My Dad

by George William Archibald
(Saint Petersburg, FL, U.S.A.)

Hi. My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with Dad in the hospital from an intestinal bleed. He had emphysema and cOPD, and struggled for every breath he took. When he died he was on a ventilator, in a medically-induced coma.
Several attempts by the doctors to wake my Dad, and ask if he was in any pain. Twice my Dad shook his head, "No."
After 23 pints of blood, and an unsuccessful attempt to plug the site of the bleed in his intestines, he just simply bled to death.
As he was crashing that Monday afternoon, the hospital called my Mom to come be by his side. She didn't make it. Dad died about 5:00 pm Monday, January 14th, 2013.
Losing a parent is hard. Losing my Dad was especially awful. I'm stuck here in Florida, and my parents lived in Pennsylvania. I had no way of going up there, not only to see my father, but to be with my mother and sister as well.
He wanted to be cremated,and this was carried out according to my Mother. He wanted his ashes scattered in the garden, but Mom has a decision to make -- whether to bury his remains next to his parents, or to scatter them in the garden, as were his wishes. I have requested a portion of his ashes for myself, and they will be shipped soon. My sister also requested some of Dad's ashes.
All my days, now, are somber occasions... Some more so than others. I miss my Dad, and my heart breaks for the fact that he isn't around anymore. At least he isn't suffering anymore. What a trite bunch of crap to feed someone as a consolation! Death sucks, and I hate that it took my Dad.I can only hope that one day, four generations of my family will be fishing together, somewhere in heaven.

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Feb 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi, Doreen!

The UK is notorious for taxing its' citizenry. Still I always will look back with a fondness for England -- AND Northern Ireland. Again, thanks for your note!
Florida is nice, but you'd have to give up REAL Mars bars, and cold, rainy weather. I guess it's give and take anywhere you go, really.
Things with my Dad are getting easier, but there are still days I miss him, and wish he hadn't passed. I'm sure you're well aware.
If you care to write, I would enjoy having a friend in the UK. My e-mail is Eventually this site's administrator is going to be cheesed at least one of us for using their site as a social venue.
Here is sending you some Florida sunshine, and warmest wishes.
- George

Feb 02, 2013
My Dad
by: Doreen U.K.

Hi George, I hope you are well! I live in the County of Middlesex. I know St. Albans well. Life in the U.K. is not so good now. Jobs are in short supply. The Government is making life tougher for everyone. Now putting Tax on people who have a second bedroom in their home and who are getting housing benefit.
Then there is a fat Tax perhaps for those who are OBESE. The government has gone TAX MAD.
There has to be somewhere better to live. Still we have to make the best of where we live. Suffering just takes the joy out of life.
Hope you continue to do well in life and that you are comforted in your grief. Best wishes. Doreen

Feb 01, 2013
My Dad -- Cheers, Doreen
by: Anonymous

Just a quick word of thanks for reading my post about my Dad. According to the counsellors I'm doing everything by the book. What's left to talk about then? My Dad would have told me just to tough it out, and not make any big deal about it, and hope the sadness goes away eventually. I guess that's just what I have to do. Sigh.
Again, thanks, Doreen. BTW: What part of the UK do you live in? I spent a week in St. Albans, and two weeks in Ulster. I liked the UK more than anywhere on the Continent.
- George

Jan 30, 2013
My Dad
by: Doreen U.K.

George I am sorry for your loss of your dad. It is not easy to lose a Dad. My 3 Adult children lost their dad to a horrible cancer over 9 months ago. Losing a husband is so painful, equally painful to lose a parent. Your dad will have been proud of you. Death is no respector of age. You will take a long time to cope with this death. Your father would have had some feedback from his. Try and get some grief counselling for yourself if you need it. Don't suffer alone.

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