my first son, my brother, sister inlaw and my 2 cousins all gone

by Seun Adedotun
(Lagos Nigeria)

luminous shall be your path my son as you journey back to the kingdom of God

luminous shall be your path my son as you journey back to the kingdom of God

I just lost my first son(6/7/12) I will say due to medical negligence in a developing country Nigeria where I live the mmost painful aspect was that the boy was not ill and he spoke to me only about 2 minutes earlier, I heard his father calling my name as I sat down watching tv,that he saw him starggering we quickly took him to d car on the way there was traffic jam and he started foaming from nose and mouth on getting to the first hospital their equipment was not working we got him to the car again and he lost conciousness on the way to the second hospital,the nurses on duty were sluggish in responding to him he was placed on oxygen and given adrenalin but he was pronuced death by a DR few minutes after.
My brother departed this world after a brife illness in 1995 his wife who was 8month pregnant at that time passed away in a car crash a year after him, I lost two of my first cousin as well one due to ill health the other was murdered. I find it difficult to get over the passing of my son the saddness is unimaginable.....I can't eat am just too sad.I shall take comfort in God as I know that depature from this world means birth into the etereal and it is progress for the departed soul I believe all my departed loved ones continue to live their lifes after death in a luminous region in the beyond.

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Aug 16, 2012
thank you Malgosia
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much Malgosia for your words of comfort it is my prayer that your son will be in the kingdom of God..... Unfortunately the lose of a child is like a wound that time can not heal ........but to live in the hearth of those we leave behind is not to die.......hold on to the memories of your son.......the problem for me is that I just can't stop crying, can't sleep properlt because of the unimaginable sadness in my heart.......May God in his love and mercy comfort all mothers who has lost a child all over the world........Amen

Aug 16, 2012
my first son, my brother, sister-in-law ando my 2 cousins all gone.
by: Doreen U.K.

Seun I am sorry for your loss of your son and also your brother, wife and 2 cousins. You seem to have had so much grief to bear that these other deaths may have triggered off unresolved grief which makes your recent loss more painfull.
To lose a child is just the worst that can happen to anyone. We recover from many losses in life but to lose a child just rips open our heart. We feel we will never recover from this. Today my pain is overflowing from my loss. We just soldier on each day hoping it will get better but some days it feels worse. today is such a day for me. I do hope that you will have supportive loving people around you to help you recover in time.

Aug 15, 2012
Dear Seun
by: Malgosia

Dear Seun, my heart goes to you, I wish I could help you, I wish I could just hold You so you can cry on my shoulder . Dear one, I know how you feel, I lost my son june30, 2012, and I to can't eat or sleep, I don't feel like getting dressed or combing my hair, I never knew, pain like that existed. I live in USA, where people think after 3 days you should finish grieving. My son was my only child, I am in my 50's. My son, my future is gone, and I know I will never stop hurting.

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