My Dad

My dad died in 2012 when I was 14. I was picked up from school and told the news, it was a massive shock as we was not aware of his heart disease which caused a heart attack. So instead of planning his 50th birthday we was planning a funeral. Today is the 1st anniversary of his death and I still haven't really spoken about it. I don't feel comfortable telling my friends and i wouldn't want to upset my family. I miss my dad and feel like i was cheated out of time with him. It makes me angry he won't be around to see me grow up and see what I achieve, especially when so many people around me don't appreciate their dads.

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Jun 25, 2013
My Dad
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your dad and how this has left you feeling after one year. It is not uncommon to feel grief on going for some time. There is no time limit on grief. Because you are not able to talk to anyone and you are keeping this grief all locked up that you are feeling that it is not going anywhere. Unless you talk to someone and express how you feel and cry for your loss you won't HEAL. Healing has to take place for any of us to be able to move forward from our loss.
Do you have a Mom? or any other relative that you can talk to who will understand? You can either see a grief or school counsellor who will give you the time and space to express your feelings of sorrow over losing your dad. You are so young and it is natural for you to feel this loss of your dad so much because you still need nurturing of a father. It does seem so unfair that people who have a father doesn't appreciate them. I guess this is a fact of life as we all in life take our families for granted. It is only when we lose someone so close that we start to think differently. They will one day feel the same way as you. None of us thinks that one day we will lose someone from our lives. We just go on each day living and getting on with life. This is not wrong. We were meant to enjoy life as best as we can. But tragic events happen and rob us of a life that will never be the same again. We were never meant to spend our days not living in case something may go wrong. None of us would ever engage in life and live it how we were meant to. My sadness is for all those we have lost that never got to fulfil their dreams and wishes in life. I guess your father had plans of how he wanted life to be. My husband had dreams for his retirement and died before having these good times.
But you are still so young and have your life ahead of you. Deal with your grief as best as you can with supportive people around you and in time you will find your way back into life. Live it well and Be Happy. It is your birth right to be Happy and fulfilled and I hope you will find happiness again from your grief. Things do get better but it takes a long time and we are all trying to get through each day as best as we can. I wish you Peace and Comfort in your grief and Happy fulfilling days in the future.

Jun 24, 2013
I'm sorry
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad in February of this
year and its just the worst pain. Try and find someone that
Has been through the same type of loss.
Losing your father is just so painful and they
are such important people to us. Dad's and daughters
have a special bond and your dad is always
within you. Google the poem " when tomorrow never comes"
And " I'm there inside your heart". They help me.

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