My daughter Darlene!

by Nestor Grullon
(Danvers, MA USA)

Grullon Family in Puerto Rico

Grullon Family in Puerto Rico

Grullon Family in Puerto Rico
Darlene Grullon
Darlene Grullon

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About a year ago, I lost my daughter Darlene to cancer, and, my wife and I, so, her sister and brother cannot understand why her. I am holding my emotion, because, my own daughter Darlene showed me to be strong for her, and, I am still doing this (to be strong), to show my family that I am not going to fall apart for them.
All this problem with her sickness started in February 2002, but, the real problem began when she fall down in her High School and, broke her right leg in November 2002. After that, she had to wait to do her first surgery in February 2003, and, then, after everything it was fine. After we returned from vacation to Florida, we can back to Massachusetts, in the state we have lived for about more than 26 years. I brought my daughter Darlene to San Francisco to attend to University of San Francisco en August 2004, and, 3 days after I returned from San Francisco, she felt down again, and, she got hurt on her knee. She got better after that. Couple of month later, she felt down again at school, and, she went to check with doctor, and, found out some fluid on her right knee. She returned back to Massachusetts in December 2004 for winter break and, for her sister Sasha's 16th birthday. In January 2005, my daughter Darlene, once again, she felt down in the mall at our location, and, this time we needed to do something, to go back to the same doctor who did her surgery back in 2003. They did a biopsy in February 2005, and, April 2005 she was diagnostic with High Grade Osteosarcoma. She started receiving chemotherapy right away, and, July 2005, she had a total knee replacement, and, at same time they removed the rest of tumor from her. After that, she continued to receive more chemotherapy until November 2005. Everything it was fine, until the tumor came back in November 2006. She had more surgery and, received more treatment. Everything it was fine in 2007 until November of the same year, the tumor came again. In February 29, 2008, she had her right leg amputated, but, the tumor keep coming back, and, her right leg it was amputated again in December 2008. My mother passed away in September 2009, and, my daughter Darlene got sick again, and I was out the country to bury my mom in the Dominican Republic, I did not get a chance to cry my mother, because I have to return right away to be next to my daughter, because her tumor it was growing into her lungs, and, she need it another surgery as soon as possible, and, she did in October 2009. My daughter had two more surgeries on her lungs after that, one February 2010, and, the other one, I cannot remember after so many surgeries. One thing is, I was not giving up on her, she did not want to die at this age, and, I keep saying to her stay focus, stay positive, do not give up, and, she was so strong, and, we were giving all love to her, no matter what, this is what parent supposed to do for their children. I never thought that I was going to see this moment, of losing one of my own. It was impossible to save my daughter's life, she died on March 30th, 2011. I will never give up on my children. She is on heart forever, and, then, we will be together again. She is in a better place with God!

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Nov 28, 2012
Feeling your pain
by: Elsa

Hi, your story is pretty similar of mine!!! My daughter's name was Darling, she was 18 and she died of leukemia on December,6 2011. I know exactly how you feel.
She stared at age 15 with osteosarcoma on her right knee, they saved her leg, but she was not a good response, so they had to gave her some more and strong chemos, the side effects of two of those chemos was leukemia. for eleven months seemed everything ok, but one day she didn't feel well again,she got admitted with kidney's infection,I don't know how, but this end up with leukemia..she got many complications on top of that,but she got the bone marrow transplant, everything looked fine, but her day of her departure was on Dec 6th. She didn't want to die, no one wants.. she cried so much a month before she died ( she was depressed), I was very confident that she will make it, it was all so fast, she got admitted with many complications ,short breading, few viruses and her tumor came to the lungs, but even of those complications, I thought she will make it. She died in ICU and I had the blessed to said good bye to her.she really was a darling, very pretty, funny,happy,social,respectful.. she was my best friend, we used to laugh a lot, I tried to be strong for her all the time, she never saw me crying, but now I don't have to be strong any more, I can cry when I feel like it.. there is not a day that pass that I don't cry for her and I ask God to take me with her soon!!! sending my prayers to you and family!!

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