My Everything ~ My Loyal Friend Minty

by Sophie
(Perth, Western Australia)

Me and my best friend

Me and my best friend

I found Minty sitting all by herself in a pet store when I was 7 years old. I still remember the day as if it was 5 minutes ago. My parents fell in love with her as well and we took her home. Minty was a Australian Terrier/Pomeranian cross, with lots of courage and the most expressive face I've seen on anyone.

Over the years she became my best friend; I woke up in the morning at 6am to walk her before school, played with her in the afternoons, watched tv with her by my side and snuck her into my bedroom at night. She was my little shadow; when I had a shower she would lay outside the bathroom door to make sure no-one was up to any funny business! I am an only child, so she was my surrogate little sister.

Sometimes we had an almost telepathic connection; I knew when she was in distress from 20km's away, and she would sit by the fence or front door whenever I was coming home. We had secret hand signals, code words and expressions that only we understood.

Minty died 5 weeks ago from a combination of illnesses at 12 years of age. It was her time to go; I knew that day that she would not last the night. I slept on the floor beside her bed with my hand on her side; Mum woke me up in the middle of the night when she died (lying next to me on the floor).

She was so much a part of my life that it seems empty now. Most all I miss the sound of her breathing, and her presence in my mind. I miss the proper hello's we would have at every greeting; her fur under my hands and her wuffling in my ear. To fall asleep I have to listen to music constantly to fill the silence. Sometimes my insomnia lasts until 5am.

I don't have many human friends, which makes her absence all the worse. It sucks to go weeks on end without a phone call or conversation. It seems like whoever I talk to is only mildly interested. I miss having someone who I could talk to that would listen and not judge, and comfort me without words; the language of the body is so ill-used by human culture that I feel as though I can only use half of my expression. Hand signals of distress don't seem to register with people.

But this is not all about me complaining; I am grateful for every second I had with her. Her life, and her death, has taught me more than I probably will ever realise.

There will never be another Mintyone; she was my soulmate in animal form.

Note from ed:

What a thoughtful and intelligent essay!

Revealing your inner thoughts like this can only help others to understand that pet loss can be fully as devastating as human loss. This does not diminish the importance of human life; to the contrary, it elevates the importance of all of God's creatures in our lives, and reveals a deep capacity for love.

The many messages I have received about the seriousness of pet loss encouraged me to write another whole chapter on the subject of grief...

Look for a navbar button that reads "Pet Loss" in the next 3-4 weeks. It provides information and comfort to grieving pet owners. I know you will find it educational and uplifting.

My deepest sympathies to you, Sophie, on your painful loss.


Comments for My Everything ~ My Loyal Friend Minty

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Jun 27, 2012
by: Chuck Russo

I am so rorry for you,. I know how you feel I lost my oscar a few days ago and I cant get over it. I cry all the time. I know I should'nt but it hurts so much too loose him after 15 years. Everybody says to me " your still upset or its only a dog" but they dont know what I feel inside and how much it hurts. Oscar was more than a dog he was my friend when I had no friends

Dec 12, 2011
by: Ally

Im so sorry for your loss, my beautiful wee Molly was knocked down and killed 4 weeks ago, she was only 5. I am devastated, she was a jack russell but not typical one. She was scared of everything and never left my side, she gave me the most unconditional love Ive ever felt. I am lost without her and pray that I see her again someday. Take care

Mar 18, 2010
Understanding your loss and pain
by: Anonymous

Your story is very moving and very well written.. You can tell the love you have for Minty is very deep within your soul.. Minty was very lucky to have you as a mom.. I too am going through a grieving period.. I had to have my two puppies put to sleep about 3 weeks ago.. I feel the loss that you are feeling.. The pain that surrounds your every waking moment is sometimes unbearable.. My babies were Kyzer and Kyobi and I, like you, feel so empty and lost without them.. Our furballs fill our lives with unconditional love that can't be replaced.. I am hoping for you and I and all our pet friends that have lost their buddies, that we will be with them again to complete our lives in the hereafter.. My thoughts and prayers are with you.. Hopefully Minty, Kyzer and Kyobi are in a better place.......


Sep 25, 2009

by: Emily

They truly are the best friends we could ever have, aren't they? I am so sorry that you lost the love of your life. My prayers are with you in this horrible time. I, too, am grieving the loss of my heart and soul, who passed away two and a half weeks ago. I hope each day that goes by, the pain lessens and the memories increase.

Aug 24, 2009
i am so sorry
by: Anonymous

I feel what you feel, my dog Mazzy he passed away last night, it feels like my hart is empty without him +your dog is cute as a butten, i am so so so sorry about what happend.
Lots of love Miranda

Mar 06, 2009
Your Baby
by: tracey

I'm so sorry about your baby's passing. I'm a real sucker for dogs. I understand your pain, because I had to put my dog to sleep last month. Your dog looks like a real cutie pie. Good luck in the days to come. Tracey

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