My dear dad taken from me one sad night..

by Lexi Peterson

my dad passed away on may 3rd of 2012 i am scared i actually remember that date very vividly. he had a massive heart attack one night and spent 3 days in the hospital and nothing really helped. is it true that things will get easier? Or do people just say it will to be freindly.. i really feel like things are gettin worse.. please help me in this its very scarey being 15 and thinking your dad will never be able to see you go to prom for the first time or see you have kids or even walk you down the eile.. its hard to think about the fact you will never be able to see him again.. wakeing up thinkin hell be sittin in the living room getting ready for work then realizing hes not there..

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Aug 31, 2012
My dear dad taken from me one sad night..
by: Doreen U.K.

Lexi This is how grief is after you lose your Dad or any loved one. You are in pain and it is so awful that we all feel at times that we will never recover and it will be this way forever. I lost my husband 4 months ago and I still wake up and feel as if I am dreaming and he is out there and coming back one day. Then reality kicks in and I realize that he is gone forever. These are all the normal feelings of grief. You could benefit from seeing a grief counsellor so that you can be well supported because you are so young to face this grief all by yourself on your own. Healing takes time. It is very slow. You can now only take one day at a time. In life we sometimes have to plan ahead. Reality says that God only gives us one day at a time. Tomorrow is not promised to us till God wakes us up in the morning. This is what I believe. Death is but a sleep and when Jesus comes back to earth for us we will see our loved one's again. The sadness is that whilst we live on the earth we have to go through all the pain and sorrow life gives us. We lose loved ones all the time. We miss the fun times and the looking forward to getting married and as you say having your father walk you down the aisle. That is the sadness life holds. Missing that person so badly every day. Losing all the normal interaction. not having that person be part of our day to day life. I hope that the days ahead will get a little easier for you and that you will have your faith restored in life and go on to be happy again.

Aug 31, 2012
So sad
by: Anonymous

I know exactly how you are feeling my dad passed away on 21st july 2012 due to hart faliure and o many people say it gets easier but im not sure if it dose i have turn to god to help.

Aug 30, 2012
daddy's gone
by: silver

I can't begin to know how you feel,being so young.I was blessed to have my dad until I was 60.He has cancer for 13 years.I can tell you it's really hard.My dad has been gone for a little over 2 yrs now and in Sept(his birthday) and Dec(when he died)I cry still. I wrote a poem for my husband when he died called HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE I can't tell you. I can tell you that eventually you don't cry everyday.You're able to go on.I will pray for you because I know how hard it is.

Aug 30, 2012
just as scared but I hope I can help a bit
by: Anonymous

I understand how scared you are, I lost my dad suddenly on october18 2011, 10 months ago now. It is very scary and at times almost unbearable. I don't know much but I can tell you that the moments between the gut wrenching pain and moments of desperation get further apart. It will come one time when you remember a thing you did together that you laugh and smile about the memory instead of experiencing so much pain. Those moments happen a little bit more each day.
As for the special events in your life, prom and weddings and things like that, I am not sure I still have to go through them myself and I am so scared as well. All I can think of is that on those big events he would have been so proud and happy for me, and I am going to use that energy to help me get through those moments. I am thinking of you and hope you take comfort knowing that everything is going to workout through tears, smiles, heartaches and Joy you will be okay.

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