My darling Mum

by G.s

I lost my dear Mum 21st December 2011, I still miss her every day, I loved her so very much, the thing that's still hard for me is the fact that I was ringing her that evening, with no answer, I did start to get concerned, anyway she was on her kitchen floor already gone to heaven, I remember her saying once to me she didn't want to be on her own when her time came, and I promised her that she wouldn't, but she was and that's hard for me to bear. I am very sure that she knew I loved and cared for her, she is with my dear Dad now, who passed in 1998.

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Dec 06, 2013
My darling Mum
by: christine

When I found my loving son, 38 years old, just one year ago, when I got home from work, my world crumbled. I still have not but any pieces back together. I fell to my knees beside his body and started to pray. I do know that he is in no more pain. I would watch him cry everyday because of his pain. I love him so much it hurts, and I still wait for him to come home, knowing full well he is home. I pray to God for strength and hope and one day when the time is right my son and I will reunite. The broken heart will never mend, but the pain will lessen. We never want our loved ones to leave us, but when God calls for them they must leave us, and we must find the strength through God to go on. Our work on earth is not done yet, we have to give it our all, make our loved ones proud of us. My thoughts and prayers are with you, God Bless

Dec 06, 2013
My darling Mum
by: Doreen UK

I am sorry for your loss of your mum. The hardest part of losing a loved one is How they passed. This feeling assaults us when our loved one dies. We start thinking about what they were thinking? Were they aware they were on their own? Did they pass quickly? or did they suffer? etc. These are all normally a part of grief. These thoughts should pass in time if we process our loss in a positive way. Your mum may have passed quickly and would have known nothing. Almost as if she went to sleep. I lost my husband to cancer 19 months ago and had to take 6 months out of life to just bathe myself with TV and the God channel in a way to comfort me and help me process my loss. My body couldn't handle normal life. Grief assaults one's body if the mind can't process the loss. It takes time for all of us in different ways to cope with our loss and the grief that seems to last forever. Death is the most painful aspect of Life. As a mum I am sure your mother loved you. WE don't get to round off our lives in the ideal way because life unfolds as it does and we just live life without thinking of losing someone. I think it will take several years for many of us to heal from our loss and for us to feel normal again after death.

Dec 06, 2013
Death of your darling Mum
by: Candace McCutcheon

It hasn't yet been two years and another anniversary is coming up very soon. Those anniversaries can be so upsetting, but it does get easier with time. It's especially difficult that it happened around Christmas, though that can be a stressful time of the year and the wintery weather adds even more stress. Death isn't just something you can plan for. I'm sure you wanted to be with your Mum and you must've sensed something was wrong, since you called her at that time. It must have been very traumatic to be the one who found her. I never got to say "good-bye" to my dad or my brother either. Sometimes these things just happen so fast, there's no way you can really prepare for them. Try to do something nice for yourself on the day of the anniversary to ease your mind of some of the stress if you can. Good luck to you. I hope you'll be feeling better about it with time.

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