away of a cardiac arrest on Christmas day 2011. He was a healthy man, he came second in a badminton tournament just 2 weeks ago. Those were the most tiring, heart wrenching, saddest days of my life. It is coming up to 2 years now since he has passed away, it has been hard for my mum and I , but the positive side of this all has been that it gets better day by day, it may not seem like it now but trust me it does. At first it seems like you will never be able to get along with normal life but then the first day I went back to school everyone was so supportive and now I think back to to those days I don't think I would have ever got through it all without the support of my wonderful school friends and family and especially my wonderful mum.

Oct 14, 2013
Dear TS
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to read about your father. I also lost my Dad suddenly-he died 9 months ago from Cardiac Arrest. I still cannot believe it. The shock of it still hasn't fully sunk in. We were very, very close. The only advice I can offer you is to take things slowly and be kind to yourself. This website is a wonderful place to come for support and comfort. I hope you continue to heal. Peace, Barb

Oct 14, 2013
Forever In Your Heart
by: Becky

I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad. I loss my Mother on August 1, 2013. The days are hard and sad. My Mother had leukemia, but that is not what killed her. She went for a routine blood transfusion and something went wrong. We loss her unexpectedly. I watch my Dad grieve for her every day, and this just adds to my pain. I could tell my Mother anything, and she would always understand. I am quite loss without her. I know my Mother is in heaven and that some day I will see her again. I take comfort in knowing this. If you read the poems here, I wrote "A Place I Can Not See". The poem came from my heart and it gave me great comfort. Your Dad will always be with you because he is in your heart. My prayers are with you.

Oct 14, 2013
My dad was killed on August 5
by: Doreen UK

TS I am sorry for your loss of your dad to a sudden death. It will take weeks into months to start to feel some recovery from grief. The secret is TAKING ONE DAY AT A TIME. One just never knows what is around the corner and who we will lose from our lives. Since I lost my husband of 44yrs. 17 months ago to cancer I have only healed by TAKING ONE DAY AT A TIME. I still have some bad days of missing him and feeling the loneliness. Grief is HARD. PAINFUL. TIME CONSUMING. It makes one feel very tired and worn out at times. the loss of a loved one feels so extremely devastating. It almost feels unbelievable. People die all the time, but when it is so personal it evaluates how other's have felt and coped with loss and somehow gives us some HOPE that we will recover in time. But going through this grief hurts so much. May God comfort you in your sorrow and grief and give you His Peace.

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