My dear pops and his secret.

by Chris G

On January 9th 2011 my mom got a call from my dad who had been sick for the past 2 months saying he couldnt get out of bed to go use the restroom. When my mom got to the house she tried to help him get up and he ended up falling off the bed and cutting his hand. My mom called the ambulance. This was the start of a horrifying week. It being my mothers birthday I drove to her house where I was going to take her out to eat. I got the phone call telling me my dad was going to the hospital. As I waited on my white chair for a call from my mom telling me good news. I started having visions of what could happen. I got a phone call telling me that my dad had mersa and pneumonia. They also told me that his white blood cell count was extremely high. This is when I started thinking that my dad was really sick. I got another phone call the next day from my mom at the hospital telling me that my dad had cancer. I went outside and sat on my white chair. Started thinking that my dad could fight this and he would be okay. Not knowing that the cancer was in 99 percent of his body. My mom explained that we had to make the biggest decisions of are lives. Only being 22 I was not ready to lose my dad but knowing he was in pain I got to the hospital. Ran into his room and told him I love him. He was in a coma but for some reason he woke up real quick and told me he loved me. That night I sat by his side and talked to my dad in his dreams. Told him that I forgave him and told him I loved him and it was okay to leave us. He was in to much pain. I didnt leave my dads side my dad woke up on thursday and spent the whole day with us. This would be the last time I would have the chance to talk to my dad.. the later the day got the more I saw my dad dying. I watched him grab his body searching for the oxygen in his brain. My dad was such a warrior he kept his eyes open and listened until the very last minute. I watched my dad take his last breath and I closed his eyes. My dad died January 14th. He was a hero. An Airbourne Army Ranger. A vietnam veteran. The strongest man I know. He knew he was really sick. He stayed strong not letting his family worry and hurt until the very end where he couldnt hide it no more. I still dont understand and im hurting so much. I want him back. I want to wake up from this nightmare.

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