My darling Abigale, 19 years of life.

by Iain
(Davis, CA)


I miss you so much every single day. I will never forget the single worst day of my life, December 11th, 2012... waking up next to you without a pulse or a breath left in you.

I wish I had known what drugs and how many you had taken before you went to sleep that night, but I didn't know at all. Ultimately though, it wouldn't have mattered. Nobody, not even me, could ever stop you from doing what you wanted in life. Ironically, that quality is just one of the myriad of things that made you such a unique and incredible person.

I am blessed to have had you as my girlfriend for an entire year, and to have lived with you for those three wonderful months. Although I will move on just like I know you would want me to, I will never, ever forget you. I know how much you loved me, and I really hope you knew how much I loved you. I feel honored that I was lucky enough to know you as well as I did. I knew you better than anyone in this entire world, including anyone in your family. I just hope you know that I loved you so much because I knew you so well. You were easily the most kind, gentle, and caring person I have ever met... and most likely will ever meet.

You had much pain and suffering in your short life... much more than anyone (least of all, you) deserves to have. I'm so grateful that I was able to add so much joy to your life in your final year on Earth. Although your absence pains me greatly, I am sincerely happy for you that you are no longer have to suffer from manic depression. You left this world in the best way possible... quickly and painlessly.

You were my absolute best friend, and you will always be in my heart. Rest in peace, my sweet, beautiful Abigale.

Love you forever,

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Feb 26, 2013
by: Princess

I am soooooo sorry for your lost. My 6year old cousin died in a fire last sunday 4:00am. she also died peacefully in her sleep. The cycle of life. Soon we are next.

Jan 25, 2013
so similar
by: Anonymous

Iian - I so understand what you said and feel. My partner died very unexpectedly on April 9 (Easter Monday) after taking ill on the previous Friday and going through emergency admittance, to a coma, to finally my need to give permission for disconnect from life support. We had known each other for 4 1/2 years and had been living together for 7 months with our whole life ahead of us to be shared, enjoyed and "lived". That came to a crashing halt and I am left, as you, with memories and unfulfulled potential. My partner also did not have an easy life and had finally found someone with which he could share anything with - his previous life was like a big Pandora's box he was just starting to open up with me as his companion through thick and thin, etc. I know things about him and his past trials and tribulations and imposed physical and mental abuses by others that his family have no clue about - and yet they are so judgemental of him - if they had only known and understood. Take heart in knowing you are not alone and with what I have learned to appreicate - at the risk of sounding self-righteous, I feel I was brought into my partners life perhaps with the purpose of helping him towards his final days with peace, comfort and dignity and that he died knowing he was truly loved, understood and not alone - I guess that is all we really want out of life in the end...

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