My daughter, your battlefied disguised as peace

by Marie Duddle
(South Africa)

Writing a poem used to be easy
the words would just flow, come freely to me.
But since you have left me all I can do
is pray the Lord's prayer, and trust He is there.

For something went missing, something just died
the day you decided to end your difficult life
I wonder why and shed my tears, I know alas
I may never hear
also - WHY?
You never came to me, though you promised that you would
you could choose such a horrific way of leaving
not realising I would be the one to see it
you are, are you with God?
Has he forgiven do you have peace at last?

For long lasted the struggle within
you fought your own war
the battlefield was rough
bipolar a cruel enemy

and I, your mother have to accept
that there is nothing I could do
to keep you safe and smiling
how could I? your soul inside was dying.

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Jun 08, 2014
My daughter, your battlefield didguised as peace
by: Doreen UK

I am sorry for your loss of your precious daughter. I always say that when one takes their own life it is because they can't live a minute longer in their life of pain. They didn't choose so much to end their life as to end their misery which meant they lost their life. A mother is broken FOREVER when she loses a child, because she carried that child within her, giving birth, and then nurture her till she was able to do this on her own.
Sadly we live in a world where bi-polar and other emotional, and mental illness afflict the soul and leave many people tortured to the point life becomes UNBEARABLE for them. I have seen these struggles within my own family. A nephew who at the age of 30yrs. threw himself in front of an express train and left his mother so broken in pieces she could not function and needed a counsellor to go to her home and pick her up and help her through this death.
They are at peace now. All the people who were so broken they couldn't cope with life. May God be very close to all mothers and to you Marie as you struggle to recover from grief.

Jun 07, 2014
My daughter
by: Anonymous

A lovely poem and so difficult for you.You did your very best and that is all that matters. my heart goes out to you please be gentle with your self and know you are not to blame.Thinking of you. Therese

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