My Dad...Don O. McCauley

by Hope
(Tappahannock VA)

My Dad was amazing. Its not that he was super dad, although he could and DID do anything he set him mind to.

He died 2 years ago today 1/20/11. And as I remember him I am so grateful for what he was. Yes he was a perfectionist and sometimes made us feel stupid. But that was Not his intention. He Loved us but was not especially verbal with that emotion. But on the weekends when we would go to the "river" he always had a great meal and we all laughed together enjoying each others company. The river was the place that always felt like home, Eating Maryland blue crabs steamed fresh with extra Old Bay.

He Loved to travel and though not a rich man, (who could be with 6 kids?) he always saved for family vacations. We camped that was the only way we could travel. And what great memories I have of my childhood.

I always felt that Dad got gypped. I mean when He retired he took care of my Mom who had alztimers for 20 years. He got cancer (the first time) and had to put mom in a nursing home to be able to take treatments. She died a week later. It really does make you wonder about surviving your spouse.

Throughout his illnesses he always had a positive attitude. Photography, painting in Oil (then in water color) Writing. He was an engineer at heart he could build anything! Add a Room to the river. Tear down a wall in my house after all, "Its not a bearing wall" he informed me.

He always had a yellow legal pad with ideas and lists... Things to be done and how and in which order to do them.

To him life was a challenge and one never to be taken for granted. The glass was always half-full.

I do not have his talent, but I can live life as he did to the fullest. And will forever to be proud that he was my dad.
Hope(the middle child)

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