my girlfriend left me for drugs

by david

My girlfriend and I dated for two years and just before christmas she told me she just loved me as a friend. We lived together for over a year and everything was going great so I was so suprised. For the first month and half of our breakup we still talked and hung out and held hands and kissed and she would stay the night at my house too. Then one day she told me she was staying the night at a friends house when I drove past her car in a parking lot and saw her there with another man. He was 40 years old and is a big time drug user. My ex has had problems with drugs in the past and has had some serious problems with her childhood and I feel she uses drugs to escape the pain and everything. The next day after I saw her and confronted her she changed her number and now I have no way of contacting her. I just love her so much and she's the only person I can truly be myself with and in my heart I feel like we should be together and I just don't know what to do because its been almost three weeks since I saw her with this guy and I have no way of contacting her unless I drive to her house and leave her a note but I don't want to come off as desperate. I just really don't know what else to do I'm so scared to lose her over such a horrible guy to be with and all I want is for her to realize we should be together and I'm the one for her. :(

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Oct 02, 2014
Drugs will leave you emotionally raped
by: EcoticLover

I would suggest all who come here and read . Run Run Run . I was totally in love with this girl . I would say love of my life but she hid her drug addiction from me . I knew she did casually thats it . Once she OD's . Since then i was working with her to get her clean . She totally mislead me then too but pretending being off drugs . The truth is behind my back she was sleeping with tons of guys to get drugs . I came to know all about this when she called me from prison to bail her out . So drug addict will cheat lie never admit their mistakes are shameless . Don't forget the STD's you may get . Its true that only Drug addict can save them selves . I tried to be their for her to take her to NA / Therapy /Movies/Dinner/ Pick n drop to library and you know what i got as last good bye "F U " yep . Since then i blocked her and so happy i took that stance . Addicts don't need love they need money or drugs .

Think again about how many nights she would go behind your back for binge sex and drugs . For now you may want to rescue her but you can't . Only one can rescue is an addict . So go on No contact rule and never look back . After 2 months you would see clearly and be happy .

Mar 09, 2012
I have been Thier
by: Gary

Hi Dave I know what you are going through My Xwife was on drugs and I tried every thing to make her stop and she was cheating on me with her drug dealer and I was hart broking the thing is as much as painful it is you have to go on with your life,it won't be easy but in time you will meet someone that will love can't stop anyone from stop useing drugs until thay are ready to I have tried and failed. by talking about your pain inside will help you get through all of this, after I went through the same as you are right now I met a women that loved me more then anything in the world and I felt the same about her,we were was together for 12 years until she passed away on feb 2 2012, now I am going though a lot of pain right now,so hang in there every thing will work out for you

If you need to talk to someone email me at

Mar 08, 2012
by: Judith

DAvid, all you want is what is bad for you and her. You will never have what you want or should have with her as long as she is on drugs. She has changed the chemicals in her brain and will not think right or clearly until such time she is in rehab and done some serious therapy.

You have lost her and it's up to her to choose where she wants to be . You have to let go.

There are plenty of sober young women who deserve to be loved and cared for now. Do yourself a favor and try and find one of them.

Mar 08, 2012
so sorry
by: Jen

So sorry David what your going through I know it's hard and relationship pain is awful - you cant help her she has to hit bottom and help herself then you guys could possibly have a healthy relationship. Otherwise trust me you don't want the heartache no matter how much you love her - love cannot save an addict and as a matter of fact if you threaten their first love (their drug of choice) they will defend it til the end even hating you over it. You have to let her go and if it is truly meant to be it will be - pray to God for her and for your heart and ask God to heal your heart and help you. You deserve a woman who can truly love you - addicts are not capable of love when they are in active addiction. I have spent my whole life battling the beast of addiction - I have a long family history or addicts my oldest son died on 10/25/2011 from a heroin overdose (he was only 23yrs old) and I am still devastated over loosing him :(. I myself have had my own battle and am now in recovery again (AA) I have dated men who are addicts and what I realize is I don't love myself I'm saying to you love your self enough to let her go and see what happens. I can promise you she sounds like she's on a slippery slope and you don't want to go with her - you will NOT like that ride. Think about all the possible scenario's then ask yourself if that's what you want for your life??? Addicts have to hit bottom and the only route for them is a program of recovery then they will be the amazing people God created them to be. I will pray for you - my son's story is on the website Brandon McDonough...he was such a great kid with so much potential but never got to live that out he was robbed through a tragic mistake and the denial of the root of the problem...addiction - it cost him his life. Feel free to email me at

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