Over 5 years ago a friend introduced me to a very nice gentleman he was my dream come true. I was in a bad relationship and my friend decided to introduce me to this fine gentleman. We were perfect for each other..we had minor issues but there were walks on the beach, flowers, dinner and just being together watching tv was great. The person that I was dealing with came between us with drinking and threats of I am going to I left my dream come true and went to the mistake. All I can say was that I have co-dependent issues. I never forgot about My Dream Come True. I had often inquired and he was nowhere to be found meanwhile I married the enemy..Because I was going through a lot I figured I would go to the place where I dedicated my life to God and try to get a handle on my life and look for answers and guidance in staying in my marriage. My friend that originally introduced me 25 years ago found My Dream and set up a surprise dinner/meeting. When he walked in the room it was mixed emotions I was mad at my friend because she knew I was married and trying to live right but I melted when I saw him. The next day we went for dinner and discussed our lives and decided we would be together, we both were very happy (but I knew I was married and it was wrong but I pressed on) I asked God to forgive me and pressed on nightly talks about marrying and what we were going to do living out our lives. My soul did not feel right and I asked God to somewhat make this stop. I was talking to my Dream Come True and he was shot and killed. How can I ever forgive myself? I have asked God to forgive me and I know that he has but I can not forgive myself.

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