My daughter Jenni

by Jeanne
(Lake Worth, FL )

I lost my oldest daughter Jenni 05-18-2012, she was 26 and was madly in love with the father of their 2 year old son. We were planning her dream wedding, actually her wedding dress came in the day before she died. We are still looking for answers on her death we just can accept what we were told by the medical examiner. My daughter stood up from bed and died. Her brain had swelled and she was gone. The paramedics got her back and rushed her to the hospital, over the next 4 hours I have lost count of the times she flat lined, until she finally passed at 12:30 pm. We went from planning her dream wedding one day to planning her funeral the next. She was my oldest of 3 daughters. We are thankful every day to have an incredible grandson to give us a piece of her. But honestly my heart is broken and I don't know if it will ever heal. I miss her everyday and the pain never goes away.

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May 28, 2014
missing our child
by: Joe's mom

I too think the pain is like the tide, it is higher and stronger some days, recedes some hours, but ever-present. I lost my son at age 33 last July and am trying to get to good memories instead of tears, but I am obviously tightly wrapped, as most men avoid me and my husband says the stress in my voice is obvious. I wonder how to fool people, though I would rather be left alone. No one can fix grief, you have to feel it and live with it. My friend, whose 22-yo daughter died in a car accident on Mother's day 10-11 years ago assures me you learn to live with it and it gets less intense, but not yet. I am so sorry for your (and your family's) loss since I think this pain is the most difficult and inescapable of feelings. I can say, try to dwell on the happy memories since the other can make it worse, the helplessness and reality does not change, only the way we respond makes it bearable. Hugs.

May 21, 2014
Michelle - May our Fears soon disappear
by: Doreen UK

Michelle I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I also wake up many a night and feel scared and hate the darkness of the night and I also don't know what I am scared of and why I should feel this way 2yrs. on after the death of my husband. I hope this soon changes for us as it is so debilitating to live with. Keep looking up to God our Comfort and our only HOPE.!!!

May 20, 2014
by: Michelle

I don't think the pain ever goes away... I mean, how can it when the the largest part of us died at that very moment our child did.
How sorry I am for the loss of your daughter jenni. The emptiness, heartache and anger consumes my very being.
I lost my 22 year old daughter Megan last January. So often at night I wake up scared to death and I don't even know why. Perhaps I wake up to the same nightmare, life.
Hugs to you.

May 18, 2014
Your daughter
by: Kate

Oh,the horrible taste of death of our child. Nothing can touch this. I lost my son to death at 39 a year and a half ago. I do not know except by begging help from the holy one,how I have gone on. I am so sorry for this horrible loss you now have to bear. There are no answers when death comes unexpectedly .
My heart understands.

May 18, 2014
My daughter Jenni
by: Doreen UK

Jeanne, What a tragic loss of a daughter that had everything to live for and didn't get that chance to enjoy her wedding and future. One just never knows from one day to the next what is round the corner for any one of us. The reality of the loss of Jenni will remind us all how fragile life is and to re-evaluate how we hold our precious children to our hearts each day. This is a parent's worst nightmare. Losing a child is THE WORST EXPERIENCE of a parent's life. I have 3 Adult children and worry about losing any one of them since I lost my husband on 5th May 2012. 13 Days before you lost Jenni. 2yrs. on I feel my grief and loss more. A loss that will be felt forever.
I couldn't bear to view the body of my child in a casket. This is got to be the worst image a parent has to live with forever. This is the image I keep seeing. My husband lying in his casket cold and at peace and I wanted him to come alive. I was numb and now I am thawing out and feel the wrath of grief and loss.
May God draw close to you all as a family and comfort you daily and give you His Peace.

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