My Dad was perfect ..

by Mariah N Garcia
(Norwalk, Ca 90650)

My dad

My dad

My name is Mariah, i am 8 years old and my father was murdered on October 28, 2012. Life will never be the same without my dad being here with me and my family. Its been over a year since he passed but I still have a broken heart that will never heal. I wish i could see him again, play again and do the things we used to do. We used to have alot of fun going to Gulf N Stuff, walking to the liquior store for candy. He took me places like the park, the fair on a fun adventure cause he was like a kid himself. I loved the way he was..funny when he would be my horse he would alloy me to ride on his back was soo fun. He loved music, singing on the mic and showing us how to play the piano. When i would go visit him he would wake my sister and i early in the morning to watch the sun rise now I have only memories of him. I feel sad when I think of him and I can't call him or see him. I miss his voice his laughing and hearing him say I LOVE YOU BABY. He would say to my mom... OH Al I remember some things but not a whole lot cause I'm alittle girl who lost her dad. I understand what happened... to him but I still have daddy moments when I cry or feel very sad and my mommy trys to help me feel better. Writting about my dad makes me remember things about him I don't want to forget and makes me happy to tell people my story about my hero I called him A-MAN. My last memory of him was going to arcade Nicole the night before he passed away was so fun I love my family. He always said he loved me Ill never forget that cause he always made sure he said it now i know how important it was. My sister is 15 and I am 8 year old and why did this happen to him i wish it was just a nightmare.

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Mar 31, 2014
My Dad was perfect....
by: Doreen UK

Mariah I am so sorry for your loss of your Dad. You are so young to go through life without your Dad. I hope your Dad had a brother so that you can have this mentoring as you still need the nurturing of a father. You may like to keep a journal and write out your feelings every day in your journal. You will have these memories forever. You can write in the form of letters to your Dad. Put the date against each entry. It is more fun when you read it back. You can write out your feelings as if you were talking to your Dad in your letters and letting him know how sad you are that he has left this world and let your dad know how sad you are that he is not with you in your life. Structure your journal the way you want. This is another way to heal from your loss of your Dad. I am glad you have a caring mom who is help you to cope with your loss. It must be just as hard on your mom without her husband. My husband died almost 2 yrs. ago of cancer and I miss him. I believe in God so I know I will see my husband again as He promised. I hope that life gets better for you in the days ahead. Remember we Heal ONE DAY AT A TIME. It is a long grief journey, but you won't always feel this sad. Life will get better as you grow and mature in life. My best wishes to you and May God comfort you in your sorrow and grief.

Mar 29, 2014
The Lord is my strength
by: Anonymous

Well I am sorry for your lost young man. I can only imagine that great loss. Mines a little different then yours, but my husband died of leukemia cancer of the blood. Has been 2 yrs. for me, but getting back to you. Just live on his good memories, I am sure he is looking down on you, and loved you very much, but I hope you start, having courage, and hope, especially faith, so you can continue your journey now. I hope your mom and sister are also getting stronger. The Lord is my strength.

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