My dead sister and mom

by Alex
(New York)

When i was born i was a normal child, i was living a happy life with my mom and dad, later when i was 3 when my dad sat me down once and told me mom was gone, she commited suicide and shot herself in the brain with a .44, i cried alot and was down all the time, later when i was 5 my dad told me that i had another sister named Tera, she died before i was born because of heart problems, that got me even more. I'm 11 right now and im a boy, people call me a pussy for crying, what do you guys think? Would you call me a pussy?, thanks for any support.

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Jan 10, 2013
Sweet Alex
by: Anonymous


Everyone who reads this whether they comment or you. Have no doubt. No we don't know you but have you read or heard about someone else and felt loving. This deep feeling for them, perfectly undeniable. Don't forget us, we're all around, and even some of us who read this, you will meet...the unsung hero of how YOU feel for others, that's how you are felt for. Crying? You must cry, we insist on it. Why? Are you one when the pollen from the woodlands makes your eyes water and your nose run, what about when you get the rhino virus (the common cold), same thing right? So what's up with crying? Our thoughts make those watery eyes roll down the cheeks. You see sweetheart, pollen's great on the outside, we'd have no plants to eat and the rhino virus? May well be the direct link from the stationary to the mobile world. They're good on the outside, purposeful, but not inside of us. Negative thinking from bereavement, loneliness to something of malice is still all negative. Negative's awesome! The universe would yawn if not for the positive and negative, but not on the inside. So you must cry. Now you know the secret. Look'em in the eyes when you cry, dare them to be beautifully human, see what they got. When you walk down the school hall, count how many others are feeling bullied and sad. How can you, you don't know. And you're not suppose to. But many are, and they won't be able to express themselves as well as you do. 11 years old, the roller coaster ride has begun. You're going to enjoy the ride, I can feel it in my bones - you're not mute and colorless, you feel. Here's a tip that might help. Give yourself your own tips. But I will offer you one... Walk the path not the road, here's the name of this path, "In that I can". And I know we all give you loving permission to be be happy and we love you, we really do. From a member of the human family. xxxxxxx

Apr 19, 2012
by: VJ

Alex, I am So Very Sorry for your losses. I am amazed at how mature you are. To come here and share your story. I think that you have probably had to grow very fast because of losing so much, so young. I think the very last thing you are honey, is a pussy. Hate to even use that awful word. I hope that you have someone to talk to about All this Very difficult stuff. It's hard enough to deal with as an adult. Do you have family or possibly someone at school you can talk to? I don't know who is calling such a terrible name but I HOPE that they know this is NOT okay. It is abusive to you. I think your are a brave young man and I think you are amazing to have come here to shared your story. Please try to find someone that can support/help you. This is a wonderful place to come, but I think you need someone close to help you. Possibly a teacher, or counselor? Keep talking until Someone listens. There are people who do care. I am so sorry about your family. You could check your library and see what books they have to help you. There are some written for younger people.

God Bless You, VJ

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