My Darling Sachin the Burmese

by Caroline Thompson

8 days and nights have passed since I had to put my beautiful Burmese cat to sleep, I had no idea when he had his routine visit for inoculations that I would get the shock of my life to find he had stage 4 kidney disease at first there was a glimmer of hope for three days after his first treatment he had picked up eating and drinking and we were being positive that we were gonna get through this hurdle. Every 2nd day he had fluids under his skin(it's a form of dialysis) but the 6th day he stopped eating,drinking and using his toilet, he sat on the bathroom basin staring at the water but just couldn't find the energy to drink, my fiancé and I had to force him to drink with a syringe and he still refused to eat so we force fed him too. The next morning he was at the vets for more fluids and the vet found a hard lump which was one of his kidneys, it had stopped working 90% of it's capacity. The vet said come back tomorrow for fluids again as he can't go a day without them now. That night he was mournfully meowing and would just stare at the water, I think he was crying because he was so ill. Day 7 I had to leave him overnight so he could have two treatments and I was told to call the next morning and that was when the vet said"I'm sorry but sachins body is refusing the treatment his body can't hold any fluid, his kidneys have failed, now is the time when you have to make a very hard decision quality vs quantity". So with my tears not stopping I told the vet that I couldn't keep him alive but in a vegetative state, that's too cruel and I know deep in my heart it is the most compassionate thing that I could do for him now.
As soon as I could see him he cried out to me and he purred non stop even smooging and licking my face again I believe he was giving all his strength to be his usual self one last time. I called my family and they all came to say goodbye to the little man he had a special place in all their hearts,after they left we went into the room where my sweet darling baby had his last hug with me then we laid him down and I held his head and paw as the vet put him to sleep forever, his little heart only took a few seconds and as I held him I told him that it was ok to go and that we'll meet again and that my mothers Burmese, his buddy was waiting for him in that big garden in the sky where they will play and lay in the sun forever. His burial took place that afternoon and as the rain fell so did my tears. Every night I cry i honestly think it will take time until i dont.I will never forget my sweet,soft,cuddly,smoogey and beautiful Sachin aka cravalby lilac moonshine my lilac Burmese. He was my shadow and spent every possible moment bringing me a joy and love unparalleled to any humans I had ever received. if I house sat he house sat with me, he loved the front seat and would always surprise people walking past, double taking to see a cat in a car, whether it be the kitchen, bathroom,bedroom,toilet, dining room or garden he was my companion and everytime I look to the sky or lay on grass my Sachin will eternally be with me. Sachin I will always love you.

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Aug 02, 2012
by: Linda

I love Burmese. They are so pretty and so sweet. I am so sorry for your loss, and have lost a lot of pets myself, never really get over them, just learn how to carry the grief. I am thinking of you.

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