my dear brother kumar no more. I miss you my dear brother

by sudhir

My lovely brother 33 years old is no more on 25 may 2014. Very sad day through out my life. On 25th I went to sleep around 10pm I got a phone call. My heart beats I do no why. My sister called and told me that our brother kumar died it was very shocking news that I ever heard I am restless I gave my phone to my husband to collect news how he died I am not in a position to handle it really I become mad hearing that news. After that I came to know it was heart attack really it's shocking he was very strong person how come for him heart attack.he was working as a driver he took the customer to salem india there the customer who he took was very bad he didn't give him anything through out whole day he did not eat anything it seems morning he left home 4 o clock and took the customer and reached the place and dropped them he talked with my mother very nicely on phone again he spoken to my mother around 1 o clock just talking he was fine and around 6 o clock he called my sister and told it seems that heartburn my sister told to take gastric tablet he took the tablet but still burn and the customer he took he knocked the door and told him any nearby hospital they didn't care it seems and took more time to reach hospital and when reached hospital just told dr he have heart burn but before treatment he told dr first he need to talk to my mother but dr refused before treatment he died. that bad customer didnt take him to dr soon. my brother lost his life dr said it seems its very late.Me and my Bro very close due to some fight we were not talking directly but I was supposed to meet him on 28th May in airport where he supposed to pick me up he was eagerly waiting for my visit daily he use to ask my mother. I thought I will talk to him directly but I will not at all talk him anymore I can not talk about what a horrible day. He is a very caring brother he use to do all work very talented good cook all in all talented. We cannot get like a brother in my life anymore.i miss you kumar brother.

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Jul 20, 2014
my dear brother kumar no more. I miss you my dear brother.
by: Doreen UK

Sudhir I am sorry for your loss of your brother to a sudden death by heart attack. Life happens where brothers and sisters fall out and perhaps don't speak for a long time, and when it feels ready to resolve issues it becomes too late. It takes two to reach a point of resolution. Your brother did not get the chance to say sorry. This makes grief harder. In time you will find a way to release yourself of the guilt and pain of those last moments of your brothers life and how it has affected you and your family.
Try and work things out with your family especially whilst you still have your parents with you plus a husband who will suffer if you can't resolve your pain. It just takes time, but you have to make a decision that you will recover from your grief by expressing it and how you feel, no matter how painful it is to face your brother's death. Many families have disagreements and separate sometimes for years, because they can't resolve their issues. I also have the same problem having 4 sisters and 1 brother. It takes good communication and co-operation from everyone to make a relationship work.

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