My Grandma died a day before my Birthday

by Georgiana Gherasim

So i woke up, it was October 2nd and i was happy because my birthday would be on the following day, and then i saw the light turned on on the hallway and i heard my brother speaking with my mum about booking a flight and i realized straight away what had happened because that week my grandma felt really sick, cos she's been fighting leukemia for a long time and she was sick, and i knew that she was dead. So i just laid in my bed till my mum came to my room and took my laptop and said "Your brother need this to book a flight to Romania" and i just asked "Did she die" and she nodded and left. I started crying and i tried to stop myself because i had school and i didn't want people to see me cry. Anyway i felt broken for the whole day. My mum booked a flight for that night and she left to Romania, i felt worst when she left. I mean just thinking about how she felt. I mean her mother died, i felt so sorry for her and for my whole family especially my Granddad, which is also sick, he got heart problems,so i am totally broken. And now 3rd October, My birthday is the worst day ever. i mean how can i celebrate my 16th birthday when my mum is gone, my grandma is dead. It feels like its a punishment or something. Maybe God, wanted to punish me for taking my Grandma away before my birthday. I mean is this some sort of present??
And I cried most of the day, and i cannot think or do anything else,to distract myself. And i don't think i can ever celebrate my birthday because i will always remember. I wish this was a dream, and when i would wake up everything would be better, or at lest i want to take my mind off it for a bit. just a minute, so i can feel better.
I wish my grandma was still alive, i want her to be here so i wont suffer anymore....

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Oct 07, 2013
by: Lys Uk

I am sorry to hear your loss. My grandma died last year, from cancer and my grandad died last week (funeral was today Hence me fiding this site)

I saw your post and relate to it. It's a difficult time. I'm 23 so I can appreciate this is a lot to deal with especially at 16.

Your grandma would be proud of you for talking about your feelings. If you never knew hermyou wouldn't have felt pain when she died right?

But I bet you wouldn't trade knowing her for the world.

It will be a difficult few months. But you WILL get through it. There will be times you question the point to anything but that will pass. It's a huge opportunity for growth right now. Your becoming a young woman and have a life full of laughter and joy ahead of you.

Live the life you want, never put limitations on your self. Things will be ok for you sweetheart. I promise x

Oct 04, 2013
It's very painful, ins't it?
by: Anonymous

You must have loved your grandma very much and that is a wondeful thing. You must love and feel for your mother a lot as well and that is a great tribute to both your grandma and mom. They both taught you to love.

I am glad you are sharing your pain. I encourage you to continue to do so. A loss is supposed to hurt. That tells you that you are alive and you are a human being and that you have learned to love.

the death of a loved one is shocking and sad. Give yourself time to feel and to cry, above all, understand that what you are feeling is normal and one day it won't be so painful.

Keep sharing and loving.


Oct 04, 2013
My Grandma died a day before my Birthday
by: Doreen UK

Georgiana You are still so young and not mature enough to understand everything about death and dying and the timing of this spoiling a very special birthday in a young persons life. 16th Birthday is celebrated as a milestone in a young persons life and very special. It is unfortunate that this happened. Don't FOCUS on how your birthday was spoilt and thinking God had something to do with it. God wants us to be happy and enjoy life. But we live in a sinful world and we have a Devil called Satan who would like to damage God's Character by blame. People die all the time and sometimes at times which we wish had not happened. My husband died 16 days before his birthday and I found this a difficult time to cope with loss and missing him and his birthday. We always honoured each persons birthday by doing something special and going out for a meal. We made good memories. Now you can do something for yourself. Celebrate your birthday by doing something SPECIAL for yourself. Keep it up every year. It will make you happier than you are now. When bad things happen to us we are responsible to make our life better. Buy yourself some flowers and put them somewhere you can enjoy them each day. Build on this till you start feeling a happiness each time you do something special. This can spill over to doing it for other people. You will be developing positive strategies for your life. Keep a journal and write out all your bad feelings so you get your unhappiness out of your system. But also end with something positive. Build on the positive. You will then see how you are developing in maturity and in becoming a happier person. Be Happy. You owe it to yourself to make your life better in time after you have grieved the loss of your grandma. Best wishes. HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY!!! yesterday.

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