My Entire Imediate Family Gone

by Monica
(Louisville, KY)

March 27th 2010 my mother passed away in a freak car wreck. She was 65 south bound, over corrected and flipped 4 lanes into an oncoming semi. I was 17 at the time and living with my dad and younger brother(15). It just so happened that the night of her death my younger half sister(11) was staying the night with me so for the moment she was safe. By law my sister was sent to live with her father who had NEVER been a part of her life. No birthday cards, no phone calls, nothing complete neglect! He immediately took my sister and refused us contact. I didn't hear from her until Sep 2010 when her father gave her to my mothers twin saying "you can have her, shes too sad all the time." Over the next month or so she stared telling us horror stories about being mentally and psychically abused by her father and step mother. We started fighting for custody immediately but lost due to lack of standing. She was returned home. I didn't hear from her again until Jan. 19th 2011. My younger brother Micah was in a car accident and put on life support until the 20th when we pulled the plug. I seen my sister briefly at the hospital and again at the funeral. My brother left behind his 8month old son. I know all families, but not like mine. My Mother, Father, Sister, and Brother are my best friends in the entire world. We never fought, we were always with each other day in and day out. In the course of ten months my entire family was gone. My father has had a pituitary brain tumor since I was two. After the death of my brother he lost it. He sold my house I've lived in for 18yrs and moved in with his girlfriend of 8yrs. I'm still fighting for visitation with my sister and see my dad and nephew once a week. I now live with my moms (fraternal) twin. I'm strong, I deal with the loss of my WHOLE family everyday, but I manage to put on a smile. I don't know what I'm looking for here. Maybe just to share my story...

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Sep 24, 2012
by: silver

I really don't know what to say to you except for the fact that I think you are a VERY strong person. When the day comes that you are a father I think you will be a great one.You have dealt with a lot in a short period of time.You have been a support for others also. You are a great person. I lost my mom,dad,and husband in 18 months and I found strength I didn't know I had. I am a very religious person and I feel that GOD was there for me every step of the way.I don't know how you feel but that's what it feels like to me. I will pray for your family and for your continued strength. GOD BLESS you I send you love and respect

Sep 19, 2012
My Entire Immediate Family Gone
by: Doreen U.K.

Monica I am sorry for your loss of your entire immediate family. Life has been so cruel to you. You seem to be handling this loss too well. Perhaps you should go and see a counsellor just to make sure you are not bottling up your grief to the point you will either one day explode or you will break down. Your loss is heavy and a lot to bear ALONE. Your father doesn't seem to be supportive to you, but more about him looking after his own needs. It is a pity your dad sold your home. Life will be difficult for you all. Speaking to a counsellor would also help you to process what is happening with your step sister. She is in a very delicate situation with being abused. You need to make sure that she is being looked after well and not in a place where she will feel so lost she won't be able to cope with the Adult world. She could end up with depression and then suicide. You need to see that she is being protected in the right way. You are a very mature articulate young woman. I know you appear to be coping well. If you are ever in crisis reach out for support from social services or a counsellor. These service should be able to support you so that you don't handle life all ALONE by yourself. Best wishes

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