My Fiance left me and kids for another Woman

If your like me you have been dealing with the rejection, betrayal, uncovering lies and deception, pining over the why's and how right. I have read many stories and I would like to share my own.

My ex fiance and I grew up around each other. He was four years younger than me. He was 19 and I was 24. I had one child but he was temporarily staying with his father. we fell in love pretty fast and were inseparable. Like any couple after a year or so we began to have arguments because we had a new born and I was trapped in the house while he still ran in the streets like we used to together. Trust issues set in and our arguing seemed to get worse. we managed to stay together for another two years. Then our home burned down in 2008 right before our second child was born. We drew closer to each other and things got better. But as time progressed I began to become suspicious of him again.His phone activity. He went right back out to being in the streets. I got lonely and frustrated being alone and began communicating with someone interested in me in our apartment complex. He ups and leaves me a week later out of the blue claiming to be unhappy. He went to his moms for a month. I got closer to the person and began to catch feelings but nothing like what I had with him. He came back one day to stay the night and went through my phone to find the texts. It broke his heart. I felt so bad. Even though I suspected him I could never find evidence. He covered all his tracks and kept his messages deleted. So of course I looked like the bad guy. That moment was our breaking point and I didn't even notice it. He came back begging and crying that he loved me so much and he can't stand the pain of being hurt and wanted me to make him feel better. We got back together for our last two years. God I loved him so much and I fought so hard to show him but the damage had been done. He could never really forgive me for the emotional affair. he began to complain to other females and friends outside of our relationship.but continued to act as if everything were fine at home. all the time planning to move on. In Feb 2011 he asked me to marry him. So I assumed we were ok. I had just got a degree and began working and things seemed ok until I found a Facebook message to an ex girlfriend three months later. I confronted him and things began to change. I could tell there was someone else. one night I stayed out until 2:30 am trying to find out info from various friends. he was furious. accused me of cheating again and left in July 2011. six and a half years over. He came to me again crying and trying to get back together. I was so receptive but I listened to him. He kept texting me and coming by and confessing his love for me. But he stayed at his moms. two months later he celebrated my birthday with me and stayed a week. He had surgery soon after and I was there right by his side. after a few weeks I broke into his Facebook account and it confirmed all my suspicions. He was flirting and trying to sleep with every woman I had ever thought he was and more. He had over 14 girls he was going after including the girl he is with now. I confronted again. He made excuses and I just wanted him back so he agreed to delete the girls from his page and change his phone number and for the next three months he continued to come to see me hang out, sleep with me but in my heart I knew there was someone. He swore their wasn't and agreed to counseling to save us. The week of Christmas we did last minute Christmas shopping and he told me Christmas he would come home finally. On Christmas night I put all the kids to bed and called him at 1am like he said. no answer. I called and texts until 3am. Crying by myself I wrapped and built all the gifts by myself. I feel asleep waiting. The kids woke me up still no dad. At 8am he calls me begging for forgiveness and claimed to have gotten drunk with family and passed out. I knew better. He chose to be with her and her daughter over our kids for Christmas. He admitted that day that he had a friend. Two weeks later he moved in with her and cut all contact with me. When we finally did speak he kept screaming how much he hated me didn't care about me. she was so great and I was history to him. I meant nothing to him anymore and he wanted our daughter who is three to come live with him and her daughter and he just wanted to be done with me forever. My heart broke. the betrayal was so great. I loved him so much and I fought for our family and lost him anyway. What was so good about her? How did she capture his heart so fast? How could he sleep with her and me at the same time? How can he hate me after almost seven years together. for six months I'd cried every night waiting and praying he would come home.I had four suicide attempts, and fought suicidal thoughts everyday. I have been fighting depression, guilt, shame, and anxiety. It's been 4 months since they moved in together. He has assured all our mutual friends he is with the woman of his dreams and has no feelings for me and would never come back. All he wants is his kids. I withheld the kids for a while because I didn't want them to see dad with a new woman but after two months I just let them start going every other weekend. I had to accept that the hope was over. he was gone and he treats her better and is faithful to her. I guess all together they have been in love for 8 to 10 months so it wasn't just a rebound. It was for real and it was time for me to throw him away in my heart. It has been a long painful 10 months of letting go but all I can do is take care of myself and my three kids. Draw closer to God and let God work the rest out. I put it in God's hands and I'm moving on. I take it one day at a time and he still hates me. I lost everything in him. No friend, no respect, no love, no compassion. He's just cold. I do miss him but I love myself more and anyone who can watch you suffer and inflict such pain without remorse or compassion definitely didn't love me and is clearly not the man for me. You have to turn to God for healing. He is the only one who can and will fight your battle and heal you. Thank you God for where I am. I have peace. I have overcome.

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May 02, 2012
Hang in thier
by: Gary

I know the pain your in My first wife i caught cheating on me an it was devastating we had 2 children, and we tried to work it out but I could not trust her anymore and and we split up and the man she cheated on me with was a drug addict so she started taking drugs and it was very hard to cope at first but I got though it she died in 2003 from a drug over dose,and then in 2010 our son died at age 15 from a drunk driver, I was remarried and my wife Dawn died in feb 2012, but all in all things will get better for you, if you are a good person god will help you though the loneliness if your boyfriend cheated on you,then you don't want to get married to him because he alway cheat and lie to you, you can get better. you sound like a nice person if you need to talk you can e mail me at be good to your self cause you are worth it.


May 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm SO proud of you for seeing so much and realizing it wasn't you. It was never meant to be beause he was a child, immature and emotionally unreliable.


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