My Dearest Twin Flame Soul Mate

by Carlos Montanez
(Houston, TX, USA)

I had always been waiting for you. Little did I know who you would be. I was amazed than, as I am now. Your grace and humility are without comparison, you have these outstanding and excellent qualities about you an oh so many more facinating ones. You are my Twin Flame Soul Mate! The great philosopher and greatest thinker of his time, Plato said of Twin Flame Soul Mates 2,5oo years ago:

"And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be be out of the other's sight even for a moment."

Close Your Eyes
Close your eyes we can dream together
In your mind you'll never be alone
Say you'll love and hold me forever
Deep in your heart, Deep in your Soul

You mean everything to me. EVERYTHING!

Life is full of challenges that we must face. Society has a way of taking beautiful and pure love, and changing it to fit what it believes to be right. I believe that love between Twin Flame Soul Mates surpasses time and space. There is eternal love between two souls, however the age difference. They can be generations apart. Wait for me my dearest love, and you will understand that I truly and sincerely love and care very much about you. I have been waiting a very long time for you and will continue to. I love you even as a father, and if you decide you love someone else my dearest love, than I must accept your decision. I love you that much. All I wish for is your happiness.
The time left for me in this world is short. There is a God and He has promised us an eternity of joy, happiness, and pure love. Salvation is the one thing we both should strive for with all our hearts...for only then will we be together forever and ever.
Love those who love you and forget about the rest.
Forgive those who have hurt you, for only than can you be truly happy.
We are human and we all make mistakes. Just learn the lessons that life teaches you.
Remember to love yourself and to see the good in others.

Finally, my love, think of me fondly. And know that I have and will forever love you with all my soul, mind, and spirit...for you my dearest one, are my Twin Flame Soul Mate...My eternal Love... the Love of my unforgetable Love.

I am forever and ever yours,


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Jul 15, 2013
by: Canseeclearly

What a beautiful letter. Does she know you wrote it? Did you send it to her? Perhaps she was not important enough or Swiss enough or mature enough or clever enough. Or may be you looked beyond all the bs and loved her for who she is and if you did not then let her go. Ether way. Receiving a hand written signed letter is one of the most beautiful experiences I have known. Your letter is beautiful.

Mar 21, 2013
My Twin Flame Amanda
by: Greg

I have a Twin Flame testimony too. I won't post it here because there isn't enough space. Just go to this link and you can read. Peace to all

Apr 22, 2012
Twin flame
by: loverforlife

This is beautifully written! It shows the love you have for your twin flame/ your other half. I got teary-eyed by reading your letter to your other half. I do hope that you two will be toghether someday.

Sep 25, 2010
beautifully said
by: Shirley

You expressed your feelings very well and it was so touching to read them.

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