My girlfriend of 2.5 years left to get back with he ex

I had been dating a woman who I truly believed was the love of my life for 2.5 years, during this time we went through a lot of emotional challenges. Her mother recently passed away and I was there by her side every step of the way. I was there at the hospital, by her side on her death bed and during the funeral. I supported and loved her as best as I could. We were having troubles after her mother passed away since emotionally she had a lot to deal with. I did my best to love and support her. Through out the relationship I felt in spite of making her my priority she never reciprocated a similar sentiment. I truly committed to her and was planning a wedding unbeknown to her with my family.

A month ago she went on a trip and just before that we had a fight which led to her breaking up with me, which she did on a weekly basis, I tried calling her several times before she left to reconcile but she did not agree. A few days before the fight I remember her saying to me "I love you deeply and that much I know." I thought I would give her the space she needs and continue our relationship once she came back. During that trip she decided to visit her ex in a different country and get back with him. She never called me to tell me of this and when I called she didn't pick up. A few days later she texted me saying she had moved on, she was very happy and that she was back with her ex, a man who cheated on her multiple times. After all that we had been through and all the love and support I gave her she dropped me so callously for her ex. I feel devastated, one day we were talking marriage and naming our kids and within a few weeks she was in the arms of her ex...
I truly loved her and looking back I get a feeling that she might not have. I believed it for my own sake but in her mind she was not where I wanted her to be.
I need to move on but the memories and questions keep haunting me...? Any thoughts or sharing of past experiences would be much appreciated.

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Jun 09, 2014
thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your heartfelt comments. I had experienced true love with this woman and I can only give her blessings from my heart.

May 04, 2014
My girlfriend of 2.5 years left to get back with her EX
by: Doreen UK

Oh How sad I feel for you. You did all the right things and had such thoughtful ways towards the woman you loved that were not respected or honoured.
One of the most painful aspects of our life is when we love someone so deeply and we can't hang on to them forever, because they have conflicting emotions, feelings, and a HISTORY with someone else. You may have been a diversion and also a genuine love in her life when she needed it and you needed it also. But it didn't materialise because you each had different mind sets and feelings that couldn't be HONOURED in the way you each needed this to happen. It is never easy when either person has a history with someone else that they are drawn back to, for whatever reason. But someone is always going to get hurt. In this instance it was YOU. We can have the utmost Love and feelings for someone in our life and hope it will last forever. But life doesn't always work out this for us in our favour. Bad things do happen towards good people with good intentions and the unsavoury people who cheat on other's seem to get a fairer deal. Almost as if life is back to front.
What you can learn from this is to applaud yourself for doing the right thing towards the woman you loved even if it didn't work in your favour. HOLD these values and one day someone else will enter your life and you will get the happiness you deserve. See a counsellor if you have to for a couple of sessions to help you get this woman out of your head and heart to leave place for someone who will be worthy and deserving of you as a person with good values. IT HURTS I know, when you can't be with the one you love. I am reminded of this love having lost the most precious husband of 44yrs. 2yrs. ago tomorrow to a deadly cancer. We had such a strong bond that couldn't be broken even by death. I guess this is what happens. When the woman you loved has bonded with another man she finds it hard to break this bond established, even if he cheats on her. And her leaving you has nothing to do with the person you are. It is more about her and her needs and the bond she has with another man. I wish you all the best in life and the happiness you deserve and I hope this happens for you soon.

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