My grandma, my bestfriend

by Melissa

My grandma was my Bestfriend ever since I was little she was always there for me and I was always there with her through all he doctors appointments. She had diabetes so she would have to I to a place every week. March of 2004 she was put into the hospital she was in diabetic a coma at the time I was only 8 and I had no idea what happened or what it even meant. I thought she would just get better and come back home. I never got to see her before she died because my grandpa didn't want us kids to remember her as sick which I understand. But on April 1 2004 my mom had picked us up from school and sat us kids down and told us that my grandma had died. I didn't believe it I told her that it wasn't a very funny April fools joke. To this day I feel like I'm the only person that's still grieving over her death and its gunna be 10 years. I feel like I have no one I can trust to this day because she was my true Bestfriend. I don't know how to cope with this anymore. Is this normal?

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Aug 05, 2013
My grandma, my best friend
by: Doreen U.K.

Melissa it is normal for you to feel the way you do but not after 10yrs. You probably have not dealt with your grief as it comes. You may even be stuck in grief and can't move forward without help which is why grief counsellors are trained to help in this area.
10yrs. is a long time to still have raw feelings of grief. Often years later a thought could be triggered off and cause us fresh feelings of grief and we find ourselves crying and upset. But this soon passes. This type of feeling can be on going throughout our life. My mom died 10yrs. ago and I thought I grieved for her. Then my husband died 15 months ago and fresh feelings of grief over my mom came to the surface and I felt my grief over her loss. This can keep happening throughout my life. It all depends when feelings are triggered off by an event or something someone said that comes back to mind from years back that perhaps we had forgotten. You are probably facing a difficult time of lonliness and unhappiness in your life right now and therefore you remember how you felt about your grandma and how she felt about you. Tell your mom, dad, or someone how you feel. You need to put people in your life and build up new friendships. It is painful losing people from our life and having to rebuild our lives with new people when all we want is the people we had in our life who made it meaningful. You can get this back and you can build better and stronger relationships out of your setbacks in life. You are too young to waste your life with on going sorrow. We may take two steps back before we can move forward. But we all have to move forward eventually as difficult as this is for all of us. You won't always feel like this. One day at a time life will get better. Don't give up!!!

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