my grandma and grandad

by phebe-nicole

Even though i only knew my grandparents for a short time they have made such an impact on my life.i was only 6 at the time they both died, now 14 and i still think about them a lot. My mum and dad found out they where pregnant with me the same day of my uncle nicks funeral, my grandma couldn't cope with losing nick and ended up having a serious stroke and had to go to hospital.Every Saturday me and my dad would go to the hospital to see my grandma, every time i saw her she lent me a video to watch, and then afterwards we drove to see my grandad i grew really close to both of them always looking forward to Saturday so i could go to see them. this one Saturday i remember going to see my grandma she wasn't looking as bright as she usually did she was pale and sad, i remember sitting with her for a few hours and then i remember her lending me cinderella 2 as my video i then went to my grandads and played with is dog pip.a few days later i woke up and came downstairs to find my dad crying, which was quite a shock because i had never seen him cry before, i asked him what was wrong and thats when he told me that my grandma had passed away during the night, i found out last year this was because she had had a couple of major strokes. at the time it didn't sink in. not long after my grandmas death the same sort of situation happened again but this time i understood more. my mum and dad where sat in the lounge and i remember walking in and both of them looking at me with tear filled eyes as they told me i would never see my grandad again, after that i hardly left my room even now i find it hard not to cry every time i think about them. i miss them greatly and wish that i could have had a chance to say goodbye to them. RIP

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