My grandma

by A 12 year old granddaughter

She was 65 years old. She was suffering from stage four pancreatic cancer . Even though all the symptoms were clearly visible, she got to know at the last moment. Almost 1 month after suffering through nausea, weakness she got a brainstoke which effected her whole right body and speech. She still could only move her left hand. I was shocked to see her . I could'nt see her suffer so much. Chemo did not do much
The tumour was in the head of the pancreas which was the main part.
there was a lot of phlegm. In her lungs and wind pipe.
Even after countless bloody and painful suctions she continued to suffer . S he used to make these groaning sounds which could not bare toe hear. She even had gangrene ( blackening and decayment of any body part due to no movement and blood flow.) her BP and O2 levels were haywire . Alas! on December 31 2012 at 12: 45 she died of instant stop of oxygen and BP.

I miss her so much ........ She was the most attached to me..... And used to do I everything for me and everyone
She did not deserve this!
I still feel guilty that I did not spend much time with her and saw her suffer helplessly.
Even though we knew it could happen any day....
I still had HOPE.

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Jan 13, 2013
My grandma
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your grandma. She was still a very young grandma and you too are a very young person to have suffered this loss. This is a horrible disease that claims lives. My husband lost his life to cancer. We always think it will happen to other people, but when we become that person to lose someone to cancer. It is just the most painful thing to happen to us. Your grandma developed other symptoms which does happen with cancer and so her life seems to go downhill fast. Sometimes there is no way back from cancer, and for some they are healed or in remission. Who knows where having cancer is going to take us. But whenever we hear the word Cancer we think of DEATH. Whilst some people die of the simple FLU. WE will never know how things will take place in life. I hope that you will get the support you need to help you through the loss of your grandma. So that you can move forward in time into a happy life again. You are too young to have your future put on hold through grief which is why this journey has to be completed. You will grow stronger from the trials you face in life. Embrace life again and keep the sweet memories of your grandma in your heart and also in a journal so that you will have this forever.

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