my father died i cant bare the pain

by dinuk congreve
(uppsala sweden)

My father passed away on 03rd of may 2012.
i cant bare the pain i dont know how to start and i was there with him when he passed away his blood pressure went low and the docs could not save him and his heart pulse went low but he was in a coma when he passed away and he was my best friend i was with him all the time from the day i was born. i cant bare the pain i cry whn i am typing this. i need someone to chat or mail pls if anyone like this my email id

i am swedish citizen but my parents are sri lankan.
you can even add me in facebook my name is dinuk congreve.

help me.

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Aug 05, 2012
death is a proccess of eternal life
by: Roya(Tehran)


It's almost 2 month that I lost my father.I loved him too much.I know your pain.We should change our opinions about death.I read somewhere that dieing is like hatching chicken from an egg.soul is as a chicken inside the egg and the egg is as human body.when a person dies ,he or she becomes free ,free of limited body.your father is free now.He can see you.If you are happy ,he'll be happy too.Don't be sad.your sadness makes him sad.I feel my father beside me so I do things that makes him happy. life on the earth is continuing for you. happy days are waiting for you. best wishes

Jul 08, 2012
It's tough
by: Josh D

I wanted to comment on each of your posts who recently lost your father. My dad passed away May 25, 2012 and I'm still struggling each and every day as he was my best friend. Every morning on my way to work I would call him just to say hi and tell him that I loved him. Now I still call his cellphone at times to hear his voice. My dad battled cancer for 7 years and I was blessed to be by my dad's side the morning he had passed away. The last thing he did after taking his last breath was look me in the eyes and smiled. I will never forget holding his hand that morning. All I can say is that at times like these stay close to family because you all need each other. I'd be lost without my mom and sister.

Jun 28, 2012
my father died i can't bare the pain
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your father. You are so grief stricken it is unbearable pain. this is normal my friend and you are not alone. It is a pain we all go through and feel as if we are going to explode with pain. It is a hard place to be. If I was not on this grief website reading everyone elses posts I would be in intense grief. I am in another world when helping others. we heal together when we express pain. No one can take it away. But every time you cry and cry this is good because you are healing from emotional pain. My son expressed his grief by saying he hadn't seen a dead body before and he was shaken by the death of his father. We each express pain in different ways depending on our relationship with that person we lost. Also the tye of death affects our grief. You may like to seek out a bereavement counsellor to support you at this difficult time. Counsellors will be sensitive to how you are feeling and help you work out your feelings. Often a death can bring up problems or unresolved issues that surface when someone dies and it can cause a rift in the family and separation. Don't be alarmed when this happens. The pain of losing a loved one is so unbearable it is like no other pain we can compare it to. It comes from deep within our soul. I hope that you have people around you at this time to support you and you are not on your own. Being on one's own will only intensify the grief. You will also feel empty. Lonely. crying and searching for your loved one. this is normal and the first stage of grief. I wish you better days ahead and a peacefull journey through your grief. Best wishes. thank you for sharing.

Jun 28, 2012
not alone
by: Anonymous

you are not alone. My father passed 06/16/2012. the pain was so overwhelming. He too passed away in the hospital after 5weeks in the ICU. sometimes the tears flow so much that there feels like no more will come out, then the numbness sets in. I am sending words at a time when words mean nothing, I know. I just want you to know that another human being stands with you during this time.

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