My Grandmother, My Savior

by Emily

My Grandmother was the most hard- working, loving and beautiful person on the inside and out. She worked since the age of 6 years old and still grew up very poor. My grandma married my grandpa and had 5 children, the youngest being my dad. My grandmother worked 10 hour days and never took a sick day. She made sure her children were cared for and had opportunities that she didn't have. My grandmother worked so hard that she managed to save enough money to put my dad through college and Law school. It is because of her that he had the opportunity to go. A few years after my dad finished Law school my grandma had retired and had a hard time adjusting to a life of not working. A few years went by and I was born. Both of my parents worked so she took care of me 2 days a week while my other grandma took care of me 3 days. My grandma was so happy to be able to be close to me and take care of me becasue she wasn't close to her other grandchildren. When I was three years old my grandma needed heart surgery. She made a good recovery and was able to continue living her life. As I grew older and went to school I remained close to her. She would take care of me whenever my parents had somewhere to go and she cooked Sunday dinner for us. She always had wise stories and advice for me. I always struggled with a low self- esteem and my grandma never understood why. She told me I was beautiful and could do anything I put my mind to. She taught me to "Stand up and be counted." and to"Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something because you have all the potential in the world." My grandma helped me through the rough times and told me that I would have a good life. She never made me feel bad and she never yelled at me. She was my light when I was in the dark. My grandma continued to help me throughput my life and we were so close. We played games told stories and secrets and she taught me so much. When I was in 7th grade her mind started "slipping" a bit but she was still well enough to do most of the things she loved (spend time with me, her dog, garden, shop, etc.) The day before my 8th grade graduation my grandma broke her hip. I was so scared because she had to have surgery. After her surgery her forgetfulness became worse. She began to develop full- blown alzheimeres. She always knew who I was but she was so confused and could not engage in activities she wanted. She also became sick becasue of smoking and her diabetes got worse. I watched her get sicker and sicker and eventually she had a heart attack my sophomore year of HS. She was in the hospital. I of course visited her in the hospital. She thought she would die then and there, but little did she know she would have much suffering in front of her. She came home from the hospital and remained the same for a while but eventually she became sicker and sicker. SHe could not move and she began to have trouble eating and swallowing. Her life was ending but I remained by her side like she always did for me. The last two days of her life she was in a coma and could not eat or talk. I was with her on the last day of her life. She could not talk to me or tell me that she loved me but she held onto my hand and I held onto hers. The pain was too great to bear and I had to leave. I said goodbye to her and told her that I loved her and it seemed that she tried to utter the word "bye" I hugged her and walked out the door and that was the last time I say my Grandmother, My savior. March 28. 2012.

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