My Gorgeous Grandad slipped away.

by laureb leigh
(England )

On the 14th December 2013 my grandad Ray passed away after having lung cancer and a brain tumor who was once a very healthy and active man. I always remember 1 day before my 12th birthday my grandad had a stroke which affect all my grandads left side and mobility which ment he needed assistance in every day life situations but ny brave grandad battled through after a year and a bit my grandad fell ill again started to lose his sight complain of breathing difficulty's and headaches started to go blind he eventually fell over and rang for a ambulance then went for a scan I am not sure which but the results came back as a lung tumor fluid on the lungs and a brain tumor 10 days after diagnostic my grandad passed away and 2 days before Christmas we buried him. 6 months on I feel I have no one I.feel depressed and even when I am happy deep down I arnt I am so self conscious and feel I cant get close to anyone I find it hard to bond Because I am afraid of losing it. I watched my grandad go from a fit healthy man fixing cars and tampering the clocks to passing away in pain layed in the living room with my nanna and mum on either side of him as we watched helplessly as he passed I just wish I could see him again I miss my grandad so much.

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Aug 05, 2014
My Gorgeous Grandad slipped away
by: Doreen UK

Laureb this is the sadness of life. Losing loved ones. You are so young at 12yrs. and a difficult age to lose a close family member. It is hard living and interacting with parents/grandparents and then one day suddenly they aren't there anymore. To a young mind this will be a crushing experience. You are not mature enough to feel any different. Don't fear getting close to people otherwise you will make your life feel lonelier. I don't know why we lose family and friends after the funeral. They all go back to their lives and we feel forgotten. Just the time we need people around us we feel we have no one. I lost my husband to lung cancer and I know how difficult the cancer journey is, and how hard it is to watch the one you love slowly die in front of you. When you know others are going through the same experience you will feel less alone. But it is still a very hard journey we all do alone. You need to talk to your mom and dad and let them know how you feel. In time you will be able to get your life back and your friendship. When you are ready you may have to make the first move to get back into your social circle. Many people don't know what to say and if they will say the wrong things, so may avoid you. You will be happy again, just don't feel guilty for being happy. You were meant to be despite the difficulties we go through in life.

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