My gram, best person I've ever known.

by Ashley

My grandmom passed away today at 94 years old. Even though I'm 26 and should be old enough to handle a death, I don't no how to deal with it. It feels like a part of me died with her today. She wasn't just that old grandmom, both my grandparents played a huge role in my life. They only had me and my older brother. They loved us so much, took us everywhere, and gave us everything we needed as well as all their love and support. My grandmom truly was one in a million. She was just an amazing person. My grandpop is still alive and they were married 73 years last Sunday. I feel so sad for him, I no he must be destroyed, he loved her so much. More then words could describe. The saddest part that hurts me so much is that she was healthy all the way up until 6 months ago. She had to go in a stupid nursing home ( I hated that place) and by the end she didn't even no who we were. She had gotten dementia really bad towards the end. It was so hard to watch her decline so fast in that nursing home. So part of me feels she is at peace now. These past few months she wasn't living any kind of quality of life. She went peacefully today. I saw her a couple days ago and I told her I loved her. The part that is hard to grasp is that she's actually gone and not coming back. She's the only grandmom I ever had. She ment the world to me. I will love her forever. I love you gram always, I hope you are now at peace. May god take care of you now.

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Sep 10, 2012
my gram the best person
by: silver

I am sad that I was never that close to any of my grandparents. My father was military and we only got to see them about every 3 years for about a week or 2. I did love them though. I worked in a nursing home as a nurse and I saw many such deaths of older family members w/dementia.It is a sad disease.I have a strong,female,direct line,of dementia in my family. I pray often to GOD that I don't get that. I don't want my family to have to go through that.I miss my grandparents,but i'm a grandmother now. I want to be good for them and make sure they know me.I hope you have family and friends to help you through this time.GOD BLESS you and help you.

Sep 09, 2012
I'm sorry for your pain
by: C.F.

I was 27 when I lost my Gram. I buried myself under the covers, stayed in bed and cried for 3 solid days. I too was close with her, like you. While the pain never quite goes away, it does become a little more manageable. There are days that I think "what I wouldn't give for one more moment with her, just one hug". Grandmothers, when they are loving and wonderful, teach us not only about life, but about love. They love us unconditionally, without strings. Their pride in us is immeasurable. Your Grandmother is a part of who you've always been and she will be in your heart forever. It's a deep, heart wrenching grief. But the only thing that brings me comfort is knowing that I'd rather feel the grief and know that I was blessed to have that kind of love in my life......than to have never experienced it at all. May God wrap His protective arms around you during this difficult time and grant you comfort and rest.

Sep 07, 2012
my gran, best person I've ever known
by: Doreen U.K.

Ashley I am sorry for your loss of your grandmom.
It doesn't matter if your are 26 and think you should be able to handle death. This is not true. It doesn't matter how old any of us is we hurt, we grieve, we cry, mourn, bleed, It is all part of life. God created us with feelings, and emotions. We develop LOVE and this is why we cry and grieve when we lose someone in death. I am 64yrs of age and my father is 91yrs. I will cry for him. There would be something wrong with me if I didn't cry and show some emotion. We each HEAL differently and we will each GRIEVE differently. Only TIME will allow each of us to grow from our grief into HEALED PEOPLE. This is the worst part of grief for all of us. WE WON'T SEE OUR LOVED ONE AGAIN ON EARTH. We won't share golden moments. We develop as people from the people we are with. They somehow ENHANCE our life. We lose a part of ourselves when we lose a loved one. We lose a BOND with that individual. This has to be PAINFUL.

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