My Daniel

by Judith (mom)
(Sacramento California)

I just lost my Daniel on March 23th 2013 of a legal overdose of his meds, given by his doctor who UPPED his meds instead of decreasing them,Daniel was 38. The day before Daniel passed away(in his sleep)I had confession after over 30 years,and I believe this was so I could bare the pain of losing my son.I feel he is as peace and now know that the voices in his head and the demons he thought was there are no more. He had an I.Q. of over 164,and would not listen to me or others when he took his meds. Rest In Peace Daniel Im not that far behind. Peace!!! Mom

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Nov 27, 2013
My beautiful and bright daughter
by: Anonymous

Today, the day before Thanksgiving, I wanted to search for those parents who lost an adult child who loved the Holidays. My first-born daughter, Kristi passed and was in the arms of her Lord which will be on Jan. 11 2014. Her most favorite-of favorite Holiday - Thanksgiving! Kriti was bipolar - high functioning, took her medications, prescribed by a Board-Certified psychiatrist. The autopsy proved that my child died of an "accidental overdose" .just enough that tipped the scales that put my child into a permanent sleep state for which she never awoke. The absolute horror and shock of finding my child without life will never be erased from my memory. Her birthday was 11/17/1962. My life will never-ever be the same. She loved her Lord and Savior. I know without doubt that she is with Him in His kingdom, but the depth pain from her loss will never-ever fade fromy my heart and soul. I only want to see her again in God's heavenly place...where there is no darkness, no tears, no pain, no sorrow - where we will be with those we have loved and have passed on before us. My heart goes out to you. God bless you and your family.

Apr 09, 2013
your son
by: Kate

I am so sorry this loss has come to you.The first stage we go into, protects us. We go through so many emotions on our loss of a child.My son died Nov 2012. On here you will be able to express whatever you feel and have caring ones who sadly,understand. I send my deepest sympathies and care.

Apr 09, 2013
My Daniel
by: Doreen U.K.

Judith I am sorry for your loss of your son Daniel to a sudden death. A sadness a mom shouldn't have had to bear so soon by the doctor's negligence.
Drugs are now becoming a problem as they have so many side effects. I was once on drugs for depression and they caused me more problems and I could have lost my life also.
I was once put on the CONFIDENCE drug over 30yrs. ago. It did the opposite. Instead of getting me up and going, It put me to sleep. The doctor was so surprised as no one had this happen to them. One woman who was on this drug at that time called NARDIL said that she was in hospital for over 18 months in order to come off them and she felt as if half of her was missing. If you ate cheese or chocolate with this it was fatal. I believe my prayers to God saved me from having this drug that could destroy my body which is the temple of God.
MEDS. Can be so dangerous and kill us slowly as a nation. This is wrong to be put on medication that is potentially a destroyer and we have no control over this. Our doctor's do.
I have refused medication often from my doctor and doctors don't like this. They see this as you not co-operating with their care of you as their patient. This is also wrong. One medication I was given had a side effect of perforation for the eyeball. I marched straight to my doctor and told him I wasn't taking this.
Both my sister's are on METHATREXATE. for Arthritis and Fybromyalgia. This drug over time can cause Fibrosis of the lung and cause death. I feel this is wrong also. These drugs are killing us slowly. I won't take it for my arthritis. Instead I take a Herbal supplement e.g. Glucosamine. 1500mg. Which is the best dose. A lot of these drugs we are given are addictive so even our doctors are causing us an addiction to drugs problem. This is wrong. I say this so other's cannot feel guilty for what they cannot do anything about. May God comfort you in your Loss.

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