My divorce story

by Nicole
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Well, my husband and I were together for ten years and married for four years. Shortly after we were married he started gambling excessively and we were evicted from our home repeatedly. The last time we were evicted it was two days after Christmas and we were locked out and had to wait days to get in to get our belongings, I had no clothes for my children to wear! My two boys and I stayed at my sister’s house and my husband slept in the car, in the cold. My family had lost all respect for him after that. A few days later another sister of mine offered me and my two sons an apartment in a duplex she owned but only if he didn’t move in. I had to take her up on the offer because we didn’t have anywhere else to go. My husband moved in with us after he agreed to get help, but my family didn’t know they thought that we had broken up! So we have been living at the house for a year and a couple months now and a few months ago I caught him talking to another woman on Facebook and text messaging. He told me he would stop but I just kept catching him talking to her and he just kept lying and saying he would stop. One night we were up all night talking about our relationship and that we wanted to make it work and the next day he told me he was going to take our boys to his grandfather’s house for the weekend. I was happy to have the weekend alone! When they got home I could tell immediately that my oldest son wanted to tell me something. My husband left to go to the store later on and my son told me that they spent the weekend at this other woman’s house!!!!! I was furious to say the least, how dare he put our children in that situation! We got into a huge fight in front of my mother who didn’t know we were still together about two weeks ago, and he moved out and into her house! Since then he has been back at my house twice and stayed for a few days each time and still treated me like I am his wife! I know that I need to leave him alone and move on with my life but it is so hard after ten years. My brain tells me one thing but my heart tells me another! Thanks for listening!

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May 13, 2012
Listen To Your Brain
by: Judith in California

NIcole, Your brain is the smartest if it's telling you to leave. IF you were a stranger reading this story you would scream about the so many wrong things going on here. YOU decide it's time to leave not him. HE is so immature emotionally and he will not change.
It's you that has to be the grown up for your children and stop the maddness for them and yourself. You decide for yourself your next way of life with out him. It's all wrong on so many levels.
Your children deserve to be happy and have as trouble free young lives as possible. even tho you two will still have to co-parent them you certainly don't have to be his MOMMY too. HE is using you to his advantage . He will not change. He needs to be gone .

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