My Darling Wife

by Joe
(Essex, England)

I sat by your bedside with tear stained eyes
Willing you to wake as if from a dream
Praying that the living nightmare was not real
Hoping against hope things were not as they seemed
I was pleading with God to let you pull through
Get out of this place, let's get back home
They turned off the life support machine
And you went to Heaven, and I was alone
Sleep tight my darling, until we meet again
I must endure
Because of our love, our life with each other
For the sake of your memory I'll battle each day
Though I know that the heartache will never go away
Look out for me darling
Keep me safe from harm
One day we'll be together again
My soulmate, my darling wife
The love of my life

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Oct 02, 2012
my darling wife
by: silver

Our situations are so much alike.I don't know why your wife was on life support but my husband had pneumonia which went septic and killed his kidneys.The dialysis began killing his heart.The second hardest thing I ever had to do was to sign the DNR papers so they wouldn't use heroic measures to keep him alive. I called our sons in to say their good byes then the hardest thing I have ever done I told them to turn off the respirator.I lay my head on his shoulder and my arm across his chest.I told him I loved him for the last time.I was in shock but I didn't know that until many months later. I still have split-second thoughts that I will turn around and he will be there but he isn't and never will be again.He died May 2011.The thing that gets me through is knowing that we will be together again one day.That is my and prayers to you GOD bless you and give you strength

Feb 05, 2012
My Darling Wife
by: Joe

Thank you for your kind words. Elaine's funeral isn't until Feb 14th, which is her birthday. I got up this morning to a beautiful snow covered day, all the branches covered - she would have loved that. I just burst out crying, knowing it's little things we would now never share together. I'm really struggling, but I know she would have gone mad with me if she thought I was going to give in. I'm still in the process of sorting things out, and don't go back to work until Feb 20th. I'll miss my sweet darling until the day I die, and I'll love her forever.

Feb 03, 2012
Beautiful Wife
by: TrishJ

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel. The day my husband's doctor came out of the ICU and told me there was nothing more that could be done, my world stopped. I felt dead inside for almost a year. It's been 14 months (today actually) and I can tell you that things have gotten a bit better. My husband lives in my heart every day. I have had to learn to let the past go and try to carry on with my future. I still have days when I just want to sit and cry and think about how things used to be. I can't have that any more. I'm gradually getting to a place of yes and being positive but it's a lot of hard work.
Your wife will always be with you. Look for the little signs that she is sending you to let you know she is still with you. You have to have an open mind. She will always love you as you do her.
I'm hoping for the best for you. Be good to yourself. The biggest thing that I've had to over come is fear. The fear of moving on without my Joe. It's very frightening and sometimes just easier to give up completely. Our beloved spouses would not want that for you.
Try to find some peace today.

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