My Daughter, Ali

by Suzanne Liederman
(Phoenix, AZ)

On November 20, 2011, I will be going to the cemetery with some of my friends, for the unveiling of my daughter, Alison's, grave stone. I can hardly believe she has been there for nearly 2 years. The closer I get to Sunday, the faster the tears fall. She was crossing the street on a sunny, Saturday afternoon, and then I got a call from the hospital telling me I should come down; and oh, did I have a friend who could come with me? That call was the beginning of the turmoil and grief. Late that night, early the next morning without regaining consciousness, Alison died. It was Nov. 22, 2009. She was 28. I felt the life go out of me.....I was there when she took her first breath, and I now watched as she took her last!!! SOOO Tragic and heart-wrenching!! It took months before I stopped crying in public, sometimes for no apparent reason. With time, it has gotten easier to cope, but the loss will, of course, NEVER change. Parents are NOT supposed to bury their children. And the feeling that she just wasn't here long enough will never go away.

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Nov 15, 2011
New Member
by: Anonymous

I was so sorry to hear of your loss as I, too have just become an unfortunate member of this 'club' of parents who have buried their children. My beautiful daughter, Morgan died just 7 days ago at the age of 20. I walk through my days in a state of shock and yearn for her texts and phone calls. Her pictures silently stare back at me. I wrap myself in her robe and cover myself with her childhood blanket but my heart remains forever cold.

Nov 14, 2011
Two down and none to go
by: SoSadDad

Suzanne, I can only say that I am so sorry for you. And as a co-member of this seemingly God-forsaken club, I love you. Yet as Geoffrey alluded to, it is NOT God-forsaken. Sometimes it seems that in the darkest hour, God is not there. But the fact that we survive today is proof to me that He was there. I (we, my wife Brenda and me) lost my daughter Melanie, 31, a little over two years ago. Without my faith I would not have made it. Then Jennifer, 28, died just three months ago. How could Brenda and I both be somewhat sane now, and still able to function, if not for the grace of God? We will forever grieve and forever miss them, but forever will end when we are all together again. Our new forever will start. Suzanne, counselling can help, even just a visit with your pastor. I just spent some time at breakfast with my pastor, and it has changed my outlook completely. I'm not healed, and never will be. I still cry without warning, feel depressed and lethargic. Suzanne, they tell me that things will never be the same, but they will get better. I guess for now we just have to take their word for it. I would strongly recommend that you look up a local chapter of Compassionate Friends. Run by grieving parents, they know how we feel. ( God bless you!


Nov 14, 2011
I'm so sorry
by: Anonymous

I understand what you're going through. My son, Nbail. Passed away just over a year ago, Nov.1, 2010. The pain and sadness are so very deep and there're really no words to describe it. We just have to keep moving forward one day at a time for the sake of our loved ones and those who love and need us in their lives.
With love and compassion,

Nov 13, 2011
moms in grief
by: Anonymous

I too lost a child. It's been 15 months and I miss his smiles, his hugs, his silliness. I lost him to leukemia. He was 23 and a wonderful son. It's been one step, one breath for me. Sending hugs and prayers your way.
Shirley - mom of Dimitri 7/13/87 to 8/9/10

Nov 13, 2011
Loving Suzanne
by: Geoffrey Campbell

My dear Suzanne, my tears run quickly down my face as I read your letter, though I have never been blessed to have a child or a wife,(which all my life I yearned for..) my heart was pierced by your letter about your precious daughter. God can help you in this terrible time of grief, and though the grief and pain of loss will never leave, God who is love, suffers with you, as we are told in Isaiah, "In all our suffering He suffers." But there is the precious promise in 1 Thessalonians 4:13 God says to you, dear Suzanne, "that ye sorrow not as those who have no hope"...and tells us of a future blessed reunion, and finally in verse 18. "Wherefore comfort one another with these words." I hope I have helped you as I recently lost my dear Father, but I know that to lose a daughter is much greater, or any child. This site has helped me, I had been crying all day long, I cared not that people saw me weeping, head downcast, but as I went over His promises in His word I felt a healing balm, and then this site still helps. I still cry, but I feel stronger and have hope. Your friend in Scranton Pennsylvania, USA

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