My grandparents

by Meakin

It was a Friday night when my mum got a phone call saying my grandad has been diagnosed with cancer a month later he was told he wasn't going to survive and had to start chemo after months of chemo he was on admission we thought it was gonna be okay then I think it was about 3 months later mum got a phone call saying her mum which is my nan had been rushed in hospital me and my mum rushed to hospital nan was conscious but not very well she had to have blood tests and chest X-rays which later revealed she had a chest tumer she found it heard to breath beause it was pushing on her windpipe the cancer had spread to far they couldn't help her they decided to operate but to have the operation she had to go to guys hospital I couldn't go there beause I was 14 to young so my mum met my aunty and uncle and they went together I didn't see my mum for about a week and a half when she came home I could see in her eyes that nan had gone we were heart broken a thew days after me and mum met my aunty and uncle and went to Nan's flat where her husbands live I call him grandad we stayed a thew night then it was halloween my aunty got a call saying grandad had been rushed in hospital a thew days later my grandad died nan and grandad 7 days apart we were devastated 10 months later we were still grieveing but getting better we got another phone call saying my other grandad which is my dad's dad was rushed into hospital he had gaudy stones two weeks later he died which also crushed me his wife which is my nan had died to years earlia well that's my story sorry it's so long xxx

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Nov 17, 2013
by: Meakin

Thank you very much I found it comforting that there is other people out there going threw the same thing xx

Nov 16, 2013
My grandparents
by: Doreen UK

Meakin your story is not long. It is good that you are able to express your grief. I am sorry for your loss of your grandparents. You are so young to have to process this loss of grandparents. It is very important that you do cry and express your grief. Don't bottle it up otherwise it will make you ill. You shouldn't go through these 3 losses by yourself. You could try CRUSE bereavement services and talk to a counsellor who would be able to help you through your grief and offer you the guidance you need at this young age. You need to take ONE DAY AT A TIME. This is how I coped with my loss of my husband to cancer 18 months ago. Cancer is a horrible disease to watch someone you love slowly die from this disease. I feel sad and lonely which is the normal process to work through. You may feel very alone right now, but don't isolate yourself from other people and family. It is hared when everyone is dealing with their own grief and you may feel neglected. Life does get better in time, but this is a slow process. I hope you get the comfort and support you need from your family and friends.

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