My Daughter My Angel

by Mom

What can I say about the loss of a changes your life forever. She passed away in 2009 ..there isn't a day that goes by I do not think about her and ask why. She was such a sweet girl and my best friend. I think back on her life and hope what little time she had here that she loved being my daughter as much as I loved being her mother. Every Holiday is void of the happiness I use to have. It is hard to go through this life now without her. As a mother you are suppose to protect your children but there is a illness that is much bigger called cancer. God I hate that word and I hate pink and I hate October cuz it is cancer awareness month and ironically the month she died. To watch a beautiful, young, caring, creative,successful young person die in six months after diagnoses of a rare form of cancer.. it was brutal. But I was with her to the bitter end...and was able to whisper in her ear "if there is some place you need to go I will love love love you forever, thank-you for being my daughter" I wish I could hug her just once more ..I miss her soo much

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Jun 04, 2012
Love to you all
by: Matthew

I can't possibly say anything that compares to your loss.
My daughter is 16 and she's doing fine.
Reading all your very very moving thoughts just confirms how glad I am for every day I spend with her.
Life is a fragile thing. We have no control over it.
My thoughts and love are with you all.

Dec 14, 2011
I miss her so much!
by: Karen

Hi Mom

i understand what your going through. i lost my daughter to AMLeukemia..that word just sticks in my gut when I even say it.

Like you and your daughter we were the best of friends, did everything together. She fought 4 1/ was such a helples feeling to have to go through that, and not being able to stop it.
It is our job to protect our children, and its just not fair.

I was with her at the end, her wish was to be at home with her family. It was the most devastating thing to watch..but I hope in the end she knew we were there..we whispered in her ear..told her we loved her..and frankly I wanted to go with her and still do as its only been 4 weeks yesterday.

My life will never be the same, I have a son who I adore too..and am trying to be strong, but this pain and emptiness is just way too much.
I think about her every day and want to hold her one more time, but know I can,t.

We just have to stay strong I guess..they say it gets easier..

Victoria BC

Oct 29, 2011
I understand
by: Anonymous

I'm very sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I would like to know her name and what she's like, if you don't mind.

I understand the excruciating pain and deep sadness that you feel. I lost my precious son, Nabil, last November, at the age of 22. The first year mark is around the corner and I'm feeling all anxious in addition to all the other emotions.

My husband and I joined The Compassionate Friends and this has in many ways helped our family to survive each day. Going to the monthly meetings give me a safe place to express my thoughts and emotions without being judged because you're among friends who 'get it'. We learn from each other's experience and give us hope and not feeling so alone. People who I thought were friends before cannot deal with what we're going through, so they distanced themselves, making us feeling more isolated and alone. Facing the loss of our child, we also have to face secondary losses such as our friends.

Take one day at a time and be gentle with yourself.


Oct 28, 2011
your angel
by: kay

I am deeply sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. What a soul destroying thing it is to go through. Our lives are never the same. I lost my 23 yld son last year. I am sending love ,hope and peace.

Oct 26, 2011
cancer sucks
by: Anonymous

I too am "mom" and I lost my son to acute myeloid leukemia on 8/9/10. His name was Dimitri and he was 23 years and 27 days old. He died in my arms and took my heart with him to Heaven. If you have a Compassionate Friends group near you I highly recommend them. They have kept me sane this last year. Cancer sucks!

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