My daughter Sharmaine would have been 35 tomorrow

by Jennifer Wilson
(Cabarita Beach)

Tomorrow is a day that I am not looking forward to, I don't want to open my eyes in the morning. . how do I get through the day without tears. You see on June 21 2012 my Sharmaine left this world after suffering a massive heart attack that was put down to the over use of prescription drugs. Not only did she leave me behind to try and make sense of this but she left her 2 beautiful children behind. Not only has Sharmaine's passing left my life empty, but her babies are scared and coping in there own personal ways. my grandchildren give me a reason to believe that you have to be able to get though the turmoil, however it does nothelp me with the fefeeling of helplessness that I feel that I could not find a way to stop or help my beautiful Sharmaine. The pain is something that you just can't explain. mine and my grandchildrens lives have been changed forever, how do we get through this. ..

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Apr 20, 2013
Try planting "Love Prints"
by: Nancy

I am not for one minute going to pretend that I understand what you are going through; nor would I try to judge, or negate what is happening for you, however, what I can do is share my experience, with the hope that it might shine some light on your seemingly dark path. My life has been ridden with people who seemingly have made poor decisions, and I have left to try to comprehend why they have made such poor leave my life and those who also loved them. My daughter right pregnant and is constantly in and out of the hospital for trying to take her life and that of her unborn child. I can not explain her behavior, all I can do is to continue to put as many "love prints" on her..and let her know that she is "loved despite what "her head" is telling her.
You say that you have grand children that have been left behind to deal with your daughter's passing..instead of grieving her loss..try to celebrate her life...she must of had beautiful times spent sharing times of laughter, telling silly jokes, doing good things for people, baking cakes, giving Christmas cakes, or birthday presents..concentrates on those things...try not to focus on what is..and then do random acts of kindness on her birthday..and on the day of her journey to heaven..let others..those who did not know her...think about her for at least a minute on her special does not need to be anything could be a quarter in a parking meter that was running low.. and just leave a little note that simply says "This random act of kindness was done in memory of...who left us can be creative and draw an angel..put her date of well on it... it truly helps is like paying it forward..
and the people who receives the act of kindness will think of your daughter and know that she was special...and they will tell their community of friends what you did...and her "love prints" will continue on in a world..where so much love is still needed today.. for that one stranger that act of kindness..may make their day a little brighter...because you touched their lives because of your daughter..your grief will continue..but it doesn't have to be so hard.. when you go outside tomorrow..and you feel the wind on your face..know that she is sending you a say "mommy I love you...and all is well.
I hope this helps...
Your grieving friend from Winnipeg, Canada

Apr 20, 2013
My daughter Sharmaine would have been 35 tomorrow
by: Doreen U.K.

Jennifer I am sorry for your loss of your very young daughter Sharmaine who died so suddenly and has left a hole in your heart and your life. this will be the worst event that can happen to a mother to lose her child/Adult Child. AS mothers this will be our worst nightmare. I have 3 Adult Children and worry all the time about losing any of them.
I am devastated at losing my husband almost coming up to a year now. My grief is just coming through. I have developed the worst pain in my whole body for the last 3 weeks. I feel as I have been badly beaten up and I can't bear the pain. Even though I suffer with Arthritis, I read that Grief can make this worse. I can't bear this physical pain. I am housebound and can't do anything.
Jennifer You could try and see a grief counsellor for support. I know it does help. My nephew died 6yrs. ago when he suffered depression and threw himself in front of an Express train. My sister was mad with grief and couldn't cope without a grief counsellor coming to her home. She is so supportive to me now after losing my husband. Death has robbed us of everything. Even though I know we are all going to die one day. It HURTS more than words can say. Pain oozes out of every pore of our body and leaves us slowly bleeding from the inside till we find it unbearable. I hate Saturday's the day my husband died. I hate the whole weekend. I don't know when it will get better. May God comfort you and give you Peace and strength to get through this grief till you can live again, as we have no choice. We have to. God Bless.

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